Mario Méndez asks that the “battle” against Argentina be on the field, not in the stands

For Mario Mendez Olague, one of the players who played four games in the World Cup 2006 and who was present at that memorable duel against Argentina on the Leipzig pitch, where Maxi Rodríguez’s great goal eliminated them from the competition, the passion and rivalry between the two teams that will face each other this Saturday in the second game of Group C of the World Cup in Qatar, must be on the pitch and not in the stands and less in the streets.

Therefore, in the conversation with Ace Mexico, called for the sanity of the followers of both teams and that in the end, “whoever wins on Saturday, well, everything was left in mockery and nothing more, in calm celebrations and not with aggressions, much less fights. It is true that there is a lot of passion at stake, but it is not worth getting into trouble with the authorities there, ”he said.

A key duel for Mexico’s aspirations?

Now you meet Argentina again, but now in the group stage and above all that it will be a match as if it were in the final instances, but above all because we already know what happened with Argentina at the beginning of the world who got a bad result against arabian.

A result that no one expected and regarding the issue of Mexico what tied and that anyway both teams need to get a victory to be able to aspire to the next phase, I think it will be a very tough game, very disputed, especially since Argentina has the obligation to get a good result after the first date and above all and well Mexico realizing what can be won, we already saw what happened against Arabia and that Argentina he is not invincible.

What should Mexico do to win against Argentina?

I think the pressure is going to be on the side of ArgentinaMore than that, they not only arrived with the country behind their backs but from the whole world because they were favorites and when they saw themselves with that adverse result, the pressure would really be enough on their side, but we cannot forget that in the end ArgentinaThey have good players, suddenly anyone can have a bad afternoon.

Although the issue of the weather also has to be seen, since they played at one in the afternoon and when they faced an adverse score, the weather played against them, but Argentina They have great players and if to that, you add that Scaloni is going to vary his men, because those who have been doing so did not play, of course it will be complicated.

Should we apply or resort to tactics like Lavolpe did in 2006 against Argentina?

The issue is that LaVolpe always to prepare the matches well tactically, with an idea of ​​the game how he feels the rival and football also adapts what the rival is and if it really surprised everyone, even ourselves because of what they played Saved, Castrowhich in the end annulled the departures of sorinthe truth is that we complicate their existence and of course, tactics can be an important weapon.

Will all Mexicans have to pray this Saturday or go out with a dagger between their teeth?

In that case, you have to play with courage and we send them good vibes from afar, send support to the Mexican team and that they play on the field with the knife between their teeth, knowing that it is going to be a 90-minute match where they must Be very focused, have a lot of trust in your teammate, in the team and thus, together, be able to reach the result that suits the team.

The truth is that a game arrives where the result of arabian complicated everything, then a very brave game is coming for both Mexico as for Argentinaespecially with the issue that when they face each other they will already know the result between Saudi Arabia and Poland, then everything can change, that can condition the way of playing Argentina.

Do you find it impossible to defeat them?

I think we have realized that they can be beaten, obviously we will have to be well involved in the game, they will have to play with great intensity, we have already seen how arabian He made life difficult for them by narrowing the field, advancing lines and playing advancing the line, they were surprised, they did not know how to counteract that situation and many fell out of place, then you already realized that they can be beaten, but if they have to do a almost a perfect match to be able to beat them and this is the opportunity for something very big, in the end you are in a World Cup and you have to show your character and the result.

What is your opinion that the clashes between the two hobbies have begun there in Qatar?

I hope people calm downIn previous days I spoke of this situation, we know the passion that football overflows among the fans, but the truth is that in a country with the rules that it has with the laws that they have there, well, it is not convenient for the fans to get into a illegal situation, in a serious problem. That’s why I hope they take this game easy, We know how big it is, what is being played, it is also true that passion is on the surface, but hopefully people can keep calm. Of course they have the right to celebrate, to shout, to celebrate, but that everything remains on the field, not in the stands, that they do not respond to provocations, or mockery.

Do you deserve any opinion from Argentine journalism that doesn’t give the Mexican team a chance and I think that fuels the issue?

We know what their opinions are and they are respected, but I don’t take that into account very much, I try to take everything very calmly, in the end they are points of view, we know how they are handled there but, but I have been watching Argentine journalism programs And I think that today I see them very calm in that sense of respect for the Mexican team, because a situation with Arabia has already happened to them and they have heard comments about the Mexican team as a rival that can beat them and I have even felt them distrustful to a certain extent. with what has already happened to them and I hope that people calm down, that they enjoy this trip because we know what they spent, to continue to Mexico and that due to a problem in the stands they are suddenly going to return them or that suddenly you end up detained, I hope they behave and stay calm, that they enjoy the game in a country like that and that they enjoy a World Cup that is always an exper…

Mario Méndez asks that the “battle” against Argentina be on the field, not in the stands