Mixed Martial Arts | This Saturday Cerro Corá will host the “Number 1” of MMA with the presence of international fighters

Mixed Martial Arts are making their way in the land without evil and Cerro Corá will be in charge of hosting the “Number 1” franchise from Brazil, recognized for organizing UFC-style fights.

In this sense, the instructors of the Missionary Academy of Mixed Martial Arts visited the Misiones Online studios and anticipated what the evening will be at the recently opened municipal sports center and noted that they are nervous and anxious about the event.

“It is going to be a very big event at an international level and that is why we have all our expectations for what is going to be this weekend. We only have a few days left and we hope that everything goes well”, commented Flavio Acosta, an instructor at the Academy.

In addition, he announced that “wrestlers from all over the country and from Brazil will come, so it will be a great show and it will be very good.”

“The truth is that it is something that even surprises us,” said César “El Duro” Benítez, another of the teachers and one of the fighters who will participate in Number 1.

“We have been working very hard to meet this goal and for people to be able to see a great international show. We have been working with our team and the people of Brazil who give us a very big hand”, he added.

“For us, it is a big step at the provincial, national and international level”

On the other hand, the recent champion Roberto “Pantera” Benítez, one of the wrestlers from the Academy, and who will also participate in the event, commented on the value of the title obtained.

“This title has a lot of sentimental value. Being 4 months in Brazil, away from the family and being Argentine, was very hard. We are doing things right, going in the right direction and that is why we invite people to go see the fights”, she expressed.

“Although it is an Argentina vs. Brazil, there are going to be many fighters with important careers that enhance the level of the evening.”

As for the venue, the organizers recognized that it was a problem to find the place, since this type of event, currently, cannot be held in the missionary capital.

“In Posadas, there is an ordinance that does not allow MMA. Although we are working with the sports authorities and in the future it can be done, we had to see other options”, explained Acosta.

“Fortunately, in Cerro Corá the sports center was inaugurated and the mayor lent us the place to carry out this Number 1, which had to be in September because it was the date the franchise had lent us,” he said.

“We want MMA to grow more in Misiones and there is a lot of hotbed in the province. This contact with Number 1 gives the opportunity to many, like Roberto had, to go and train in Brazil and here are the results”.

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A generational legacy

Likewise, they focused on the generations that are joining the practice, with the youngest being the ones who are encouraged at an early age.

“The idea is that the smallest learn from the largest, because they are the example. If things are done well, they will be able to succeed abroad and represent Argentina. Carrying the light blue and white on your chest is the most beautiful thing there is, ”said “El Duro”.

Currently, the Missionary Academy of Mixed Martial Arts has a category of MMA Kids for boys from 4 years old.

“We give kickboxing and jiu-jitsu to the boys and from a young age we started working with them, which is a great joy,” explained Acosta.

“You can see the support of the parents, because beyond being a discipline, it is a way of trying to guide the boys. Although it is an extreme contact sport, it has a lot of discipline and respect, which is the first thing we teach”, they completed.

The weigh-in and the traditional confrontation will be next Friday at the El Brete spa, more precisely in the renowned “Berlin” bar, with the wrestlers weighing in the morning, between 10 and 12 noon, to later give rise to to the “careo” from 19.

Finally, on Saturday there will be the combats, from 7:00 p.m. until dawn at the Cerro Corá municipal sports center. In addition, for those who cannot attend in person, they can enjoy the evening through the YouTube channel “Mundo Das Lutas”.

Mixed Martial Arts | This Saturday Cerro Corá will host the “Number 1” of MMA with the presence of international fighters