Platanito puts a stop to the crystal generation: “everything seems wrong to them and I’m going to defend comedy”

plantain does not go unnoticed on the street, not only because of its striking image, but also because it is the target of pick up lines, shouts, requests and even the occasional high-sounding word, but always in the line of respect and humor. The Mexican clown chatted with meterabout his new tour titled It hurts to who it hurts…

“It’s a a Show which is dedicated to the entire generation of crystal that is offended by everything, now everything seems wrong to them or everything seems wrong to them. Now it turns out that comedy is the worst thing in the world, and we comedians are being criticized every day. Given this, I will defend comedy with everything and say: ‘I’m not doing anything bad, more than doing comedy,’ commented Platanito.

A year ago, it was the comedian himself who accepted that what Anabel Hernández pointed out in his book was true Emma and the other narco ladies. Later she has had other situations, of which he shared with us her opinion.

“Now all the people have their eyes or attention on the comedians: what is he going to do, what is he doing wrong, what did he say wrong or what did he say well so that they attack you; In the end, you realize that many things are true, how it was and I accepted it the day you told me about Anabel, I said: ‘Well, I did go to the party, that is, I was at that drug dealer party, but I can also tell you that just as there are true things, there is also a lot of gossip. There are people who want to crash, make noise and invent a lot of things, so not everything they say is true. That is why there are things that he did not talk about, because they are gossip, ”he revealed.

Sergio Verduzco, the man behind the makeup, made it clear that he will not allow the comedy to be censored.

“A censorship of comedy in general, because they are not only against me, but against all comedians in general. Today they are attacking all the people who do comedy, who are always on the lookout to see what we comedians are going to say to attack us. I think there are much more important things, like crime and everything that is happening in our country; also, how we are ending the world, that is important and not what a comedian is going to say”.

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When asked what makes Platanito laugh and cry, he replied, “me makes everything laugh I can tell you that absolutely everything even my mother’s illness, cancer made me laugh too, it made me cry but it made me laugh a lot. But what makes me cry the most is when my wife bites my kiwis (laughs)… Sorry, sorry I had to tell you (laughs); Well, no, cry, but if I get a little tear”.

A kiss to all the readers of meter, I am your friend Platanito Show, do not lose this gift that we human beings have, which is to laugh, it is the most beautiful thing we have. We have to keep laughing and enjoy life”

— plantain

The image of the clown has changed a lot in recent years, which extends its comedy more to adults than to children.

Clowns. “There are clowns who are also making inroads into the world of adult comedy. I was the pioneer and imagine how proud I am that every day there are more fellow clowns who are doing comedy; Some obviously we take something ugly from life, a tragedy of something that is happening at the moment and we transform it into laughter, because we are not going to regret anything else, nor are we going to suffer, nor are we going to stop laughing, because laughter is what more beautiful than the human being”.

Banana, in detail

plans. Platanito announced that a project is coming for a very important platform, which will soon be announced. Also comes the fourth season of LOL and the tour outside of Mexico

reflectors. The comedian has been in the midst of rumors and controversies, some of which he said are true and others are just gossip.

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upcoming shows

  • Queretaro. September 24, Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez Auditorium.
  • Guadalajara. November 11, Galleries Theater.
  • Canada. November 17, 18, 19 and 20.

Platanito puts a stop to the crystal generation: “everything seems wrong to them and I’m going to defend comedy”