Messina, the first bad but with his head held high: Crotone wins by dropping the poker

The Serie C group C championship does not start well Messina that stumbles between the friendly walls against the most popular Crotone. Auteri’s troop flashes well but still seems to be running in and the expert Calabrian team was good at taking advantage of it. CLICK HERE to see the ranking. Below is news and match report.

FIRST HALF: After 50 seconds Crotone immediately dangerous: Calapai breaks through on the right and crosses cut, Gomez takes the time at all and kicks just wide. Balanced and hard-fought game, a lot of tension and nervousness. At 16 ‘cross-shot by Chiricò directly from a free kick, Daga in the fray manages to smanacciare. To the 26 ‘ penalty for Crotone: Tribuzzi enters the area, goes in contrast with Konate and falls, for the referee it is a foul and penalty. On the disk Chiricò that kicks sensationally in the curve slipping on the spot, it remains at 0-0. To the 31 ‘ Messina in the lead: Versienti gets rid of an opponent and brush, Marine it fits well in the area and gathers by inflating the net, it is 1-0. To the 32 ‘ second penalty for Crotone: long ball for Tribuzzi, a defensive sleep for the biancoscudati, Daga comes out and lands the Calabrian center forward. On the spot still Chiricò who bags, is 1-1. An incandescent climate, even the president Sciotto in the field to protest, the ds Pitino pays the price and is expelled. At 43 ‘Messina dangerous: Konate raises his head and rewards the insertion of Catania, the whimsical winger tries the difficult diagonal, ball to the side. To the 45 ‘+ 4 Crotone forward: Giron crosses, Angileri misses the postponement, Kargbo intercepts and bags, it is 1-2. Thus ends the first fraction, Messina 1-2 Crotone.

SECOND HALF: Ready-go and immediately Crotone makes three of a kind: first blow by Chiricò that is printed on the pole, the action continues, it is the minute 48Calapai from the right brush on the head of Tribuzzi that forces Daga to the miracle but it is the same midfielder who bucks the retort, it is 1-3. At 51 ‘Auteri’s troops try to react: punishment from Konate’s trocar, Angileri detaches but kicks centrally, blocks Branduani. Messina in doll and al 53 ‘ Crotone drops the poker: Kargbo crosses in the area, Awua fits in and without too many worries bags, it is 1-4. At 56 ‘Messina reappears in front: Balde pockets for Curiale who turns into a handkerchief and kicks with his left-handed, ball slightly deflected by a defender who ends slightly to the side. To the 66 ‘ Messina shortens: very long cross from the left of Versienti, Konate it comes out behind Giron and from an impossible position it gathers at the intersection of the poles with a palombella, è 2-4. At 69 ‘Fofana loses the ball, Gomez flies, points and jumps Trasciani and kicks with his left-handed, Daga stretches out and smanaccia for a corner. He tries to push Messina, but hits the guest wall erected by Golemic and his companions. At 86 ‘Curiale tries with a free kick from 30 meters, aiming more than imprecise. At 94 ‘free kick by Curiale from the edge that hits the crossbar in full. It ends like this, Messina 2-4 Crotone.


MESSINA (3-4-3): Daga; Angileri, Trasciani, Filì; Konate, Marino (63 ‘Fiorani), Fofana, Versienti (77’ Piazza); Grillo (63 ‘Neapolitan), Balde (87’ Zuppel), Catania (46 ‘Curiale). Available: Lewandowski, Camilleri, Berto, Ferrini, Nicosia, Fazzi. Annex Authors.

CROTONE (4-3-3): Branduani; Calapai, Golemic, Cuomo, Giron; Giannotti (46 ‘Awua), Petriccione, Tribuzzi (58’ Vitale); Chiricò (73 ‘Pannitteri), Gomez, Kargbo (73’ Panico). Available: Dini, Gattuso, Bove, Papini, Crialese, Filosa, Rojas, Tumminello, Bernardotto, Cantisani. Annex. Nardecchia (Lerda disqualified).

REFEREE: Pascarella from Nocera Inferiore (Lencioni-Toce).

MARKERS: 31 ‘Marino, 33’ pen. Chiricò, 45 ‘+ 4 Kargbo, 48’ Tribuzzi, 53 ‘Awua, 66’ Konate

NOTE: warned mister Auteri, Versienti, Golemic, Awua. At 27 ‘Chiricò (Cro) takes a penalty high. About 2,500 spectators.

Messina, the first bad but with his head held high: Crotone wins by dropping the poker-Chronicle and scoreboard