Final result: Napoli-Lecce: 26 ‘Elmas, 31’ Colombo (L)


Meret 6.5 – He hypnotizes Colombo from the spot, then he is electrocuted by the torpedo kicked by the center forward. A few moments of insecurity but in general a very good performance.

By Lorenzo 5.5 – Much better when he attacks, because Banda is a very difficult client and almost always skips him. Two-sided performance, however, the evening captain remains essential. The best chance of the recovery happens on his feet.

Kim 6 – Set well, it is always a danger when he releases himself in the Giallorossi area to take advantage of inactive balls. Together with Ostigard he gives perhaps too much space to Columbus, who does not forgive.

Ostigard 6 – Always careful, he does not take big risks and closes all spaces. In the second half he tries to play the charge with a shot from distance. He heads them all.

Olivera 6 – A couple of gusts, then mind the point and prefer not to overdo it. She sees herself in front only in the second half, when Kvaratskhelia opens some space.

Anguissa 6 – Physical and quality, he seems to be already in good shape. Throughout the first half he alone holds the weight of the midfield, sewing and finding the pocket for the attacking midfielders. From 85 ‘ Simeone sv.

Ndombele 5 – Naive on the occasion of the foul (actually not very clear) on Di Francesco, which generates the penalty then missed by Colombo. It starts well, then drops dramatically and Spalletti notices it. From 46 ‘ Lobotka 6 – Try to raise the pace and give dynamism to the midfield. Napoli gains meters, even if it stings little.

Politano 6.5 – The tandem with Di Lorenzo works, at least in the offensive phase. The winger is always the most dangerous and creates the greatest dangers for the Salento defense, especially in the first half. From 72 ‘ Lozano 6 – Immediately in the heart of the maneuver, he tries several times with no luck.

Raspadori 5 – Spalletti asks his team to involve him but the former Sassuolo is unable to be a point of reference and connection. Few playable balls, never dangerous. From 46 ‘ Zielinski 5.5 – It takes a while to get into the game, with few spaces it is difficult to verticalize and find the right play.

Elmas 6.5 – One hundredth in Serie A to remember for the Macedonian, who finds the goal of the momentary 1-0 and forces Gendrey to stay low. From 56 ‘ Kvaratskhelia 5.5 – The stadium lights up with his entrance but the Lecce defense limits him to a great extent.

Osimhen 5.5 – He moves a lot, his teammates look for him but often get the measurement wrong. He, as a leader, applauds and encourages, even if he touches very few balls. When he gets the chance, he wastes his mind.

Luciano Spalletti 5.5 – After the one against Fiorentina, another edgy match, for different reasons. Napoli almost always lacks the right clarity and even a bit of quality in the plays, so an organized team like Lecce has an easy life.

LECCE (Report cards by Matteo Vana)

Falcone 6.5 – A couple of good interventions – first on Politano, then on Anguissa and Di Lorenzo – to convey confidence to the defensive department, frustrating any attempt by the Azzurri. He can do little about Elmas who pierces him without him being able to intervene

Gendrey 6 – He keeps a good watch on his side by braking Raspadori first in the first half and then dedicating himself to Kvaratskhelia. He drops a little to the distance, but never loses clarity.

Bashkir 7 – Follows a man Osimhen never leaving the Nigerian free. An old-fashioned marking that, however, bears the hoped-for results so much so that the Napoli striker lives perhaps his worst evening since the championship began.

Thuja 6.5 – His game is careful and orderly, good at coverage and in one-on-one with Napoli forwards. A test of substance without any smudging.

Pezzella 6 – Well in the first half when he travels far and wide his area of ​​competence often arriving at the bottom alternating with Banda. He falls at the distance, especially worrying about defending in the second half, protecting the result

Askildsen 6 – The technique is not lacking, he shows it by setting almost all the attack actions of his. A sufficient proof in front of certainly not simple opponents. From 62 ‘Blin 6 – He places himself in the median trying to shield his defense and managing to reject all the opponent’s initiatives.

Hjulmand 6 – Grit and physique to sell in the middle of the field. He almost plays as an added defender, especially in the second half of pain, proving to be a precious help especially in the dark work.

Helgason 6 – A lot of substance in the middle of the field with a first fraction trying to bite the ankles of the two blue mastiffs. Some wrong support, but a proof of substance for him. From 46 ‘Gonzalez 6 -Enter the second half to look for some shots using his speed and technique

Di Francesco 5.5 – Conquers the penalty that Colombo then misses with a great advance on Ndombele who knocks him out. For the rest, a game lived away from the spotlight, almost never managing to light the spark. From 62 ‘Strefezza 6 – A couple of restarts and a lot of sacrifice for the cause, for one evening he devoted himself above all to the defensive phase.

Colombo 6.5 – First he misses the penalty, allowing himself to be hypnotized by Meret, then redeems himself by inventing a masterpiece network. In the middle, many physical duels with the two central defenders of Napoli holding up a blow and making their team rise. From 70 ‘Ceesay 6 – Twenty minutes in which Baroni asks him above all to keep the ball and to restart, a job that on the few occasions he does well.

Band 6.5 – Very enterprising on the left wing, he forces Politano to work almost more in cover than forward. Bravo also in the defensive phase with a couple of recoveries that snatch applause from his coach. A happy surprise. From 75 ‘Listkowski sv.

Herds Baroni 6.5 – His Lecce snatches a striker deserving the result and playing at par for a while. In the second half he asks his team to sacrifice themselves by bringing home a prestigious result.

Napoli-Lecce 1-1, the report cards: Meret and Colombo protagonists, bad Raspadori. Bashirotto super –