OL: Peter Bosz has “the confidence to be able to win against PSG”

After two defeats in a row, OL welcome PSG to the Parc OL on Sunday (8:45 p.m.). Despite the negative results, Peter Bosz continues to maintain confidence in his group and has the ambition to strike against the Parisian ogre.

The absentees for PSG

“Jérôme felt a little embarrassed so with the truce, we didn’t want to take any risks. The others trained this (Friday) morning.”

Lack of confidence after these two defeats?

“No lack of confidence but very disappointed because losing twice is not normal for a club like OL. On the second defeat, it was not necessary because we played well. Unfortunately with two set pieces, we lost.”

Objective podium in the winter?

“He told me that we have to be on the podium at the end of the season but it’s clear and it doesn’t change anything for me. OL must be in this place. There is no more pressure. When you are a big club, the pressure is always there, you have high goals, it’s normal.”

More pressure with PSG

“In my state of mind, it’s a great opportunity. Everyone knows that PSG have a very good team, which is playing very well this season. It’s a huge challenge for us too. We’ve shown the season last that we could play well against them.”

A system change?

“Yes, it can change because I always look at the way we play first but also the opponent. They are the best opponents we have in France so we have to observe them well. We can play both three-way systems or four defenders but we will choose in relation to our players. They play differently with three defenders this season compared to four last season.”

Thiago Mendes singled out

“We talked a lot about him last week, I already explained why he can be a good defender. He played well in Monaco but he didn’t defend on the first goal, it must be said.”

PSG, the most important match of the season?

“You can’t say that after 8 games but of course it’s important because we lost twice in a row. But it’s not the most important game of a season. You know me, I want to win every game whether it’s PSG or Lorient. We don’t always succeed but that’s the ambition. We are at a big club and you have to have the confidence to be able to win against PSG.”

PSG, a turning point?

“After two defeats, you have to have the ambition to win and even more against PSG. It would be great to get there. But I always look to the next match, I don’t plan so far. I understand the importance of such a match.”

Expected changes

“There are two different faces in Lorient and Monaco. In Monaco, I saw the spirit of spirit that was needed. If we play this match 10 times with the same state of mind, we win it 9 times. We are not afraid against PSG, we play, we look at our qualities, with respect.”

The importance of substitutes

“Last season I wasn’t happy with the way the players came in. They weren’t helping the team. It must be a great opportunity to hurt the opponents who are more tired. This year it’s not has nothing to do with the quality but with the state of mind. I understand the question but you understand that I cannot answer it.”

A Lacazette-Dembélé association?

“I haven’t thought of that but it’s a good idea (smile). With the coaches, we drink coffee and we talk, we talk, we discuss. We watch training footage, previous matches and we’re talking about tactical ideas.”

What tactic against PSG?

“Preventive marking, not losing easy balls and crossing your fingers (laughs). We can say that they don’t defend at 11 but when we lose the ball, they have these players in front so it’s very dangerous. always comes back to preventive marking and we have been training on it since the beginning. You have to speak well, communicate well.

I watched a lot of PSG matches because I love football, I love these players. I saw teams defending, others trying to press. It depends on which PSG we are talking about. I looked against Maccabi. At first they struggled but I like to watch my team and we have good players who can play well even if we don’t see them for 90 minutes.”

A more friable PSG defensively?

“These are data but when they concede the shots, it is after river scores where the players are a little less concentrated, who let go a little. It still depends on the face of PSG.”

The Importance of Leaders

“Leader by example, showing others that there is no need to be afraid, that they keep our game plan instructions well, that they show how to win the match. But it’s not only against PSG You are the leader in the dressing room and on the pitch for all games.”

The Messi-Mbappé-Neymar trio

“I said I love football. Three of the best strikers in the world are playing at PSG at the moment. But there are not just eleven good players, there is a good team. I’m not afraid , I’m scared of no one, no team but the pleasure of playing against them and even more of winning if we win. If the coach is scared, so are the players.”

The contribution of Christophe Galtier

“It’s hard to talk about the coach from the outside. Having eleven good players doesn’t mean having a good team and Christophe has changed the system and I see the three forwards running more than last season. I really like Pochettino is a very good coach but I have seen a change this season.”

OL: Peter Bosz has “the confidence to be able to win against PSG”