Millonarios defeated DIM in the first leg of the Copa Betplay semifinal

Independiente Medellín lost in the first leg of the Betplay Cup semifinal, 2-0 with goals from Luis Carlos Ruiz and Andrés Gómez.

The local looked bad and made many mistakes in the development of the game that were well capitalized by the visitors to take a great loot.

“Very sad, hot because we gave away the two goals, due to our mistakes, then we insisted, we looked for the goal, but things didn’t happen, now it’s time to think about what’s next and we’ll have to go to Bogotá to come back”, mentioned Adrián Arregui, at the end of the engagement.

Minute by minute

minute 94: The commitment ends, the DIM loses 2-0 at the Atanasio Girardot.

Minute 92: Yulián Gómez alone in front of Álvaro Montero’s goal loses a clear option, the ball went wide.

Minute 91: Andrés Mosquera saves the DIM, arrival of Jáder Valencia, who manages to take out the Mighty’s goalkeeper with one hand.

90 minute: The center-back announces that four more minutes will be played at the Atanasio.

Minute 87: Díber Cambindo looks for it from medium distance, but the ball goes far from the goal defended by Montero.

Minute 82: Foul by Larry Vásquez on Miguel Monsalve. José Chávez’s option that hits the hand of Álvaro Montero and saves Millonarios.

80th minute: The speed and good feet of players like Andrés Gómez from Millonarios cause dangerous actions on the red field.

78th minute: The visitor continues to be more confident on the field, handling the ball, with walls and block arrivals that cause danger in Andrés Mosquera’s goal.

75th minute: Two changes in the red, Andrés Ricaurte and Díber Cambindo enter, Adrián Arregui and Luciano Pons leave the field.

Minute 74: Arrival of Diego Herazo and from medium distance by little and mark.

Minute 72: Foul on Miguel Monsalve, by Larry Vásquez, in midfield.

Minute 71: Double shot by José Chávez, first from a free kick and after the rebound he shot again, but Milos sends the ball to the corner kick.

69th minute: Foul by Larry Vásquez on José Hernández from DIM, on the edge of the area.

Minute 67: Double change in Millonarios, Diego Herazo and Daniel Cataño arrive at the field and Luis Carlos Ruiz and David Silva leave.

66th minute: Another injured in the DIM, Jorge Segura leaves with discomfort and Jorge Méndez arrives at the field.

Minute 62: Medellín is a team that does not look good, party and without order.

Minute 58: Foul in favor of DIM, who seeks to reduce the advantage that the visitor has from mid-distance.

Minute 56: Monsalve, who entered very well, sends the pass to Pons who misses it in the blue area.

55th minute: El Poderoso started the second half well and is looking for the goal, but the lack of precision in the last action prevents the red from celebrating.

Minute 54: Foul on Vladimir Hernández, near the Millonarios area.

Minute 53: Opportunity for José Chávez who manages to close with his foot Álvaro Montero.

Minute 52: Adrián Arregui’s option, who manages to close Millonarios and goes to the corner kick.

Minute 51: Great action by Monsalve that leaves Vladimir Hernández enabled in the area, but the shot goes wide of Montero’s goal.

Minute 47: Yellow card for Yulián Gómez from DIM.

The second half starts at the Atanasio Girardot and Miguel Ángel Monsalve arrives in the field instead of Christian Marrugo.

Minute 45+3: The first half ends at the Atanasio Girardot and the visitor easily wins 2-0 with goals from Luis Carlos Ruiz and Carlos Gómez.

Minute 45+2: Goal by Andrés Gómez, who soloed from mid-distance to beat Andrés Mosquera, after a quick exit from the Ambassador.

Minute 45+1: The central announces three more minutes.

45th minute: Yellow card for David Mackalister Silva for a foul on Daniel Torres in midfield.

Minute 44: Mackalister Silva’s shot from medium distance and goalkeeper Andrés Mosquera saves.

Minute 41: Yellow card for Jorge Segura for a foul on Luis Carlos Ruiz.

Minute 39: Striker Luciano Pons has not had a single dangerous action on Álvaro Montero’s goal.

Minute 38: Yellow card for Juan Pablo Vargas, for a foul on Luciano Pons.

Minute 36: Medellín fails to find a way to reach Álvaro Montero’s goal with danger, in a forceful way.

Minute 33: Medium-distance shot by Daniel Ruiz, the best of Millonarios, who hits the post and El Poderoso is saved.

Minute 32: Millionaires is better planted in the field, creates options in the DIM area.

Minute 23: Arrival of Millonarios through Juan Pereira, but it goes smoothly into the hands of Andrés Mosquera.

Minute 21: The DIM players claim a possible hand in the Millionaires area, but neither the center nor the VAR consider the review of the play.

Minute 18: The Venezuelan José Chávez enters the field, who occupies the place left by Jean Pineda, changed due to injury.

Minute 16: Goal by Luis Carlos Ruiz with a header, to give Millonarios the partial advantage in the first arrival of the blue box.

13th minute: Jean Pineda from DIM throws himself to the ground and is attended by doctor Édgar Mendéz, José Chávez is getting ready to enter.

Minute 12: Header by Jorge Segura, who won in the area, after taking a corner kick, the shot went far from the goal defended by Montero.

Minute 11: Arrival of Jean Pineda who won in speed, saved the goalkeeper Álvaro Montero at the corner kick.

Minute 9: Millonarios’ striker, Luis Carlos Ruiz, finished off from medium distance, smoothly, and the ball landed in the hands of Andrés Mosquera.

Minute 7: El Poderoso owns the ball and exerts pressure in all areas of the field, he is the one who imposes the rhythm of the game at Atanasio.

Minute 5: DIM’s first dangerous arrival at Álvaro Montero’s goal. Yulián Gómez was close to opening the scoring.

Independent Medellin receives in the Athanasius Girardot to Millonarios, for the first leg in the semifinal of the Betplay Cup.

The commitment will not have the entry of visiting fans after a decision made by the Football Coexistence and Security Committee.

dim shape with Andres Mosquera; Jordy Monroy, Victor Moreno, Jorge Segura, Yulián Gómez; Adrian Arregui, Daniel Torres; Jean Pineda, Christian Marrugo, Vladimir Hernández and Luciano Pons.

Millonarios defeated DIM in the first leg of the Copa Betplay semifinal