Pozzecco, the Italy of basketball and the video of the «jump» on Antetokounmpo

from Flavio Vanetti

He takes a technical foul, gets sent off, starts to cry, then jumps on Giannis Antetokounmpo met in the corridor: Italy’s basketball coach is the protagonist of the European Championships. Also on social networks

Self Giannis Antetokounmpo didn’t know much what Gianmarco Pozzecco is capable of, now you can say that you have known our basketball coach well. Scene in the corridor of the changing rooms of the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin, where the Eurobasket playoffs started. Serbia-Italy has recently ended, with the resounding success of the Azzurri (an encore of the victory in Belgrade which in 2021 gave the Olympic pass to Tokyo), and Greece-Czech Republic must be played, the last match of the day.

Antetokounmpo is reaching the field for pre-heating with its usual look: headphones on the ears to listen to relaxing music, decisive step, very concentrated air. In short, it’s in his world. Suddenly, as seen in the clip released by Fiba on Twitter and soon became viral, a scream is heard and immediately after Pozzecco appears running, clearly venting his joy at the result. He comes across in the two times MVP of the NBA (Giannis was in 2020 and 2021), jumps on him, clings to him (Gianmarco is 1.81 tall while the Greek is 2.08) and finally kisses him.

Things from Poz – at this point cleared through customs on an international scale, even if his reputation as an original character was already known for some time -, just as those seen previously had been “things from Poz”. That is to say: emotional tension for a very tough match, in which Italy was condemned by predictions; the attempt to keep the players calm (he who was the first in turmoil …) after the imperious start of the opponents; anger, the two technical fouls with consequent and automatic expulsion, the exit from the field in tearsafter hugging his opponents one by one and also greeting his opponents, including Sasha Danilovic, now president of the Serbian Federbasket and his friend.

Obviously, the complaints about Pozzecco’s way of behaving flocked in those 25 minutes in which he remained on the command deck: there are those who claim that the team exploded because… freed by him; but here we are at Pozzecco which splits and divides, without the possibility that the judgment on him is univocal. However, if it is clear that in his growth as a coach and as a coach there will have to be a decisive adjustment of the modus operandi, it is equally clear that thinking of changing Gianmarco is equivalent to imagining to stem an ocean with your hands. The character is like this, for better or for worse: if you don’t accept him, the only thing is to leave him.

Moreover, the Poz remains a magnet of attention and discussions (it manages to interest other worlds, not just basketball) and is a mine for those who follow and love basketball, perhaps making irony. Together with the video of the “jump on Antetokounmpo”, the post of those of “The typical day” began to appear on the net, a group that – as the presentation of the site reads – realizes “a continuous commercial on basketball, the most beautiful sport of the world”. Among the participants there is Matteo Soragna, former blue, today commentator on Sky and as a player coached by Pozzecco that his career as a technician began in Capo d’Orlando. We extrapolate from «Summary of Italy-Serbia» the sentences concerning the coach: «Technical foul in Pozzecco. Round of 16 of the approved European Championships »; “Pozzecco expelled: 2022/2023 basketball season approved”; “Out of all the c …” is the scheme drawn by Pozzecco and at the same time what my father said when I was with my friends in the living room and the game of his favorite team was about to begin; «Making Pozzecco’s shirt entered among the 10 most strenuous jobs in the world»; «Pozzecco saying ‘let’s be quiet’ during the time out is like when my mother told me ‘come here, I won’t do anything to you’».

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Pozzecco, the Italy of basketball and the video of the «jump» on Antetokounmpo