Marco Bellavia meets the competitors of the Gf ViP: “I dreamed of it for 22 years and in 22 days you threw me out”

Marco Bellavia, former TV presenter and actor from Cerro Maggiore, met the contestants of Big Brother Vip after he left the house.

Marco Bellavia, “You threw me out”

Marco Bellaviaformer actor and TV presenter (in the 80s and 90s with Cristina D’Avena in the TV series “Kiss me Licia” and others, then host of “Bim Bum Bam” and then at “Forum”) of Cerro Maggiore (formerly resident in Parabiago), he was face to face with the competitors of Big Brother Vip, broadcast of which he was one of the competitors who, however, had to leave due to the derision and teasing suffered due to his psychological problems (anxiety and fears). In the episode of Thursday 20 October 2022, Bellavia was the protagonist: she told what happened to him inside the most spied house in Italy and then went into the garden and looked her former roommates in the eye: “When I left the house I brought with me the pain instead of the solidarity of 22 people, 22 people who I thought had helped me to overcome a problem I had, instead I found a group that did not give anything to do at all – said Bellavia looking the competitors in the eyes – At home I saw the videos of your comments: you told me behind all the colors, except 2-3 people who 22 are a bit ‘few. And this is something that hurt me a lot. Today I recovered well but the thing that makes me angry is that I am out of this game: the Gf is a show that I immediately liked a lot, I dreamed of it for 22 years and it took you 22 days to throw me out. Yes, because the fault is also a bit yours. Today you are there, beautiful, still in the race, even with the possibility of winning money. But I am out “.
Bellavia confided: “I think I won my personal Big Brother race by getting out of here. I found great solidarity: from my family, from so many people who love me” – And again: “I would have liked to hear you say ‘Maybe Marco had a bit ‘right’, ‘We did not help him’: but no. When Geneva came out, disqualified for the phrases about bullying, everyone had a party. When Marco came out, I heard only 2-3 people close by. You have played the game of the Gf in the lead, I had entered after you. I did not get used to the rhythms, sleeping little, and my problem emerged. I do not accuse everyone: excluded Nikita, Antonella And Pamela“.

Bellavia’s story

In the studio, together with the conductor Alfonso SignoriniBellavia retraced all the moments lived in the house: “The thing that makes me suffer most is that at home my mother was crying, when I realized that the situation was getting harder I thought about my loved ones and I left – she explained the former TV presenter – My mom Rita it was 24 ha looking at me. What do I see if I see the pictures of me at the Gf? I see a person who was a bit lost, it was as if I were drunk: I spent days in that house not understanding what I was doing. When the first nomination arrived, I started sleeping less at night, remember that in the house you sleep relatively: there is no clock and all points of reference are missing. I missed my son, I missed all the things I’ve done in these years. I had entered that house where there were people who had already been there for longer than me, they were organized but I was not able to organize myself as quickly as they did. And I got to sleep very little: I was sick because I accumulated stress “.
Bellavia’sos was not collected: “I am a cyclist – he continued, talking about the first signs of exclusion from the group – From the first day in the house I started pedaling to produce hot water for a shower: I pedaled and the others took a shower; but when I had to do it, no one pedaled. And I asked myself: why? Then came the first nomination, which scared me. I always found a wall with most of my tenants, except a few I was suffering but they didn’t know why but there was no one who said to me: ‘Did you sleep well?’ I talked but they didn’t listen to me but the problem is that I didn’t listen to me when I talked to them. The problem is just that: when a person has a little discomfort and does not find people who listen to him but who want to be right at all costs, so as indeed I wanted to be right, here you find yourself disoriented: because out of 23 people, except for a few, no one helps you.
And the invitation to former roommates: “I ask you to continue the path to the Gf in a proactive and optimal way, so as not to destroy but to build something. Do not always fight. Which is what I wanted to do: build a group. Build something, teach people something. mistakes made “.

Geneva’s apologies and Pamela’s affection

In the studio Marco picked up an apology from Ginevra Lamborgini (disqualified because, referring to Bellavia, she had said “He deserves to be bullied”: “I accept the apologies but you should make them to the many people outside who felt offended by that sentence” Bellavia retorted, with the Lamborghini that was I also apologized to all of them, then an apology, always in the studio, also from the costume designer Giovanni Ciacci (also eliminated from televoting for the Bellavia case). Great emotion for the former TV presenter for the meeting in the studio with Pamela Praticurrent competitor: between the two there is always more than tender.

Marco Bellavia meets the competitors of the Gf ViP: “I dreamed of it for 22 years and in 22 days you threw me out” – Prima Milano Ovest