Maxi Rodríguez and the first game of the Argentine National Team in the World Cup

La Fiera recalled the three World Cups that he played in the albiceleste shirt and was even encouraged to throw away his candidates for Qatar 2022.

Six days from the start of the Qatar World Cup 2022the former soccer player Maximilian Rodriguez starred in a relaxed soccer talk with TyC Sports. La Fiera, an authorized word in the Argentine National Teamsince he played in three World Cups and scored historic goals (his penalty against the Netherlands in the semifinal of Brazil 2014 and his goal against Mexico in Germany 2006), he knows very well the importance of the first game.

You always arrive with tension, nerves and anxiety. Many things are generated that are only expressed on the playing field. Once it passes you feel much better and you are more relaxed. A win would be ideal, it is important for the mental part. I always want to win, it doesn’t matter to me to play well or badly, beyond the fact that one wants to be attractive“, explained maxi rodriguez with a view to the duel against Saudi Arabia.

And I add: “There are many who are going to play their first World Cup. I also had references that gave me peace of mind. Sometimes it’s good to have that fear because it makes you more alert and focused.. You have to see how each one is taking it but They are players with a hierarchy and a winning mentality that I don’t think they mind“.

Asked if there is any secret to successfully face the debut, the former midfielder said: “You need Kun (Agüero) or Pocho (Lavezzi) who are the ones who break the balls a bit and the rest start to get hooked on their crazy things. Now we have Papu (Gómez). Those who relax a little are always needed because they brighten up the group and the environment“.

The Argentine National Team He will play three games in eight days and, if he qualifies, it will be four in 11. Although regular charges are a detail to take into account, Maxi Rodríguez prefers not to speculate on the result to choose his rival for the round of 16.

Toque the one that touches. It was never speculated and they are not going to do it now. In that case what the boys want is to win and win. They are used to and play for it. The most important thing is what Argentina does“, he stated.

The three great candidates of Maxi Rodríguez to win the World Cup in Qatar 2022

I think the Argentine National Team is in the squad of candidates. There is no need to be afraid or hide. Argentina will always be. The other teams want to avoid it and even more so having Messi. Brazil Y France They also have great teams and will be fighting to reach the final“, he analyzed.

The emotion of Maxi Rodríguez when remembering his penalty in Brazil 2014

The former midfielder of the National Team could not hold back his tears when talking about the penalty against the Netherlands that allowed Argentina to get into the World Cup final in Brazil.

Well, he’s excited and raring to go. He does it in the club that he wants and loves, he feels differently. We are always professionals everywhere, but the feeling we have towards the club is totally different. He makes me very happy, he is a friend and I want him to do well because he has an enormous capacity for knowledge and football. Then we depend on the results. He does very well for Argentine soccer and the institution to unite all parties“, he concluded.

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Maxi Rodríguez and the first game of the Argentine National Team in the World Cup – TyC Sports