Nicolás Maduro Vs Hugo Chávez (I)

From Chávez to Maduro there is no continuity: THERE IS RUPTURE. Chávez’s “Plan de la Patria” was mutilated, set aside and now disappeared; there is intention in the facts. With his SPECIAL LAWS, President Maduro has transgressed his CONSTITUTION THAT IS THE DAUGHTER OF CHÁVEZ AND HIS PEOPLE. He absolutely controls the national assembly, the judicial, electoral and military power. The PsuV is for him synonymous with votes. The money for the plan of “The beautiful city” also served this purpose of “cleansing” images of Chavez and Chavismo: he uses Vaseline. Chavismo is being dismantled, it must be part of his commitment to capital. His policies and thoughts are NEOLIBERAL, with a cleverly populist and demagogic speech. He frequently lies, AS HE DID RECENTLY IN EGYPT at an international event on CLIMATE DESTRUCTION (caused by the destructive and voracious consumerist model of capitalism, with unlimited ambitions for more wealth, an unsustainable model over time), promoted by the UN ( but financed BY COCA COLA), where he raised a proposal from Chavez: “Let’s not change the climate, let’s change the system.” President Maduro in Venezuela does the opposite; He facilitates environmental destruction (Arco Minero) and favors capital.

These pranks remind us of JV Gómez and his compadre Cipriano Castro; Castro out, gringos in power. Today, our country has gone back decades in its social achievements. Capitalism is saturated with violence, even feigning order. The paths that we traveled with Chávez are disappearing. President Maduro’s policies are a capital project that had possibly already co-opted some pesuistas during Chávez’s lifetime. Who put the PRESIDENTIAL figure of Maduro through the eyes and ears of Chávez?

When everything looks alike, he calls it normal. The model takes care of recycling until it is digestible by everyone, well by almost everyone. The gringos without hesitation or limits, face what is not convenient for them and look for what interests them at any price. Politically fragmented, the left continues to weaken. His analyzes are highly likely to be misleading. The damage that progressivism is doing to the hopeful politics of real change is devastating. “For now”, the people do not want to know anything about socialism. The one who called us “Sleepy” is wide awake doing pranks.

Anchored in a presumed humanizable, correctable and fair side of the capitalist model, progressives hand over their old political tools (if they ever had them) and assume, for example, those of postmodernity; by evolution solutions are sought. The alleged changes do not require revolutions or radicalism, reforms are enough. Why the debates? The reality that awaits. The subject, the emotional and the self, can choose and transform the world. The truths are those of your EGO, it is your realism. From modern disappointments to postmodern fantasies. The charge of individualism is fierce against the collective. Let the people wait for tomorrow; the one that won’t come It is opportune to ask: Are the subject, the individual, THE SMALL GROUPS the real alternative? Where is THE ALL SOCIAL? They do not want revolution but changes tolerated by the capitalist system with which they cross compromises. What social class do most progressive leaders belong to? This clarifies some political and economic decisions. What truths is progressivism based on? The heavyweights Álvaro García Linera and the former president of Ecuador Correa (progressives), limit on television that the errors of progressivism are increasing, but the progressives reject the criticism. We are bad and we are going worse.

If we go to the bottom of the matter we will get to its root; THIS JOURNEY IS NECESSARY. True, progressivism begins with verve and ends with chills. They end up preferring CATOPARDIAN changes. This is not surprising, it is his political practice. THIS AMBIVALENCE, THIS REACTIONARY POSITION, IS DOING A LOT OF DAMAGE, BECAUSE AMONG OTHERS, IT IS WASTING THIS HISTORICAL TIME, in addition to the hopes of the people. People often confuse progressives with the left, but they are not. Other lefts are placed to the tail of the right. The private is contrary to the public and therefore to the social. The solutions will not be provided by those who create the problems, the same ones that progressives seek as allies.

In these political and economic adventures, some are left with the profits and others with the hopes. The changes in Latin America have responded more to private interests than to public ones. They call international submission “the international question”. Monopolies impose submissive connections; immediately there are plenty of justifications for conciliation and “wrinkles”. The perfidy is constant, it is almost NORMAL THE DELIVERY OF THEIR STRUGGLES IN THE NAME OF PEACE, DEMOCRACY and conciliation with the guilty: The tricks of capital.

Trapped in the rules of historical domination, some progressives who say they are leftist, construct stories to justify their compromises with interests on the right. They like their gringolas. Sooner than immediately, they renounce revolutionary categories, preferring the “center-left.” They forget or are unaware that “the terrible thing is not the fall, the terrible thing is the slope”. The use of bourgeois democracy, peace and justice are its screens. They know that they will be defeated, but the state bureaucracy and its agreements with the right can reserve a space for them. Some dare to go as far as political matchmaking: why insist on the error? Are these docile policies being carried out with absolute class consciousness of what is being done?

This disenchantment, these political defeats of decades of revolutionary efforts, is not just a Venezuelan issue. Everywhere the same errors of progressives and their minions are repeated. All the alliances of the progressive reformists with the historical enemy of the pariahs, of the shirtless, of those who produce everything and lack almost everything, who, with their work, can half reproduce their painful existence. Are they perhaps deliberate policies to stifle possible revolutionary changes? how to call them?

Good and evil always leave traces. I am not referring to Manichaeism. We are human and socializable by nature. Born to live together, they make us compete. Rock art and scientifically rigorous research by anthropologists, historians, archaeologists and paleontologists confirm this. A couple of years ago, a group of professionals from these disciplines showed how there was organized human life in society on our continent more than 20,000 years ago. There is talk of Neanderthals in America; this would profoundly change multiple interpretations. It is better to wait. The savage conquerors, ignorant or illiterate for the most part, put an end to this historical human richness. Capitalism had begun, its violence was and is its calling card. Violence that on some occasions is “passive” and is in YOUR instituted ORDER; it is ideology. A revolution when it is true must walk on its own roots. To decolonize ourselves is to be what we should be.

One of the constructs that is most convenient for capital is the construction of a subject that is as individualized as possible, since the market based on competition prefers it that way. It is not by chance that neoliberalism moves as much as it can for this objective in each subject: THE SELF, hedonism as a constant practice, thus society is further fragmented and the individual is controlled by his emotions, which are manipulable. The economic controlling politics. The iron lady already shouted it: “there is no society but individuals”. The (in) communication media, mostly private, are ready for this destructive cornering of what is most profoundly human. WHICH ALLIANCES WITH THESE FOLLOWERS ONLY OF MATERIAL WEALTH TALK TO ME… TO BE CONTINUED….


Nicolás Maduro Vs Hugo Chávez (I)