Matchday 4 of Serie A ends today with two postponements. Here is the news coming from fields and newspapers after the matches on Tuesday and Wednesday, including injuries and more. Below are the latest in fantasy football and auction.

LAZIO – TO DAZN, Lazio Style Channel, Sky and at the press conference, the Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri spoke about the test of his team against Sampdoria. Here are the statements, reported by “Romagnoli had this cramping sensation in a flexor. And with this muscle hardening, it became annoying. For Felipe Anderson it is a sharp cut, they gave him five points. We hope that the wound does not swell at all and that it will recover in three days. Pedro? He didn’t have 90 minutes in his legs and for Felipe I was afraid that if I kept him on the pitch, I wouldn’t have him for Napoli. Casale? He is fine, he has great qualities. He has two reasons for needing some time: character reason, he is an introverted guy. And then he used to play three-handed, it takes some time. He will be an important pawn for Lazio’s future, and I’m not talking about a long-term future ”.

JUVE – TO Sky Sports, DAZN and at the press conference, Max Merry he spoke of his Juventus 2-0 victory against Spezia: “Pogba is out, Paredes has just arrived: for this reason I have to continue playing with the same players. With Di Maria I risked a lotbut the team needed positive energy with him, Kostic entering well and Milik scoring. Szczesny? It’s a sprain, apart from fractures, thank goodness. We need to assess the extent of the distortion. Bremer? He had cramps, asked out. He’s a little tired, nothing special. Cats? He played a game with personality. It wasn’t easy, he played very calmly. Milik? He is a technically very good player. He scored an extraordinary goal, it’s important, he’s a starter because Vlahovic can’t play them all. Plus we have Kean who became dangerous as long as the team pushed him ”. For Szczesny the first diagnosis speaks of a strong sprained trauma to the right ankle.

BERARDI – They come from Instagram the sensations of Mimmo Berardi on the injury accused against Milan. The attacker asked for the change due to a muscle problem and expressed himself on social media as follows: “Tuesday evening moments of fear. In the next (days, ed) we will do all the checks to understand the extent of the injury. I hope to come back soon“, he wrote. Updates on his conditions and recovery times will follow, as he wrote, exams are awaited.

SPICE – TO Sky Sports, DAZN and at the press conference, the Spezia coach Luca Gotti spoke thus of his own: “Gyasi? His right role is second striker, he and Nzola love to play together. They look for each other, they have important readings. If we call the form 3-5-2, he has to stand there in front of him. I tried to build him a little wrong to make him run more forward than backward when he is in the range, then at the end of the market we will see what to do. For Green we see, it risks being a long thing“.

UDINESE – After the victory against Fiorentina, the Udinese coach Thin spoke to DAZN and at the press conference. Here are the statements of him, reported by TMW: “Masina he had a sprained knee, we are worried because you have to understand the entity. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious, he is an exceptional guy who has joined the group very well. Beto? He still misses a little ‘he will arrive, he is very generous, he rips these 30 or 40 meters, I think that in a few races he will be at the top. When he came out he had a little discomfort in his flexor and was tired. We are sipping him, even in training, he suffered a very serious injury so we have to go to the millimeter ”.

FIORENTINA – TO DAZN and at the press conference, Vincenzo Italian commented the knockout of his Fiorentina against Udinese. Here are the statements of him, reported by “Barak? We entered him quickly because he has quality and knows how to stay on the pitch. He is smart, and it is right to exploit him, he has made a step forward compared to the other game. He can still give us so much. Goalkeepers, those of last year are ahead, Terracciano is doing well, this time it was up to him, now the idea of ​​changing every race doesn’t drive me crazy. In my opinion, involving everyone is good, Terracciano did well as in Holland, Gollini moves differently, but I don’t consider it a problem, on the contrary it is a resource because I have two very reliable goalkeepers ”.

SAMPDORIA – TO DAZN, Sky and at the press conference, the Sampdoria coach Marco Giampaolo he spoke of the equal of his against Lazio. Here are the statements, reported by TMW: “Gabbiadini? I’m really happy. He is a serious professional and an extraordinary guy. There were like him. It is due merit. Rincon is a very important player for Sampdoria but above all a man of great values. They are players that I like very much. He is generous. He never spares himself. I liked Murillo. He gives us charisma, he is an experienced player. Winks? He hasn’t done a workout yet. I am waiting to meet him and I hope he can give us a hand. What kind of player will he be? I’ll tell you ”.

EMPOLI – TO DAZN and at the press conference, the Empoli coach Paolo Zanetti spoke of the singles after the draw against Verona. Here are the statements, reported by TMW: “Baldanzi? He is a good football story. I fielded a strong boy, not a young boy. He has high-level skills, it took the courage to throw him on the pitch. When kids are strong, age doesn’t matter. He has shown that he has a great future. Bajrami? I have never hidden that I would like to stay. It is difficult for him to manage all this attention. If it stays with us it will be an extra purchase. Whistles? If there have been whistles, he will be able to turn whistles into applause if he stays. To manage this you have to be mature and I have to help him by making him get through this moment. I protected him, in the meantime a player from the cantera exploded who made thirty-five exceptional minutes. If Bajrami stays, we will have one more purchase. Pjaca? I think a lot of teams have a lot of weapons and we want to have them too. The basic principle is known to the boys, whoever is better off and deserves it on the pitch ”.

ROME – Roma have to deal with a double injury, Marash Kumbulla and Stephan El Shaarawy on Tuesday they were forced to change during the match against Monza. As reported by Sky Sports“The instrumental examinations confirmed a muscle injury for El Shaarawy and Kumbulla. Stop for 3-4 weeks. They will be available again from 2 October, after the break ”, we read. For the Pharaoh, injury to the psoas muscle of the left thigh, for the defender, injury to the hamstring of the left thigh. Two heavy absences therefore for Mourinho until October.

MERET – At the press conference, Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti expressed himself as follows on Alex Meret’s performance after the draw with Lecce:Meret made a great intervention on the penalty. We are confident and we knew we were dealing with a good goalkeeper ”. As reported by Sky Sport, Keylor Navas is further and further away for the door.

COLOMBO – TO DAZN and at the press conference, the Lecce coach Marco Barons he talked about the trial of his people in Naples. Here are the statements, reported by TMW: “Colombo has great potential, we are working on it and he must free himself from the pressures. We are working on him, he has to master the role, the goal is not a surprise. He made a good performance. I wanted to give Colombo a chance because he deserved it. He has great qualities and great prospects, we believe in him a lot and we have to set him in the role of first striker. I asked him to take the penalty, then he scored a great goal “.

NEWS – How are Szczesny and Felipe Anderson! Berardi, Verde, Masina, Bajrami and Bremer …