MasterChef Celebrity 2022: This celebrity left and her colleagues celebrated

Master Chef Celebrity 2022 He had his fourteenth show and there was another celebrity eliminated, after a disastrous mousse challenge.

So far they have eliminated thirteen celebrities:

  1. Veronica del Castillo
  2. Ernesto D’Alessio
  3. Julio Camejo
  4. carmen campuzano
  5. Alan Ibarra
  6. Francisco Gattorno
  7. Pedro Moreno
  8. Macky Gonzalez
  9. Margarita ‘the goddess of cumbia’
  10. Talina Fernandez
  11. Carlos Eduardo Rico
  12. Alexandra Toussaint
  13. Nadia

The elimination challenge consisted of making a mousse with a touch of chili, but nothing came out for Nadia and she ended up being the last eliminated.

MasterChef Celebrity

MasterChef Celebrity (Instagram/@masterchef)

Nadia was the last eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity

All the celebrities who went to the elimination challenge had big mistakes with their mousse, but in the end Nadia she was the fourteenth eliminated.

Ricardo Peralta made a mousse with morita pepper, but it lacked flavor. A Lorraine Herrera It didn’t go well either, since his dish didn’t taste like chipotle pepper.

Karla Sofia Gascon she did make her mousse taste like chili, but it lacked flavor, while Nadia was scolded for garnishing her plate with a crystal made of caramel.

In the end Nadia was eliminated for the second timesomething that his companions looked forward to.

Karla Sofía, Nadia and Ricardo Peralta end up in an elimination challenge

After losing the salvation challenge, the team of Nadia, Ricardo Peralta and Karla Sofía Gascón they went to elimination challenge.

The most read of Famous

Karla Sofia Gascon He couldn’t help but show his annoyance, because they lost the challenge because of Nadia, whom he assured that he would do everything to eliminate her from the competition.

Lorena Herrera also went to elimination challengen because it was not present in the first remains; His father underwent heart surgery, so he was absent.

The elimination challenge consisted of making a mousse, but adding a touch of itch:

  • Nadia – habanero chili
  • Lorena Herrera – morita chile
  • Karla Sofía Gascón – guajillo chili
  • Ricardo Peralta – morita chile

A Karla Sofia Gascon It was very bad for him, because his cream was cutting, the same thing happened to Ricardo Peralta.

Celebrities work in teams for the salvation challenge

Celebrities had to work in teams and Arturo López Gavito chose them:

Green Team:

Purple Team:

  • Mauricio Mancera
  • Alejandra Avalos
  • Marcelo Lara

They faced duels of cooking sweet snacks:

  • Karla Sofia VS Marcelo Lara
  • Mauricio Mancera VS Nadia
  • Alejandra Avalos VS Ricardo Peralta

The Famous they had a master class to learn how to make ice cream, the main element of their dessert challenge.

The boxing commentator César Castro was in charge of narrating the battles of the teams in Master Chef Celebrity.

The problems arose when Karla Sofia Gascon It exploded because her companions took all the ingredients and left her without butter and flour.

The first challenge was won Marcelo Lara even though her cookie was short on butter. The second challenge was won Ricardo Peralta.

Nadia and Mauricio Mancera were in charge of deciding who would win the challenge and go up to the balcony.

The purple team was the winner thanks to Mauricio Mancera thanks to his ice cream, and went up to the balcony.

This time the celebrities are not going to cook, but their friends are

The Famous They received a visit from their friends and for this occasion, they are not going to cook and it will be their guests who will do it under their instructions.

The challenge was to cook favorite hangover dishes like:

  • tummy
  • pozole
  • soup
  • pot mole
  • apology
  • Sea food soup
  • Meat in your juice

But, if your friends do something they didn’t tell them to do, they will be automatically deletedso everything could get out of control.

Mauricio Mancera Being the winner of the first challenge, he was the one who decided which of his companions would go down to cook with their companions and as expected, he left until the last moment Nadia.

The celebrities did a good job according to the chefs, but Nadia’s meat was tough, while the birria of Alejandra Avalos it lacked a touch of aromatic herbs.

While Arturo López Gavito had great success with his pancita dish, while Mauricio Mancera it didn’t go very well. Arturo Lopez Gavito He went up to the balcony for his tummy.

Mauricio Mancera wins a chile challenge and they will work in pairs

MasterChef Celebrity began with the challenge of deveining chiles and Mauricio Mancera He was the winner and he wanted Nadia to go to the elimination challenge.

the companions of Nadia They showed their discontent because he returned to the competition by winning a buñuelos duel against Macky González and Margarita ‘the goddess of cumbia’, who had also been eliminated.

Now the contestants have the “Goodbye Nadia” plan and they all came together with the goal of eliminating her from MasterChef Celebrity.

Even Ricardo Peralta He revealed that he also wants Nadia to leave, because he does not think it is fair that she has returned to the competition.

In addition, the celebrities will cook as a couple with their friends, so the first challenge will be with someone they appreciate.

Celebrities will have the help of a friend to compete in MasterChef Celebrity

The surprises continue MasterChef Celebritybecause now the participants will receive the help of their friends to meet the first challenge.

In the previews of the program, celebrities are seen cooking and the World Cup passion reached the kitchen, and Cesar Castrofrom Box Azteca, will arrive to narrate the kitchen battle.

After Karla Sofía Gascón declared war on Nadiathe Spanish is willing to remove the ex-academic from the program.

But she wouldn’t be the only one who doesn’t love Nadia, because one of the celebrities will do everything possible to set foot on her and she already realized who it is?

MasterChef Celebrity 2022: This celebrity left and her colleagues celebrated