Mou: “Roma and Juve defensive? No, strong. In Turin I do not sign for equal “

I’m not signing for a tiewe will go to Turin to try to win against Juventus“. He’s motivated, José Mourinhoon the eve of the match against the Bianconeri, the first big match of the season for Rome. “It will be a match between great teams“, The prediction of the Portuguese coach who announced the confirmation of the team that played against Cremonesewith the insertion of Matic in place of the injured person Zaniolo.

And the first real test for the Giallorossi team. “It’s an important match, against a great team that wants to win the Scudetto: but it’s only one of 38, for me playing in Turin or elsewhere is the same thing. Playing against a great team is always a difficulty and a motivation: we want to take it in a balanced way, it will be difficult but beautiful to play.“.

He doesn’t have a great relationship, I do Special Onewith the fans of the Juventusever since he was the coach of Inter. “NI do not want to make controversy, I prepare every game in the same way, same routine, nothing changes. In Turin I played against Juventus many times, there is no connection with the past or with the future. Each match is isolated from the others, from a psychological point of view I can only prepare the team in the best possible way, but we always do it: in these days we have not worked more or less than before the Cremonese, we are going to play with tranquility and confidence. We know what we want to do, the players already know the lineup for two days: we will try to win. Last year we played to win and we lost, today I expect the same attitude, a confident team: you can lose but we play to win. not sign for a draw, we are going to try to make the result“.

It will be a special match for Paulo Dybala. I don’t have to give him advice: for some, going home is nothing, for others it is difficult. Dybala has the face of a child but he is not, he has a lot of experience. The control of his emotions depends on him, but these days I have seen him work well and I expect a normal game from him, the emotion will feel before and after. For me he is very well, in the last two years he has not had continuity and some injuries too many. Maybe he doesn’t have all 90 minutes, but playing on the Olimpico field is really hard: it’s like running on a beach with lots of sand. Whether it will be a penalty shooter? I have already decided but I am not saying it so as not to give advantages to Juventus goalkeepers“.

Two teams will face each other that did not concede a goal in the first two matches. “Sand a team does not concede a goal it is said to play defensively, but instead it should be said that they are a strong team. We and Juve are not perfect, it is not certain that it will end 0-0, maybe it will end at 4-4. Usually it is the quality teams that do not concede a goal: we and Juve are two great teamsAnd”.

Often Mourinho has argued with the referees. “I don’t like talking about it first. My principle is that all referees are good and try to do well. Everyone is welcome, then after the game you can comment on the episodes and tell if they did well or badly “


Mou: “Roma and Juve defensive? No, strong. In Turin I do not sign for equal ”