One, no one and Giuseppi | The thousand masks of Conte, who today wants to make the Italian Mélenchon

There is an air of overtaking on the left. The polls attribute to the 5 Star Movement a few decimal places more than the Democratic Party.

Some might say that in 2018 the gap was much wider than is feared today. But it is necessary to take into account an important novelty: in 2018 the pentastellati were an indifferent and manettaro movement, mixed with anti-politics therefore open from all sides; today they are a party that is (for better or worse) on the left of the Democratic Party and that can boast an unprecedented political and electoral dimension in that role.

In the post-war history to the left of the party of Gramsci, Togliatti, Longo and Berlinguer (as it once stood) and his battered heirs, there has always been room only for modest waste of nostalgia, folklore or fashions. Moreover, the unwillingness of Giuseppe Conte to mend the pieces of an alliance never born with the dem favors their wear, which, however unscrupulous they may become in the search for consent, could never completely lose face in competing with Count on the market of demagogy, even in a context of opposition.

It is worth asking a question: is there a Conte case? How is it possible that a lawyer who came out of nowhere in a few years has been able to go a long way without having entered into (as far as we know) no pact with the Evil One like Doctor Faust?

Let’s rewind the slow motion. Conte becomes prime minister in the role of paper passer for his deputies. By attending Brussels he has to phone his bosses before making any decision; then slowly he manages to convince the partners that he is the least worst of that gang and they make a virtue of necessity by allowing him a chance for dialogue, taking advantage of which Conte manages to mediate and impose mediation (in the 2019 budget law) on his janissaries . In addition to being known around the world, from Angela Merkel to Donald Trump.

Then when Salvini goes to the conquest of full powers, with a masterful intervention in the Senate he takes his chair from underneath, and leaves him out of the government in the cold and chattering his teeth. Then, as if he were to change dame in another round of waltzes, he proposes himself for a new majority and a new government, of opposite sign.

And it is appreciated to such an extent that when a urchin like Matteo Renzi causes his fall, the Democratic Party does everything to put him back in the saddle with a third term, up to gleaning a possible platoon of responsible askari among the parliamentarians without collar. In the shadow of the Draghi Conte government begins the prize du pouvoir inside the party, while he hesitates in front of Enrico Letta’s proposal for a wide field.

He gets rid of Luigi Di Maio, Roberto Fico and many other founding members; he avoids the possible return of Dibba and hires the guarantor Beppe Grillo with a regular salary. Then he becomes the author of the regicide (by Mario Draghi), pulling half a Parliament with him. We stop here.

Witnessing these performances from afar, I became convinced (no one understood) that Conte is not a politician, but an actor who plays a political figure. And he with unexpected professionalism he is able to stick to the subject, to the script, even if he is called to interpret characters in different contexts. In a film he can play the role of the antagonist of a character he played in a previous film.

This explains how Giuseppi feels free to criticize the policies implemented by the governments he presides over and those (that is, all) of which the 5 Star Movement was part. He now he’s playing – dismissed the clutch bag and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt – the part of the Italian Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Too bad that the real one does not recognize you. But it is the non-submissive leader from beyond the Alps who is mistaken. Especially when he wasted his time, and the cost of the ticket, to crown Luigi de Magistris as his representative in Italy during the election campaign.

One, no one and Giuseppi | The thousand masks of Conte, who today wants to make the Italian Mélenchon –