Mourinho: “The penalty on Zaniolo is clear. I’ll tell my players to jump into the box “

The words of the Special One: “If we want to be clowns who jump into the pool, I have to change the subject as a coach when I train”

The Giallorossi coach José Mourinho spoke at the press conference after the race between Rome And Atalanta. These are the words of the Portuguese coach:


“It went badly because we lost a game that could have been easily won because of the way we played. For this reason it went badly. Nothing happened with Hateboer. Dybala’s injury is muscular, it’s hard for him and for the team, mainly because half an hour before the game. And obviously he is an important player, if we imagine this domination with so many goal situations created, we can do some speculation. If Paulo had played it would have been different. But he didn’t play. Who. he played enough to win easy. Unfortunately we didn’t score and that’s why we lost. I don’t like zero points, but I like the game and the spirit. We also have a problem with Pellegrini in the flexor, who on the 0-1 did not want to leave and as captain he remained until the end to help. This is another problem for us. We will see if these 15 days will be enough to recover Pellegrini and Dybala. “

Do you see Abraham as last year? Does he see it with the same focus or is he still overwhelmed by the sudden popularity?“Tammy is an extraordinary guy, who wants to do well, works well and suffers when he does not do well. Right now he lives a particular moment between the small injury, you don’t play well, it’s an unhappy moment. But zero criticism, I see it. same good guy and professional, he wants to become a better player. He will come. There are many players who are going through a very good individual moment and Nicolò is one of them. “

Roma played a very good game: what did you study?“We studied it like all the others, they are 7 years old with Gasperini. They lowered themselves, they had respect for us instead of pressing high. Yesterday we worked a lot with Dybala on the pitch, today we played with Matic. He played. 90 minutes Thursday, the plan was to let him in maybe 1-0 for us. But we have extra-dominated and extra-created, so I go out with no negative feeling for my players. The only thing is that we didn’t score, having had so many chances. We played with Monza and Cremonese at the Olimpico, this was the easiest match for Smalling, Ibanez and Mancini. We created a lot. But that’s how football is. “

“I went to Chiffi now to ask him why he didn’t give a penalty on Zaniolo in the first half. I want to be the best coach possible, I tell the players not to jump in if they think they can continue attacking or scoring. I asked Chiffi ‘E’ Is it impossible to give a penalty if the player does not throw himself on the ground? If so, I change directions to the players and tell them that they must be thrown on the ground. “He did not answer me. The observer who was there, politely, replied that it depends on the criterion . But they didn’t answer me. “

Many players go to the national team, Dybala and Pellegrini are injured. “We can recover El Shaarawy and Kumbulla. It’s been two weeks where people like Belotti and Camara need to work to improve physically. Other than that, there are a few days off, there isn’t much to do. I would prefer Lorenzo and Paulo in the national team, they would not have been there to work with us but they would have been available for the restart. Instead they will not be there. “

The balloon did not want to enter. “I saw it as the easiest match to win this season. In the other games we haven’t had that much control for 90 minutes. You can imagine Paulo in this match, but that’s imagining and it’s entering a different air. And It was a great match for us, lots of scoring, lots of control and domination against a team that defended well. It’s a quality. “

The expulsion.“Nothing in particular with Chiffi. Yes, with us who want to play. They threw a long ball for Hateboer to waste time. They had the goal of making the anti-game.”

Was there a bit of tension? “The team played very well so there was electricity. The team needed rhythm which was what they needed in this situation. There was a very clear penalty on Zaniolo in the first half. I tried to talk to Chiffi after the game. because I want to be the best possible coach because if the referee doesn’t blow the whistle if you don’t jump you have to change your approach. Chiffi didn’t answer me objectively. He told me that it changes from situation to situation. For me it’s just a penalty, because the player tries to give continuity to the action. If we want to be clowns who throw themselves into the pool, which we have so many in this league, I have to change the subject as a coach when I train “.

Are you afraid of a disciplinary sanction? The reaction was important. “Important? I entered the field and if the regulation says it cannot be done, it throws me out and there is no more history. Don’t invent something that didn’t exist ”.

Mourinho: “The penalty on Zaniolo is clear. I’ll tell my players to jump into the box ”