Mourinho: “Up front we need more wickedness. Zaniolo? They told me that he trained badly “

The words of the Special One after the victory against Helsinki: “Either they told me lies or he changed, because he always trained well and never arrived late”

The Giallorossi coach José Mourinho spoke at the end of the match they won 3-0 againstHelsinki. These are the statements of him:

The shots of the champions serve to unblock situations, were you tense?“Yes, he scored the first goal but in the second half the team went with a different attitude. In the first I fear with one more man we played as if it were 11 against 11. Thirty minutes too passive. In the second half Dybala unlocked it but the attitude was different. We switched with a 4-man defense and set a target of at least two immediate goals. We pressed high while continuing to play on their court. I’m sorry for them that they started well. It’s hard to play with 10 people, they are an organized team, with ideas. Without great players but organized. The match was difficult ”.

More quality with the back four and the attacking midfielders?“The quality of a team is trying to hide the difficulties as much as possible. This is what I try to do with my team by exploiting the qualities we have and hiding the difficulties. Other coaches are good at studying them, as I do with them, but it’s too easy to say that a team has to play in a certain way. On the other hand, it is more difficult to complete the puzzle ”.

How do you evaluate Zaniolo’s return?“Zaniolo takes responsibility, one on one with or without the ball. He has depth and defensive transition when he loses the ball. He is generous. However, I refuse to pass this game through for something extraordinary.”

Roma make little use of the opportunities, is it a structural problem?“We have difficulties. We need to improve in construction and in the circulation of the ball. The talented people in front of us must be bad. Too many opportunities without scoring. Even the Rooster already has this disease, he has made some heels which is not what he should do. He has to score with his back, with his ass, as he wants. If you see the goals they score compared to scoring we obviously have to improve. I’m happy though, we now have a double game against Betis who are a very strong team. There you decide a lot about the group ”.

The answer he expected?“Yes, the answer came in the second half. I’ve been there many times and it’s hard to play 10 for a long time, so I don’t want to comment too much on my team. They put us in trouble at the start of the game. Second half. we played as we should do against ten. Then one goal, two goals and the game was over “.

Great Rome in the second half, whose credit is it? “Of the team, he changed his attitude in the second half. Paulo scored that goal that opened the game. We played two against one in defense. The goal had to come and they arrived.”

Can this match be a dress rehearsal for Atalanta? “If Atalanta takes a red after 10 minutes, surely they will (laughs, ed)“.

Pilgrims?“If I had three I would always let them play. I told him if he wanted the ice to recover faster, he said no because he wanted to remain on the bench. As a captain.”

Belotti a bet won by Mourinho? No, from the club. He helped us today. We have three forwards. TOnow we have more solutions there “.


In this two-sided game, does a manager focus more on what the team can do or on the difficulties of the former? “It’s never a reference game when you play a lot of time against 10. A game against 10 is another story. In truth in the first half, for 30 minutes against 10, we didn’t play as we should have played against 10. We looked like 11 Against 11. Beyond the system, the changes, that as soon as Paulo touches the ball he scores, the attitude, the intensity and thinking with hunger is what changed the game. I’m happy with the second half, we did what we had to”.

Are you happy with how you attacked?“Playing against a team with one less man is not a reference. If you hurt them it’s because they let the game go. I’m happy to play against 10, there was no doubt that it was red, however, I’m sorry for them because they are arrived with courage and when you have one less player, the story changes. “

Only Zaniolo missed the goal, did you listen to your words about her? Did he ever really fear losing him?“The director never came to me to tell me that there was this possibility. Never. However, the truth is that you read a lot of things during the summer and you are more and more attentive to market lies and sometimes you think that it may be possible. I knew he was an important player for us, with different qualities that we don’t have, he has physical potential, one on one. I was scared, not so much, because the manager never told me there was a great chance. a good relationship with him. If there is some problem between two people who work together, or the player is not happy because he goes on the bench for a couple of games, it does not mean that there is no relationship. Sometimes I am also provoking for trigger the reaction. He’s a good guy, when I arrived they told me he wasn’t a professional because he was late and trained badly. Either they told me lies or he changed, because he always trained well and never arrived late”.

“We played how to play when you have one more man. In the first half we played for half an hour, not like you have to play with one more man. In the second half, yes, we left superiority behind and after very high and strong pressure, recovering the ball. We always returned to play in the opponent’s field because in the first half even ten against eleven they had the ball. This was the main change and then there was no story ”.

He asked Roma to continue after the three goals.Yes, because if you tell me someone like Leo or Mancio who played ninety minutes on Monday night, I understand that the intensity is lowered a bit, but the others have to play with a higher intensity and with a lot of ambition. In football you don’t have to forgive. There are three points, no injuries, people who came back like Nico without any kind of problem and we are here. Head to Sunday “.

Mourinho: “Up front we need more wickedness. Zaniolo? They told me that he trained badly ”