Palermo Open: La Dolfina defeated La Irenita II with 17 goals from Poroto Cambiaso

Poroto Cambiaso in superstar mode: he scored 17 goals in La Dolfina’s 23-4 win over La Irenita II for the Argentine Open Polo Championship.

As if obeying a call of destiny, La Dolfina he did what he had to do. With great solidity and forcefulness he thrashed Irenita II by 23 to 4 and will arrive undefeated at the resolution of zone B of the Argentine Open Championship of pole, which he will hold against his archrival, Ellerstina, next Sunday. The figure of victory was Adolfo “Bean” Cambiasowhat did it mark 17 goals and equaled the maximum mark of his father, Adolfo, in the Palermo Open. The record in the contest, of 18, is owned by Agustín Merlos (2006). And the absolute, by Adolfito Cambiaso, with 19 in a match at the Hurlingham Open (2009).

The beginning made clear the power that separates a team that has aspirations of being a first-time champion at the Cathedral. Little affected La Dolfina Don’t count on David Stirling, the engine of training. As soon as they settled on the field, the Cañuelas team took control and imposed its hierarchy and its mackerel. The 4-0 score at the end of the first period presaged the forcefulness and comfort with which La Dolfina played the eight chukkers.

Poroto equaled his father's maximum mark at the Palermo Open.

Poroto equaled his father’s maximum mark at the Palermo Open. – Credits: @Fabian Marelli

Along with the acceleration of the Cañuelas team, La Irenita II decreased, who did not find the ways to avoid the win. In addition to suffering from the logical difference in speed, the joint newcomer seemed to resign himself very early. For more will and desire that put, Tomás Fernández Llorente (h.) He was always at a disadvantage and the forwards were not accompanied to attack. Everything was a constant suffering for the team representing the Mac Donough family club. “They passed us by,” he acknowledged. Bayugar Baptist once the match is over.

La Dolfina played so well that by the third chukker it was 9-1 and by the fifth it had a 12-goal lead (13-1). Adolfito Cambiaso took control of his team and gave him the peace of mind not to worry about the result for the rest of the match. Both to guide his son, Poroto, to the goal, and to correct a teammate’s mistake against the rival’s goals, Adolfito was always active, as Juan Martin Nero to prevent other people’s goals.

Compact of La Dolfina vs. Irenita II

The versatility of pedrinho Zacharias and Poroto’s goals were irrefutable arguments for La Dolfina to stretch the difference on the scoreboard. The astonishing 17 goals from the number 3 included just three from penalties, and the Brazilian, who once again replaced the Uruguayan Stirling, maintained a regularity during the eight stages, scoring four goals and was a spare wheel in a foursome that did not let themselves get tangled up . Only in the sixth period did he manage to discount again. It was a comfort, barely.

The last three chukkas had no expectations other than Poroto’s possible record, which was close without the boy trying. The 23-4 result allows the winner to calmly await next Sunday’s duel against his arch-rival, Ellerstina, who played poorly against Cría La Dolfina, lost 9-8 and left a bad image. But it’s a classic and anything can happen. From him will emerge the second finalist of the Argentine Open, the most important tournament in world polo.

Synthesis of La Dolfina 23 vs. Little Irenita II 4

  • La Dolfina: Adolfo Cambiaso (h.), 10; Pedro Zacharias, 7; Adolfo Cambiaso (n.), 9, and Juan Martín Nero, 10. Total: 36.

  • Little Irenita II: Facundo Fernandez Llorente, 8; Tomás Fernández Llorente (h.), 8; Bautista Bayugar, 8, and Isidro Strada, 8. Total: 32.

  • Progression: La Dolfina, 4-0, 7-1, 9-1, 12-1, 13-1, 16-2, 20-2 and 23-4.

  • La Dolfina top scorers: Cambiaso (h.), 1; Zacharias, 4; Cambiaso (n.), 17 (3 penalties), and Nero, 1. From Irenita: F. Fernandez Llorente, 1; Bayugar, 2 (1 penalty), and Strada, 1.

  • Judges: Guillermo Villanueva (h.) and Gonzalo López Vargas. Referee: Martin Aguerre.

  • Basketball court: No. 2 of Palermo.

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Palermo Open: La Dolfina defeated La Irenita II with 17 goals from Poroto Cambiaso