Pentagon seeks alternatives to SpaceX Starlink for connectivity in Ukraine

Back to talking about SpaceX, starlinks and of war in Ukraine due to the latest statements of the Pentagon about. Recall that Elon Musk just a few days ago he had declared that his company would continue to finance satellite Internet connectivity by leveraging its own units without requiring (probably full) payment for the service. This statement came in response to an article of CNN which cited part of the company’s costs and requests to the US Department of Defense.

The story that binds SpaceX at the war in Ukraine start with sending some connection terminals a few days after the outbreak of the conflict. This had allowed the Ukrainian military and civilians to connect to the Net again due to the infrastructure that Russia had previously affected. These tools have been vital to the Ukrainian military as the weeks have passed, and their number has increased to more than 25,000 terminals delivered so far. Estimated usage costs for 2022 are $100 million and could reach $400 million in 2023. Only part of this money would be given to SpaceX from the USA and other countries.

The Pentagon returns to talking about Starlink as it looks at alternatives

Many of the details in terms of costs, contracts and supplies have not been publicly disclosed. The Pentagon but he would look for alternatives to starlinks from SpaceX with other satellite communications companies. This would make it possible to compensate for the lack of connectivity in the event that Elon Musk’s company no longer provides its service in the future.


Sabrina Singh (White House Deputy Secretary) said the Department of Defense was in contact with SpaceX without providing any further information. Singh however, he underlined, once again, how every company linked to connectivity is fundamental on the battlefield. Beyond starlinks the names of other companies that could help or replace the offer have not been exposed SpaceX.

Patrick S. RyderPentagon spokesman he added yesterday during a meeting, regarding the fact that SpaceX will continue to offer the service even without payments, which “regarding any statements that have been made by the company in terms of corporate strategy or focus, I of course refer you to them”. The same Ryder however, he also added that, at present, the Department of Defense has not paid anything to SpaceX for the service starlinks supplied to Ukraine. One of the reasons given is that this type of operation requires an approval process and the stipulation of tenders and contracts.

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Pentagon seeks alternatives to SpaceX Starlink for connectivity in Ukraine