MOURINHO: “Staying in the Europa League was a matter of pride, now the sharks are coming. Volpato? He must learn to defend “

AS ROMA NEWS – Mister Josè Mourinho introduces himself in front of the microphones of the journalists to comment on the performance of his players at the end of Rome-Ludogorets.

Right away all the statements of the Portuguese coach on the Europa League match played tonight at the Olympic Stadium.


Roma had to win. How did the team change?
“Really difficult game, they know how to play, they have speed and creativity. In the second half we risked everything, different attitude and intensity. The characteristics of Zaniolo have helped us a lot. The goal has arrived, but we have to play better and manage better. In the playoffs there will be higher level teams, but passing the group was a matter of pride, of evolution, but now the sharks are coming … “

You talk about attitude …
“From that point of view they are all untouchable. One thing seemed unfair to me, they have to respect it more, there is some noise that doesn’t help. He is exemplary in her attitude. Volpato and Pellegrini are two creative players, the kid’s next step will be to be able to play when you need to defend, he hasn’t learned this yet. He has great speed, creativity, but without the ball and when we have to defend it’s hard … “

These little boys, however, give something more …
“I’m glad to hear it. We do not field players who are not prepared but only for statistics, this is not the goal. They go inside if they are prepared. When Volpato plays, he creates a lot. It is a bit anarchic but it also creates anarchy in the opponent. Today after the 2 to 1 we needed to close the midfield, to double, a word that does not yet exist in his vocabulary. But it’s a pleasure to see it, when you reach the age of 60 these are things that you like to see … “

How much strength does it give for the championship too?
“Continuing in Europe was a matter of pride. Returning to the Conference as one of the strongest was not our goal. We know that sharks are coming now and maybe we don’t have the conditions, I don’t know. After Napoli, we have won three games. Now we are tired. But that’s my way of thinking, it was a decisive match, we didn’t want to be eliminated. Let’s go home happy, and we’ll be here on Sunday. Great game, which we like to play ”.


Great second half, how much is this passage of the turn worth?
“I think the victory is worth 600 thousand euros (laughs, ed). I don’t know how much the changeover is worth, every euro for us as a club is important. But I understand your question. It is worth pride and growth. If we go to the Conference League today we quickly become one of the biggest candidates to win, but we didn’t want that. Now people are made to win the Champions League, many other quality teams. It will be a quality competition, but it will be in February. Now we are not thinking of Europe, but of the three championship matches that are missing ”.

Even today we win with a comeback and with the changes. Attitude makes a difference.
“All coaches do well when they make changes, everyone thinks well. After it is the players inside who make you a phenomenon or scarce. Fortunately for us today the boys who entered changed the game ”.

The victories thus give a different emotional charge. Now there is the derby, can the energy be recovered in an instant?
“I think so, there are no miracles for physical fatigue. But the emotional side is important and I think the best way to recover is to win, stay positive and be happy. We play on Sunday against Lazio, which today made practically all its players rest again. They are two different ways of thinking: they thought one way, we thought another. Let’s go Sunday ”.

MOURINHO: “Staying in the Europa League was a matter of pride, now the sharks are coming. Volpato? He must learn to defend ”