NARRATIVE. Femicide: “My sister, it’s not just a news item”

As soon as the kitchen door is crossed, Julie’s face appears in a corner of the room. Three succulents and a patterned lamp surround this neatly framed picture, which is displayed near the dining table. “It’s a little place that I really like. I collected things there that Julie liked. » Marie-Laure Rubod welcomes us to her home on a Tuesday afternoon in October. She has just left work and still wears the striped blouse and navy blue pants stamped Carrefour, where she has worked for 21 years.

Inside the pavilion, tucked away in a cul-de-sac in L’Isle-d’Abeau, the smile of his youngest daughter, with chestnut hair and hazel eyes, is everywhere. In the kitchen, on the dining room cabinet, in the hallway under the stairs, on smartphone screens. And especially in the minds. Permanently. “She never leaves me, I think of her every second”, says Marie-Laure Rubod.

Julie Rubod was killed, Saturday May 7, in Bourgoin-Jallieu (Isère). The suspect, her ex-spouse, is also the father of her child, a little boy of three and a half. She was 26 years old and leaves behind a whole bereaved family.

“I immediately understood that it was over”

The life of the Rubod family changed on Sunday May 8. That morning, Marie-Laure Rubod was awakened by a knock on the door of her pavilion. It is still early, the sky is veiled by clouds. “When I hear that, at first I think it’s a joke. Who would knock on my door on a Sunday at 8:30 a.m.? », recalls the 50-year-old.

We hit harder and harder. The Iséroise finally decides to open the shutters of her room, on the first floor of her house. A police car is parked in front of the gate of the house. “I immediately understood that they were coming for Julie. I said to myself “it’s over”. »

Like that of Julie a few hours earlier, the life of Marie-Laure Rubod changes. And this question arises almost instantly in his head: “What was I doing when he was hurting her?” ” ” He “, it’s F., the ex-spouse and the father of Julie’s child. The one they don’t name except by calling him ” the person “. His executioner.

death in a parking lot

On the night of Saturday May 7 to Sunday May 8, 2022, Julie Rubod’s car was found in the Bazarland parking lot, in Bourgoin-Jallieu. Highway 43 is just behind, hidden by a grove. Shortly before 11:30 p.m. that Saturday, the mother of the ex-spouse received a phone call from her son. The man asks him to pick up his three-year-old child, left alone in Julie’s car in a parking lot. On the spot, the grandmother discovers the little boy sitting in his car seat. Worried, she warns the police who arrive shortly after.

The gendarmes quickly discover traces of blood near the Toyota of the young woman. Other traces are found below the car park, in an isolated cul-de-sac and out of sight. Only an abandoned bus in pastel colors, acting as a pizza food truck, has taken up residence there. Julie and the 32-year-old man cannot be found. A search is underway by the gendarmes to find them.

The lifeless body of the young woman is discovered later in the night, in a van, engine running, near the Saint-Luc-Saint-Joseph hospital in Lyon, 50 minutes from Bourgoin-Jallieu. The man remains untraceable. He finally went to a police station in Lyon at the end of the morning, Sunday May 8, his clothes stained with blood.

He would have acknowledged the facts but would deny any premeditation according to police sources, quoted by The Dauphine Libere. He has since been indicted for “intentional homicide by ex-spouse” and placed in detention pending trial. Hematomas and several stab wounds were reportedly identified on the young woman’s body.

What happened on that evening of May 7? For her relatives, Julie had spent the day with friends in Lyon and left her car in this parking lot to take only one vehicle. Did her ex-husband wait for her here with his van to trap her? The investigation will have to determine this and remove the remaining gray areas.

The impossible escape from a destructive grip

What could have saved Julie? Hard to say. “We say to ourselves that we could have done more for her”, says his mother, with a hint of guilt in her voice. “Perhaps if we had known when the violence was happening, we could have put more pressure to help him get out of this grip, wonders Audrey Merly, Julie’s big sister. Each time, when she told us about it, it was 24 or 48 hours later. She had time to play down and I think it was also to preserve us. »

Before this tragic outcome, many signs alerted loved ones to the grip and spiral of violence that Julie had been undergoing for five years.

It all started in 2017. At the time, Julie Rubod was a cashier at the Carrefour de L’Isle-d’Abeau. A job she landed with the help of her mother: “…

NARRATIVE. Femicide: “My sister, it’s not just a news item”