Nano Díaz fears for arbitration in Universidad de Chile vs. Coquimbo Unido: “There are powerful teams fighting relegation and pressure”

Although Coquimbo Unido suffered a painful 1-0 defeat against O’Higgins, which sinks it in the standings, its coach, Fernando Díaz, does not lose faith. “It is difficult, but I think we saved ourselves. If we are able to resume what we did against Cobresal and maintain defensive security, we can surprise,” explains the coach in dialogue with Redgol.

Where he does not seem to have as much faith is in the delicate subject of arbitrations. Nano Díaz feels that in recent weeks pressure has appeared against the referees, which ends up altering his performance. “We are clear that there are powerful clubs that are fighting with us to avoid relegation,” says the pirate strategist.

It obviously refers to the University of Chile, rival of the Coquimbanos on the next date, specifically on September 7 at 6:00 p.m. in Valparaíso. For this reason, Díaz clarifies: “I absolutely believe in the honesty of the referees, but I don’t like that there is pressure from any of the teams, I don’t even like the issue of the meeting of the clubs with the referees, because in the background is pressure”, he says in reference to the visit of Mauricio Etcheverry, delegate of the U, to the Referees Commission.

For this reason, the Coquimbo DT makes a demand: “I have never really liked talking about arbitration, but I do like to talk about the pressures that can be exerted on a certain referee, in different ways. Not all referees are capable of withstanding the pressure. Referees who have to direct the matches involved with relegation must be the best for me, because that is where the most pressure exists, even more than in the fight for the title”.

The controversy Francisco Caamaño and José Cabero

The coach of Coquimbo Unido, Fernando Díaz, does not ignore the controversy of recent days, the friendship between the former referee and former physical trainer of the referees and current pirate PF, Francisco Caamaño; with José Cabero, First Division referee who was in the VAR in Coquimbo’s victory over Cobresal a couple of dates before and directed the last weekend against O’Higgins.

“I felt that last week they wanted to put pressure on referee Cabero with different situations. Obviously I have my objections with the arbitration, not with our performance or with the result, but I did see the attack on (Jorge Paul) Gatica, which seemed very strong to me , the foul against Joe Abrigo and a play in which there are three penalties in one”, lists the technical director.

And he adds: “These are situations that, apparently, in this the one who does not cry does not suck. It is that this is not just this match with the U. I do not want to put a name of one or another person, but it seems to me that any type of pressure exerted on someone is bad. The referees shouldn’t allow that type of situation. Even suddenly someone appears in the press questioning the honor of our physical trainer, involving him with Cabero”.

And he doesn’t stop: “And Cabero feels the pressure. In the first half he charges you with eight fouls that are not, and the rival six fouls that are not. We reviewed that with the analyst. But the pressure makes a referee suddenly say ‘Ah so they don’t accuse me of being a friend of this person, instead of charging normally, I kill him.’ And that’s how it happened.”

For this reason, Díaz asks for special care in the final stretch of the championship: “That can happen again in any match, when there are external pressures. That is why I continue to think that the best referees in Chile should direct them, because a lot is at stake. Relegation in very complicated, there are a lot of pressures, even more than with the title”, he points out.

More criticism of José Cabero

Fernando Díaz did not let go of José Cabero, the protagonist of a busy week after Redgol’s note. In that sense, the coach of Coquimbo Unido feels that the referee did not charge what was due, being pressured by the facts.

“I lost Joe Abrigo, it was a rival’s stomp. Gatica was left dizzy as a result of an attack, because when a player goes with his leg up and also puts both hands on his face, there is no other reading than the red card We had to change him and Coat, things that do affect performance,” claimed the Nano.

Therefore, he believes that the issue should be taken with a grain of salt. “We have a self-criticism to do with the players, but all this attached also has an influence. Many times you can win a match by playing poorly or a close match can be elucidated when a referee charges well or charges poorly. And for him to charge well, the pressures that they are left established in meetings or with someone who shouted that the referee is someone’s friend, they are going to entangle the referee himself. Cabero was involved in that, “he completes the president of the College of Coaches.

Coquimbo Unido is the team most committed to relegation, since it only adds 19 points that have it in last place in the National Championship standings, three points from the salvation line that today includes Antofagasta and Universidad de Chile .

Nano Díaz fears for arbitration in Universidad de Chile vs. Coquimbo Unido: “There are powerful teams fighting relegation and pressure”