Paris: The Nightline association launches a “Life Kit” to help students take care of their mental health

Nightline is an association founded in 2016 by students. Based on an Anglo-Saxon concept, in an inter-student community approach, it offers various services with the aim of systemic change aimed at improving student mental health, by lifting taboos and stigmatization linked to psychology. The association has 250 volunteers and 20 employees. Subsidized by the Ministry of Health to the tune of 40,000 euros in partnership with that of Higher Education, it is positioned as a platform for the pre-prevention of student mental health.

The creation of preventive aid by associations such as Nightline questions about student suffering and in particular its management by the State.

According to a study by theCSA Institute for student health insurance LMDEcarried out on 3,255 students, 70% of them said they were in a situation of ill-being.

“The economic crisis, Trump, young vests, the attacks, covid, the war in Ukraine, all against a backdrop of climate emergency, it is difficult to project ourselves. When I was 20, it was much easier than today” explains Cyrus North, YouTuber and Nightline ambassador.

A situation aggravated by the health crisis

According to the latest monthly mental health bulletin from Public health France, the health of young people and adolescents has deteriorated sharply since the start of the health crisis. Visits to the emergency room for suicide attempts have increased by 27% in one year among 15-24 year olds.

Student mental health has been a concern for many years. On November 8, 2019, Anas, a student at the University of Lyon, set himself on fire in front of a Crous building to denounce the precariousness of students.

Although this very serious gesture shocked and caused general awareness, the measures put in place after this act, such as the meals offered only to scholarship students at the price of 1 euro by restaurants and university cafeterias, are remained insufficient.

Many students suffer from precariousness, it promotes increased stress and the deterioration of student mental health. The health crisis did not create, but it amplified these phenomena and their consequences.

For two years, some students were unable to build or maintain a relational circle, leading them to a feeling of loneliness conducive to anxiety and depression.

Students’ difficulties in accessing healthcare

It is currently difficult for a student to get out of a psychological malaise, because it is invisible, poorly recognized and also stereotyped.

Traditional therapeutic follow-ups are too expensive for most students. There are known free organizations such as services within university establishments or CMPs, however in the face of increased demand, these aids are overwhelmed and the waiting time for an appointment can unfortunately sometimes be too long for a young person in serious psychological difficulty…

Nightline offers a help line…

This is why one of the first devices offered Nightline is an anonymous and confidential helpline for French or foreign students living in France, available every evening.

… a directory listing psychological services

The second device proposed by Nightline is a directory listing all free psychological services. It allows disadvantaged students to facilitate their search when the available services of which they are aware do not have the capacity to support them.

… And a “life kit”

Nightline has however decided to go further in its investment in the cause of student mental health, by creating its latest device entitled “My life kit”.

According to the president of Night LineErkan Narmanli, “It is an interactive toolbox, created in co-construction with the psychologist Eleanor Jarrige developed from psychological work, in which we find two main functionalities”. “The first aims to take care of your mental health and the other allows you to know how to position yourself if a member of your entourage seems to be feeling difficulties and cannot express themselves or find help.. »

Nathalie Roudaut, General Delegate of Nightline / Erkan Narmanli, President / Eleonor Jarrige, Psychologist / Lucile Regourd, Campaign Manager, during the press conference organized as part of the launch of the “life kit”.

Indeed, the psychological state seems to be a subject that has remained taboo and many students do not feel entitled to ask for help. The lack of visibility about student suffering and ill-being attests to this.

Victoire Dauxerre ambassador of Night Line testifies “ As a former model with an eating disorder”. According to her, “it is important to destigmatize mental health among young people, right now, by acting through prevention as well as the creation of platforms such as the ‘life kit’ in order to allow students to become aware of their ill-being and provide them with immediate support.”

Victoire Dauxerre, Ambassador of Nightline during the press conference organized as part of the launch of the “life kit”.

In this “kit of life”, we find several themes, such as, for example, positive behavioral activation, the identification of one’s emotions and the cognitive distortion linked to certain emotional states. Each theme consists of a questionnaire and a mini-game generating a personalized assessment sheet. These psychological tools aim to enable students to become aware of their discomfort, to identify the cause and to propose personalized solutions in order to reduce the consequences of psychological suffering that is not taken care of.

Psychologist Eleonor Jarrige points out that “The creation of this ‘life kit’ took an entire year “. “It brings together scientifically valid content inspired by CBT (behavioral and cognitive therapies) as well as positive psychology. »

We let you discover the different tools of the (sur)life Kit on the Nightline platform which may soon be available as an app. Of course, the platform does not claim to replace therapeutic monitoring, it is a complementary online resource, totally free and accessible to all. A satisfaction questionnaire is made available in order to better determine the needs of students.

These new initiatives put in abyss the real lack of consideration of the student situation, which has not been sufficiently taken into account for too many years, in particular during the health crisis, where the measures concerning the resumption of classes at the university did not seem to be a matter of concern for the leaders. This led to a worsening of the situation leading to deplorable figures regarding suicide attempts among young people.

Paris: The Nightline association launches a “Life Kit” to help students take care of their mental health