Paolo Fox weekly horoscope, ranking of signs and forecasts from 24 to 30 October 2022

Weekend time, time to relax and horoscope to be ready for next week: the last of October. As usual, we offer you the horoscope of Paolo Fox released on the latest issue of DiPiùTv who will tell us everything until October 30th. Sign by sign, let’s find out what the stars have planned for us. Here is the horoscope by Paolo Fox. Take note so as not to be surprised. And don’t say that… we didn’t warn you.

Paolo Fox weekly horoscope, ranking signs and forecasts from 24 to 30 October: Aries “relaxes”, special encounters for Cancer

  • ARIES – Finally, a phase of controversy and tensions that have hurt you is coming to an end. As a couple, a crisis that began earlier this month could be overcome with the good will of both. Keep calm all the same and pay attention to Capricorn, Aries and Libra. In work, you will find the right starting point to start over.
  • TAURUS – You will end worthless relationships, try not to lose your cool on Wednesday. If you are in a couple, there could be an air of crisis, try to keep everything under control. In the profession, there will be tensions and you will have to face money problems.
  • TWINS – You may be dubious about a love, the memory of old unedifying experiences will make you very cautious. Couples will see less due to work, but there will be turmoil on Thursday and Friday. In work, you will have little patience.
  • CANCER – Venus will help you have special meetings, especially on Wednesdays. If you are in a couple, you will have to find time to love and to be together. In the professional sphere, renewals and changes will be easier to adopt.

Paolo Fox weekly horoscope, ranking signs and forecasts from 24 to 30 October: controversial Leo, Scorpio with a thousand emotions

  • LION – You will be very controversial especially between Monday and Wednesday. Even as a couple you will experience tensions and you will be nervous and intolerant. If you think you have suffered an injustice, a great satisfaction will soon come. At work, it will be a tiring time with many changes to manage. Take care of your physical shape and do not overlap your commitments.
  • VIRGIN – You can have pleasant encounters if you don’t shut yourself up at home. Venus will make you available to new friends. As a couple, you will have to manage controversy with Gemini and Pisces. Interesting day for clarification on Wednesday, while on Friday you will have to keep calm. In the profession, the Stars will be on your side. Wednesday will be a great day to do business and meet up.
  • WEIGHT SCALE – Sunday you will have the Moon in the sign, it is a period of new emotions and it will be intriguing to experience a new passion without limits or legacies. The separated should now find a financial agreement: the week looks promising. Passion will awaken, while you can employ new strategies in your work.
  • SCORPIO – On Tuesday Venus will arrive in the sign, emotions and new encounters will increase. For couples, it will be time for new projects and you will be able to find understanding and affection. In the professional field, between Monday and Wednesday you can make requests.

Paolo Fox weekly horoscope, ranking signs and forecasts from 24 to 30 October: tired Sagittarius, nervous Aquarius

  • SAGITTARIUS – New loves don’t take off because of your need for freedom. You will have to look to the future with optimism. As a couple, there will still be indecision, but the best days will be Thursday and Friday. In the profession, you will want to change and try to carry out a new project as some reconfirmations are missing and you are tired.
  • CAPRICORN – Finally, after three tiring weeks, the clear will return. Between Tuesday and Wednesday you will be very fascinating, with a Taurus you could experience great emotions and there will be special encounters with a Scorpio. As a couple, you will make choices if you don’t have fulfilling relationships. Use the weekend to get together. In the workplace, you will be under pressure, if you work on a temporary basis, beware of Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • AQUARIUM – You will not be willing to wait for someone who does not express their feelings. Caution Wednesday, you may have small discomforts and moments of tension. Solid couples could argue, too, especially for economic issues. In the profession, you will be nervous on Wednesday, do not make judgments about people who might be offended.
  • FISH – Venus will be favorable from Sunday, love encounters and opportunities to feel better with yourself and with others. As a couple, everything will be fine and the passion will not be lacking on Wednesday. In the work, it will be possible to start an important project and receive good news. is on Google News:
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Paolo Fox weekly horoscope, ranking of signs and forecasts from 24 to 30 October 2022