One x One: Workshops 1

In Uno x Uno we leave you the scores of the tie between Racing and Talleres for the Professional League. Here, the detail of the One x One of Workshops 1 – Racing 1 do you agree with Soul Racing?

21-Gabriel Arias (6): They hardly even kicked the goal, just a shot from afar. Nothing to do in prison.

34-Facundo Mura (8): The one from the first semester. Deep, intense and precise. He was one more striker and assisted Aclaraz in the 1-0. In defense he had no problems.

8-Jonathan Galvan (5) He tried to drive the start, with passes between the lines or crossed balls. On defense he won more than he lost.

6-Lucas Orban (3): He had been playing a good game until he made an unusual and inopportune penalty that complicated everything for Racing. From there he began to fail more often with Valoyes.

5-Eugenio Mena (4): He missed the mark and with the ball in some outings. In attack he could not be so deep and dangerous.

11-Jonathan Gomez (5.5): He gave the team dynamics and cut a lot in the middle, although he lacked clarity and stepped more in the area.

29-Anibal Moreno (5): It cut a lot and distributed well most of the time. He missed an incredible double goal chance that ended up being very expensive.

22-Carlos Alcaraz (7.5): Change of rhythm and precision to command Racing’s attacks. He assisted Hauche and Copetti and collaborated in defense. He stepped on the area often and with a great header he made it 1-0. Why did it come out? .

23-Nicolas Oroz (4.5): It started well, coming into play and participatory, but it was diluted. When he left the right he was more difficult and at times he was absent.

Charging …

9-Enzo Copetti (4): He missed an unusual goal, with the goal empty and, already with the game 1-0, he assisted Hauche badly in a play that was a sung goal. He ran and won a lot from above, but it was not enough.

7-Gabriel Hauche (3.5): Another that wasted several goal situations and that was not fine at all. Without a goal and without a game it becomes very complex.

The One x One of Racing: the scores of the substitutes against Workshops

One x One Racing Workshops
One x One of Racing with Workshops.

15-Maximilian Romero (4): He had many minutes and hardly even touched the ball. He does not give the team offensive weight and at times he gets lost among the central defenders.

33-Gonzalo Piovi (6): He tried to position himself high and anticipate. Solid in the brand and correct in attack.

70-Edwin Cardona (5): Very few minutes in which he could barely try with two interesting shots on goal.

19-Lolo Miranda (4.5): In the time he was on the court he hardly even touched the ball. Racing needs a lot more from him.

50-Roman Fernandez (5): He felt like it and even dared to face it. He played little, but he sacrificed.

DT: Fernando Gago (3): With the income from the beginning of Alcaraz and Gómez, he proposed a game of direct play and not so much possession. Racing generated a lot and dominated Talleres in the first half. This time the match was complicated by an individual error by Orban, but he did not know how to correct it. The departure of Alcaraz, one of the best of the team, was really striking and Cardona left the feeling that he entered late. Again he opted for double nine with Romero and Copetti, but the former Vélez did not touch the ball and Racing lost surprise. He let another chance pass and the possibility of the tournament is getting further and further away…

One x One: Workshops 1 – Racing 1 – Racing de Alma