Pogba’s recovery estimated at “eight weeks”, according to his surgeon

The countdown has begun for Paul Pogba. Operated on his right knee on Monday, the midfielder of Juventus and the France team will not be able to resume collective training for an estimated period of “eight weeks”, the surgeon who operated on him said on Wednesday. This surgical intervention, an option ruled out at the beginning of August, was imposed after the aggravation of the injury of the French world champion, explains Professor Roberto Rossi, chief physician at the Mauriziano hospital in Turin, in an interview with Tuttosport.

“The meniscus injury had worsened and when the player tried to force himself by running on the pitch, he suffered a joint blockage in the knee”, details the doctor, confirming the failure of the “conservative therapy” chosen at the beginning of August . Professor Rossi recalls that Pogba had consulted two specialists after his injury, suffered at the end of July. “In both cases, the surgeons had decided for an intervention”, an option ruled out by Paul Pogba in particular to avoid compromising his participation in the World Cup (November 20-December 18).

An operation too late?

The forty-minute operation consisted of an “arthroscopic meniscectomy”, ie the removal of the damaged piece of meniscus. The alternative option of a meniscus suture, mentioned at the beginning of August as presenting more chances of success, was no longer possible: “There were no longer the conditions to do it, it was no longer repairable “, according to Professor Rossi.

The 2018 world champion, 29, who returned to Juve this summer after six years at Manchester United, has already begun his recovery journey. “In agreement with the Juventus doctors, we have indicated a necessary time of eight weeks so that Pogba can rejoin the team and resume collective training. This is the estimated time, then you have to assess the conditions and the reactions when it starts to force, ”explains the doctor again.

This estimated timeframe would theoretically allow Pogba to return to training around November 1. In theory, this would leave three weeks for Pogba to get back into the rhythm before the first match of the Blues scheduled for November 22 against Australia (26 against Denmark and 30 against Tunisia). A very short time, and still subject to many hazards. The person concerned assured Tuesday to keep “the head held high” despite his injury and the “other problems”, in reference to the legal and family affair in which he has been immersed for ten days.

Pogba’s recovery estimated at “eight weeks”, according to his surgeon