Nabilla: her fans angry at this report in 50’Inside!

On social networks, Internet users got carried away following the broadcast of the 50’Inside report! We tell you everything!

Can we still talk about the drama experienced by Nabilla and Thomas Vergara in 2014? For fans of the couple, the answer is no! They therefore pushed a rant against this report in 50’Inside! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Nabilla: a happy woman

Nabilla has been leading her luxurious life in Dubai for years with her husband Thomas Vergara and her two sons. She is also very proud of her success, because her personal life is still so fulfilling.

Not a day goes by that she doesn’t show usand his daily life with his little family. Nabilla is also very happy to have celebrated the two months of the youngest child. Lately, the Vergara family has made theunanimity with his Halloween costumenot.

All of them startedin the skin of the famous superhero Hulk. So here they are happier than ever. However, this has not always been the case. If we go back to the year 2014, Nabilla and Thomas had a hard time getting along.

Even though they loved each other they spent their time arguing. We remember the terrible drama that followed. As a reminder, Nabilla, who at the time was a columnist for TPMP, had difficulty managing her notoriety. Which therefore annoyed his companion.

After a big fight, she stabbed him. It’s a news item that made the media rounds. The couple was separated and taken to court. Nabilla even went to prison!

To this day, the reality star’s fans don’t like to talk about what destroyed them. This is the reason why they gave a rant when they discovered the new report from “50’Inside” on Saturday 12 November.

A report that makes people talk

Yesterday in the new issue of “50’Inside”, viewers were able to find out who Yanis Marshall really was, the Star Academy dance teacher who had an incredible destiny.

They also discovered the portrait of the day which was intended for Camille Lellouche. She therefore gave her very first interview after giving life. But that’s not all ! Nabilla and Thomas were also at the heart of a report.

In reality, the teams of “50’Inside” returned to an old controversy, which took place in 2014. Yes! So they talked about the headlines in the press after his stabbing. Nabilla’s report therefore focuses on her stab wound.

We also discover that the couple had to stay away during the trialbut love was stronger than anything. One thing is certain, Nabilla fans did not appreciate this report from “50’Inside”.

“They only talk about that, it’s in the past”, “when are they going to stop talking about this drama”, “they have no more subject to talk about this old thing? can we read on Twitter.

Many people believe that it is no longer necessary to talk about it because young parents are now far from these stories.

Nabilla: her fans angry at this report in 50’Inside!