Mourinho: “Roma dominated, Lazio scored half a goal”

Was there a lack of clarity in the last 25 meters?
“Yes I agree. Too much emotion and little awareness of the goal and organization of the game. It is not easy to play against a very short team. They also played very well with time. Without that quality light that special players bring us we have missed it. Without Paulo and Lorenzo in the last 25 minutes we needed clarity, I agree. There has been a dominance. Lazio defended their advantage and wanted to play as little time as possible. We lacked clarity and that quality light that finds the space, the assist, the individual action that can decide. I tried to put on Volpato, which didn’t hurt ”.

“Not only was the goal missing, it also failed to win an individual duel. Our forwards did not win individual duels ”.

Are you a little tired?
“It’s normal. There are players who always play and if they don’t play the team is in trouble. I have two choices: to risk or not to risk and not to have quality. We lost two Europa League games and Pellegrini had to play all subsequent games and often even for 90 minutes, it is normal for the injury to arrive. They are men, not machines. In Europe there are many matches due to the many matches. Here we don’t have many players who go to the World Cup, but it is normal that there are many injuries ”.

At the Olimpico you have lost several direct clashes.
“We lost but undeservedly. Atalanta made a shot and a goal. Napoli made the most difficult match and won with a great goal from Osimhen. Lazio did not win with merit. We lack quality, but we have undeservedly lost. The team mentality is untouchable ”.

How is Dybala?
“Obviously he wants to go to the World Cup, that’s normal. If there is a good evolution of his injury and he can be in Turin obviously we need it ”.

Do you need something from the market in January?
“I honestly think not. We have to recover injured, I don’t know if Wijnaldum will have him immediately after the restart. I don’t think Roma will be strong on the market. We have to work with what we have. Volpato has played four games in a row and if we have to give space to other young players we will do it ”.

These are the words of Mourinho at the press conference

Did you expect Lazio to play this type of match?
“I think the game they played is also the consequence of being 1-0. Low block, compact, all together, in our cultures it is said that it was a cynical, intelligent game, in England people go home after 20 minutes . The useful playing time is certainly very low, the intensity and continuity of the game are very low, they understood that we dominated but there was a lack of creativity in the last 20 meters. We talked about Savic and Immobile, we didn’t talked about Dybala, I think it is more important because it is the light that assists us goals. Without Lorenzo it is even more difficult, but when Volpato came in he gave us creativity. Little playing time, I think the last 8 minutes of recovery have actually been a minute and a half, they take their points and go home. “

Why don’t Abraham and Zaniolo bring qualities?
“They are totally different players. Nicolò is not creative, he has an incredible physical potential, which when he finds spaces is unstoppable, but if everyone is inside the area or in the first 20 meters it is difficult to find spaces. I tried to find them by putting him on the right, but it became too emotional a game, I didn’t have control over communication with the players. Too many people on the pitch, too much long ball. Paulo, Lorenzo and Volpato are our creativity, we have hope for the boy, more than hope, trust that he can be an important player “.

You are among the first for expected goals in the league, but you are the ninth attack in the league. Why do you think?
“The answer you want, I won’t give it to you. It’s my fault, let’s stay like this.”

Mourinho: “Roma dominated, Lazio scored half a goal”