MasterChef Italia: Alida and Iginio Massari bury the “helichrysum” of war and make peace

We would never have said it, but surprisingly Alida from MasterChef Italia and Iginio Massari have finally made peace. The helichrysum issue has been resolved.

Put some helichrysum in your guns: Alida by MasterChef Italia And Iginio Massari they finally have made peace. Four years after one of the most memorable episodes of MasterChef Italia, the two have buried the hatchet. Indeed, the war helichrysum.

But let’s proceed in an order that, perhaps, after some time one cannot remember all the squabbles of the program. It was 2018-2019 and the special edition of MasterChef All Stars. In practice, some of the most noteworthy characters (in Good and Evil, of course) of the previous editions had been brought together, but who had not won. So, in that MasterChef All Stars we had found names like Maradona, Rubina, Almo and, alas, Alida too.

We don’t want to, but at the time Alida had not exactly aroused the sympathies of the public and not everyone was enthusiastic to see her in action again. But the most experienced were already rubbing their hands: for sure there would be memorable moments. And so it was.

So let’s go back to MasterChef All Stars. During one of the episodes, the implacable Iginio Massari reappeared, punctual like a swallow in spring or like the seasonal flu (you decide which of the two). During an Invention Test based on aromatic herbs, competitors were asked to perfectly mix an aromatic herb in their dish. And among these herbs there was also thehelichrysum.

Alida, with her usual creativity and lack of humility, prepared the F-Empire. A completely meatless dish. Which left Massari a little dumbfounded: the aromatic taste of the helichrysum recalls that of curry and was perfect to be combined with chicken. So why hadn’t Alida cooked the chicken?

And Alida, as per the book, had declared that she would never cook chicken and that her presence there at MasterChef did not mean that she would automatically carry out the tasks that were assigned to her, on the contrary, she would continue to propose his idea of ​​cooking. Ok, all very nice, except that this sentence was uttered directly in the face of Iginio Massari, a notoriously tolerant and conciliatory personality.

Needless to say, Iginio Massari did not like the answer, who limited himself to uttering a lapidary “Oh yes?”, with a tone that freezes the other contestants, the judges, the audience at home, the Human Torch and even the supernova IK Pegasi. Except then asphalting Alida reminding her that she was not there to cook what she liked, but what others liked. Not satisfied, then, Massari had decided to remove Alida from the kitchen of MasterChef All Starsadding that the worst thing was the fact that the girl was presumptuous and that the fact of believing that she was always on the side of reason would get her nowhere.

Let’s say euphemistically that Alida and Massari had not really taken very well (with Alida who had not skimped behind the scenes in an unlikely outpouring of vegan / feminist rhetoric that had little to do with the casus belli). But now, four years later, peace has been made. Alida posted a couple of on her Instagram profile photo where it is arm in arm with a “smiling” Iginio Massari. Okay, everyone talking about peace, the helichrysum of war has been buried, but it is undeniable that Massari’s smile has that something that would make it perfect for a Palpatine cosplay.

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MasterChef Italia: Alida and Iginio Massari bury the “helichrysum” of war and make peace – Dissapore