NBA Night: Cavs win after two overtimes and Embiid becomes giant against Bucks


Friday day in the NBA, full of exciting games, even and with several extensions, especially in the games on the East coast. But in Solobasket we began the trip through the Wells Fargo in Philadelphia, with the 76ers victory against Bucks with a huge Embiid and a great final streak that raises Doc Rivers’ team that is already playing playoff spots. The Cameroonian had 32 points to overcome a 13-point deficit, being differential in the second part, following the spectacular path of the last games. Maxey, his great lieutenant before Harden’s loss, left at halftime with an injured left ankle, when he had 24 points.

With five minutes remaining, the Bucks dominated 96-97, but a 2-1 run by Niang put the Sixers ahead, at which point they would enter the track again antetokounmpothe most outstanding player of the visitors, but what the Sixers would only do is extend the distance on the scoreboard at the pace of Embiid, who wanted to hear his fans in a great victory for the Pennsylvania team.

In the capital, Wizards and Heat went into overtime, with Beal and Porzingis leading to take the win, beating the Heat 3-2 after five minutes of extra time. A game that left Kyle Lowry’s triple-double with 24 points, 15 assists and ten rebounds, but it wasn’t enough for the victory of Spoelstra’s men, who they played in Washington without Butler (knee), Herro (ankle) and Adebayo (knee), who are placed eleventh in the East with a negative 7-9.

Maximum emotion that was lived in clevelandwith the match finally won by Cavs after two overtimes against some great Hornets. Garland and Mitchell got back to work perfectly, seeing the first go up to 41 points and the second scoring 34. The Cavs were able to fix a bad fourth period, rather a disastrous last minute, allowing themselves to come back ten points, with four triples from Charlotte, with some Hornets from Clifford who always fight in all games, despite the loss of new LaMelo Ball with a sprained ankle, but the Cavs were able to keep the game and snap a five-game losing streak.

Doncic He continues at his MVP pace and was indispensable in the Mavs’ victory over a Nuggets full of casualties, without Jokic, Murray and Gordon, in a game that will be repeated in the next few hours, with the Nuggets looking for revenge, without specifying if any of the three will be from the game. the slovenian added a new triple-double50 in the NBA, being the fastest to reach that figure, surpassing Magic Johnson.

Celtics ninth straight win, a few hours ago at the Pelicans’ home, with Brown rising to 27 points, White leaving 26 and six triples and Tatum with 19 and ten assists. VTwenty triples from Mazzulla’s team, with a 48 percent success rate. Celtics were dominating throughout the game, with highs of 18, for example in the second period, 43-25, but Willie Green’s team never stopped fighting. Now the Celtics lead the Eastern Conference with a record of 13-3 heading to Illinois to play a game on Monday against the Bulls.


huge match of Jaren Jackson Jr. in the Grizzlies’ win (Morant left with an ankle injury). The return of one of the great defenders in the league is great news for Jenkins, also seeing that his level can be absolutely differential. A few hours ago he went up to 25 points, twelve rebounds and three blocks.

Overtime night, but also triple-doubles, like those made by lowry in Heat and Doncic in Mavs. The Slovenian adds his triple-double number 50 in the NBA. The list commands it Westbrook with 194, followed by Robertson with 181 and Magic Johnson with 138.

The day of the Spanish players left seven minutes for serge ibaka in Bucks with two points scored; usman garubain another loss for the Rockets, this time against the Pacers, he played 20 minutes, with 4 points and four rebounds; Santi Aldamacoming off the bench, continues with a great role and was on court for 23 minutes to score 15 points and grab seven rebounds. Willy Hernangomez he did not play a minute against the Celtics.


a familiar name, luka doncic of Dallas Mavericks. His 50th triple-double makes another figure to add to his record. Key again in the victory against the Nuggets, the Slovenian scored 33 points, 12 rebounds and distributed eleven basket passes.

Doncic is already the tenth in triple-doubles, having Larry Bird with 59 and James Harden with 69. In addition, he takes some difference against rivals for the MVP fight like Tatum, Antetokounmpo, Jokic or Morant.

NBA Night: Cavs win after two overtimes and Embiid becomes giant against Bucks