“No trans person wants to pretend that they are changing their biological body”

Let’s not go four ways. Never has a text evoking transidentity shocked the trans community as much as the “open letter” to Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne written by Marguerite Stern and Dora Moutot, and published by Marianne this Monday, August 22.

Presenting themselves as “feminists”, the two authors, whom we imagine to be attentive to their choice of words, are therefore part of what the Larousse qualified for “current of thought and political, social and cultural movement in favor of equality between women and men”. By virtue of which, they challenge the head of government with a measure behind which we believe we can guess the beginnings of an argument that is certainly alarmed, but nuanced, scrupulous, even benevolent: “We are worried about what is becoming of family planning. » Unfortunately, it very quickly appears that this perfectly legitimate “concern” serves as a Trojan horse for a veritable tsunami of hatred, intolerance, prejudice and untruths.

A trans man can get pregnant

It’s hard to call yourself a “feminist” when you exclude sex workers, trans women and men in general. Impossible to remain unmoved when the text then denies the existence of trans men, those people born women who decide to change gender. “Only women, i.e. human adult females can be pregnant”can we read. “A man, that is to say a male, can never be. To say otherwise is scientifically a lie. »

In addition to the use of a lexicon where each and everyone sees himself assimilated to an animal, the authors thus attempt to make trans men (born women) completely invisible and to act as if none existed. But they are tens of thousands in France. A trans man can therefore become pregnant, whether he takes testosterone or not. I personally know three who got pregnant. They are either in a relationship with a cisgender man or with a transgender woman. In both cases, these trans men have a female reproductive system and are in a relationship with someone who has a male reproductive system. Nature can therefore do its work perfectly.

“As feminists, we fight for the abolition of gender stereotypes, not for them to be reinforced as advocated by transactivism”, they continue, decidedly very anxious to justify themselves and suddenly much more radical. Why don’t they say frontally that they are against everything that is considered feminine or masculine? For them, there should only be unisex clothes and no more “Men’s” or “Women’s” departments on the shelves of clothing brands. Reading between the lines, all women who use the artefacts of femininity are therefore considered “unseemly”: high heels, dresses, jewelry, make-up. At the stake therefore the Angèle, Beyoncé or Dita Von Teese. As for the trans women whom they accuse of perpetuating sexist stereotypes, they seem to assimilate them to enemies.

Denial of feminism

“We believe that men should have the right (…) to wear skirts (…) without being insulted by “girls” or “pedals””, they engage in an apparently progressive and conciliatory mode. Before unpinning: “We believe in changing mentalities rather than changing bodies. If we abolish these stereotypes, transitions will be much less necessary. » Clearly: if we encourage cross-dressing, there will be no more transitions. As if being born in the wrong body was just the urge to wear pink, gloss and skirts. It is to deny what we are most intrinsically.

A little further on we can read: “To say that women are not necessarily female and vice versa is a matter of belief, not biology. » To infer that gender change does not exist and that we claim to change bodies biologically: more anti-trans, we do not see. No trans person, ever, wants to believe that they are changing their biological body. None. A trans woman knows that she will never get pregnant, that she will not have her period or a uterus. We are talking here about social gender, about these codes that allow us to know instantly if we are dealing with a man or a woman in the street, without having to see their genitals. This is also why since 2016, it is no longer necessary to change sex to be able to switch gender on your identity card. Negation of the law, negation of social gender, negation of the arrival of an objective existence: but what have they done to you? Besides, it is also the negation of all the bases of feminism. Simone de Beauvoir and her “We are not born a woman, we become one” must be turning in his grave.

Let’s continue. “We have noticed that Planned Parenthood now uses terms like ‘menstruating person’ or ‘people who have a uterus’ to define women”insinuate the signatories of this forum. “We oppose this semantics which cuts women apart (…) We refuse to allow the word that connects us to be erased in favor of labels that divide us. » Behind the elaborate panache of the formula, a much less glorious reasoning: trans men do not exist, they are always women since they were born women, even if their identity card would say otherwise.

The Travistock case

What follows is even more terrifying. “Validating the idea that one can be ‘born in the wrong body’ is dangerous and abusive for people with gender dysphoria (…), a psychiatric disorder that affects some trans people and causes them deep distress due to to the fact that they do not recognize themselves in the gender identity attached to their sex. However, in the same way that one cannot change age, one cannot change sex. » The specter of straitjacket, electroshock and lobotomization of conversion therapy is not far off. Do they even know that transidentity is no longer considered a psychiatric disorder, and has been for a long time?

“We believe that no one can be born in the wrong body”, they assert in all subjectivity. In their infinite compassion, they add: “However, we understand that some may feel bad about themselves, and that it is important to offer them psychological support rather than mutilating treatment. » Size of the soul ? If only. In France, in 2022, there are still people who support with impunity that trans people should undergo psychiatric conversion therapy rather than resorting to medical and/or surgical transition. Replace “trans person” with “homosexual person”, and the same forum would have raised a national outcry.

Inaccurate information then: “In the UK, the largest ‘clinic of its kind’ (Tavistock) has been forced to close after it is being sued by several hundred families who believe its doctors pushed their underage children to transition”argue the authors, whose rhetoric recalls that of Éric Zemmour who, during the presidential campaign, claimed: “ The trans lobby pushes eight-year-olds to change gender and they end up committing suicide. » No clinic “transitions” or changes sex for any child. The only thing they do is prescribe “blockers” to be able to stop puberty until the teenager grows up and can become an adult who is sure of his choices, without certain traits such as body hair, muscles, voice or chest do not develop too much. As for the Tavistock clinic, yes, it had to close, but because the delays were much too long and the Government intends to open more centers precisely to streamline the process and reduce delays.

The transactivist lobby does not exist

The question of risk remains. “Wearing the binder (corset aimed at flattening the breasts) can lead to serious health problems (…) The mutilations can also be surgical: removal of the breasts, the uterus, the vulva (formerly called excision), and removal of the penis for men (…) The mission of Family Planning is to support women and adolescent girls during abortion, as well as to guarantee the sexual health of the people accompanied, not to help them destroy themselves. » Yes, it is undeniable: these transformations can be dangerous for the human body. But it must be understood that no one decides to have their genitals removed out of whim or being pushed by an imaginary “lobby”. It’s not a choice. It is a matter of vital order. If these people don’t transition, they die.

Changing gender, sex, or both can be terrifying. For my part, I inquired about it for more than twenty-five years before taking the plunge. The danger exists, and the free will of each and everyone does the rest.

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The column by Marguerite Stern and Dora Moutot published by Marianne hurts, but also scares. By brandishing the threat of social invalidation, it explains both the time that some men and women take to undertake their transition, the reasons that lead to most detransitions and those that too often lead to suicide. The transactivist lobby, like the LGBT lobby, does not exist and no one wants to push a child to transition. In contrast, almost all of us trans people have known that we were born in the wrong body from early childhood. There is one thing that must be understood once and for all, whether in relation to transidentity or even homosexuality: no child ever wants to be part of a minority where he will be invalidated, mocked, excluded, rejected by family, friends or society, beaten up or potentially murdered. Never.

Listen to us, understand us, accept us, ignore us, but let us live, Ladies Stern and Moutot. Is that too much to ask?

“No trans person wants to pretend that they are changing their biological body”