Organize successful competitions in Italy? The organizers of the Uroboro Summer Competition

For weeks we have been listening, reading and informing ourselves about the most varied facets of a controversy that has been affecting our sport for some time.

Why does it seem to us that everything that arrives from abroad has a higher quality? Why are the Italian races in a vortex of conflicting opinions that seem to never end?

Happily then we look around and see that, in reality, in Italy there are successful races and that behind them there are serious and competent organizers, who strive throughout the year to create something truly incredible for spectators and athletes.

This is the case of the Ouroboros Summer Competitionan established competition that takes place every summer at Guna Beach, a crazy location by the Salento sea.

Their organizers are William Taveri And Andrea Casalinoowner of Uroboro; we interviewed them to find out what the their secret for organizing such a successful competitionwith very high standards like they have accustomed us over the years!

Hello lads! First of all, we thank you so much for taking the time! To start, tell us about yourself and your beautiful race!

Hi everyone! We are Andrea and William founders of Uroboro, but above all we are passionate and experts in fitness and weightlifting (since 2006) and we are proud of it.

We founded Uroboro in 2016 to create a new business in our city that talked about sports, health and entertainment. The spread of this activity has joined forces to create an exclusive product: the “holiday race”.

The intent is to have a funcional competition, but at the same time experience the territory by taking a holiday in a splendid location such as Guna Beach in Salento, without focusing solely on the competition as it happened to us in the past.

Hence a real experience!

In fact, anyone who has participated in one of your editions has positive opinions and every year many athletes sign up, dizzying numbers for an individual competition. Is the experience your differentiating element?

Yes, we are convinced that the location and the approach to the holiday competition make our format a winner. Then of course the numbers speak for themselves: last year we had 653 subscribers and 458 live shows …

What to say? We can’t wait to see the next edition!

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And thank goodness guys, after these two years of pandemic it was necessary. By the way, what did you do when the gyms closed? In short, how did you keep the flame burning?

We have thought about what to do and what not to do.

Personally with a well-known company operating in the fashion world, we went into the closed boxes to organize direct Instagram animating lessons for those who were at home. The project was called Coin at Home.

It is clear that people’s experience is the center of your business! Let’s imagine how much hard work there is behind the organization. Can you tell us a little something?

Let’s say that the organization and / or reorganization of a competition such as the Ouroboro Summer Competition involves a year of hard work, where each period has a well-defined goal.

We follow a pattern that we have created in order not to miss anything. The last month is always the most decisive one where everything is unwound for a unique show.

We leave nothing to chance!

And what are, in your opinion, the fundamental steps for a successful race?

For obvious reasons we cannot guide how to organize a competition well, but the goal of each year is to guarantee healthy fun and a high level of all related services (judgments, staff, equipment, location, pr, media, economics etc.).

Then everyone at home does what they think is best 😉

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We have heard that it is more complicated to convince a team to sign up than an individual, what do you think about it?

We worked with priorities so without thinking about which was the most complicated registration. For us, the individual is our favorite format.

Of course … Now we touch a sore point: the prize money. How are they defined in your race?

It has always been one of the most important steps for us where a high percentage of the available budget is allocated to the categories, first and foremost elite and master.

And do you think it is true that a competitive athlete will choose the race based on the final prize? Or are there other factors that can push signups?

Over time the increase in more competitions has led the athlete to increase his needs, such as the economic side. Fortunately, we offer great cash prizes and a unique experience! The prize in this case is “double” isn’t it?

William, some time ago you published a “hot” story saying, in fact, that foreign competitions are considered of excellence and that there is not the right respect for those who organize competitions in Italy. Can you explain your point of view better? Why this stance?

Simply because it is not leaving Italy that makes a competition cool, but relying on competent organizations in the sector!

And in Italy there are many …

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Just to close … In your opinion, what needs to change in the mentality of the Italian community to ensure that there is more seriousness and respect when it comes to national competitions?

Respect for athletes is fundamental for us: from registration to the final award ceremony. And the services to be dedicated are the main source to obtain this result!

We thank Andrea and William for having clarified some passages of this storm on national competitions and we close the article with a wish: that athletes begin to be more aware of which race to choose and that, before registering, they inform themselves well to avoid subsequent headaches.

Maybe we are losing sight of the main objective of CrossFit® a bit:

“The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation and the fun is in the community.”

– Greg Glassman

Organize successful competitions in Italy? The organizers of the Uroboro Summer Competition – CrossMAG speak