Paolo Guerrero and his sadness after being exchanged in Avaí vs Internacional for Brasileirao

The Peruvian striker was ‘defeated’ for leaving the pitch with Avaí at 60′. (Video: ESPN).

Avaí FC tied at home against Inter de Porto Alegre in a match valid for day 23 of the Brazilian. Both teams showed their credentials to win or, at least, open the account on the scoreboard. However, although they had occasions and approaches in rival areas, none could materialize them in goal. Paolo Guerrero He was one of those who came close to scoring for the homeowners, but he was left with the desire after being changed and starring in a clear scene of sadness when there was still time to play against his former team.

This action took place 60 minutes into the contest. The dispute between the two teams was intense, especially in the midfield, although the inaccuracies monopolized a large part of the plays. At that time, the ‘Colorado’ had possession of the ball through the captain Gabriel. The midfielder made a vertical pass towards Germanwho tried to control her if it weren’t for the fact that the pressure from the rival defenders bothered him at all times. Raphael Vaz managed to clear the danger from his area until the rebound took him Wanderson, who was preparing to maintain the pressure in the opposite field. In fact, his headbutt went in the direction of Carlos Penabut the Uruguayan made a bad pass and sent him off the pitch.

The referee of the match, Edina Alves Batista, gave the approval for the changes to be made. The Avaí coach, Eduardo Barroca, allowed the entry of Paul Dyego Y Lucas Silva. The Peruvian, who started first, showed a clear annoyance on his face as he approached the lime line. Your partner muriqui, who was also replaced, accompanied him, as a sign of encouragement for this event. He even wrapped his arms around his waist as if he was lamenting that he hadn’t made the chance he had.

Paolo Guerrero played 60 minutes in Avaí FC vs Internacional. (ESPN)

Those in charge of the transmission of the party had words for this uncomfortable exit of the national battering ram. “Don’t take Paolo out of me,” narrator Alejo Rivera said. “He leaves annoying because he didn’t have much contact with the ball. He had the chance to score a goal and he didn’t. And he lives from it. He heard a bit of murmuring from the people who were also annoyed. It is complicated and more so when you are of a certain age, ”replied commentator Alejandro Mancuso.

That was not all, since they immediately referred to the performance that Guerrero had when he was on the pitch. “Let’s go to today. He did more than Bissoli, that’s why he must be annoyingbecause he has to go out like this, ”added the rapporteur.

The national gunner did not have the opportunity to be present on the scoreboard. In that line, he brushed the goal in the first half after a low and precise center executed by right back Kevin, but the rival goalkeeper, Keiller, managed to deflect the trajectory of the ball. Even though he slid to push the ball, he didn’t get to it and passed until Jhonny sent it to the corner kick. Even after this action he was disgusted and denied not having premiered with the jersey of the Florianápolis team.

The Peruvian striker had a strong reaction to a play in the International area. (Video: ESPN).

Later, he was seen physically in optimal conditions and with constant mobility that did not seem to show that the Peruvian soccer player was lacking in soccer. The truth is that this decision of the modification could also have been to give him minutes little by little and gradually due to his long period of absence.

It should be noted that on date 24 of the Brazilian tournament, Paolo Guerrero’s team will play against Coritiba as a visitor on Saturday, August 27 at 2:30 p.m. (Peruvian time).


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Paolo Guerrero and his sadness after being exchanged in Avaí vs Internacional for Brasileirao