Preview Outcast 2 A New Beginning

In the few games from publisher THQ Nordic, Outcast 2 A New Beginning was also showing off at Gamescom. Still developed by Appeal Studios which had given us a passable remake Outcast: Second Contact, the studio will be keen to catch up on this sequel which is intended to be close to the remake, namely an open world aspect. We tested it quickly, and can this sequel really make the remake forget?

Preview conditions: We saw a 25-minute presentation and then got to play the demo of the app for 20 minutes, which mainly contained a single mission and an open area to explore. The title has been tested on PC.

Adelpha, a varied sandbox at the expense of rigid gameplay?

We therefore had the immense pleasure of revisiting the planet of Adelpha in this demo. The latter also began with a very small tutorial to familiarize us with the various keys, whether it is the use of the shield, the melee attack, or even the use of weapons. Nothing too transcendent, especially since the gameplay seemed to us, so to speak, a little too rigid for our taste for the time being. That said, the title is still in pre-alpha, and will certainly have time to refine before its release.

Once that was done, we had a quest to complete where we had to interview some villagers. The buggers were to give us indications on the location of a mysterious worm causing trouble in the lands of Adelpha. In other words, here we find a classic quest, which did not seem transcendent to us for all that. So follows in this mission a rather long fight against the giant worm, indicating to us that there will probably be boss fights on the title of Appeal Studios. The gunfights, once again, still lack a bit of impact, even if the dodges aided by the jetpack were, to say the least, well calibrated and well-crafted.

For now, we have a still rigid gameplay, populated by some imperfections, and which we hope will be corrected in the final version. On the other hand, we have to admit that the title offers itself a few more interesting gameplay possibilities, including the use of the glider, pretty cool to use. Regarding the open world aspect, difficult to say for the moment. The developers certainly have the desire to offer something diametrically opposed to what is done in other open-world games on the market, but we found here lambda activities to carry out.

Indeed, it was for example to clean corrupted areas on the demo area, and that’s about it. We suspect that there will be many more additional tasks and more interesting quests to perform on the title but for now, difficult to say thatOutcast 2 A New Beginning offers something truly different compared to other open world titles… There will be, as we recall, an RPG side to the title, but it’s something that we only saw very furtively. In any case, Outcast 2 A New Beginning will be infinitely more complete than its predecessor on this point.

Nevertheless, the developers still claimed that a “simulation” aspect will be at the service of the realization of your quests or additional activities. For example, the title will allow you to raise an egg from a creature, then feed it when it grows, and the latter can help you destroy the various ships of the robots that have invaded, as we recall, Adelpha. It is obviously only a tiny part that we have seen on this “simulation” side, which can provide you with additional solutions to achieve your objectives. However, we ask to see more, and if this aspect will not be too redundant or too superfluous in the long run.

Story, choice of dialogues and artistic direction promising?

Outcast 2 a beginning preview 2 2

On the story side, although we still don’t know more about him, Outcast 2 A New Beginning will take place 20 years after the events of the first part. And in this second episode, Cutter Slade will have to help the inhabitants of Adelpha to stop a robotic threat, threatening to exterminate the entire population of Talans.

Narration is clearly intriguing, and know that it will be possible to talk to almost all the inhabitants in the title, and even to have choices of dialogues with the quest givers. It was possible to ask a lot of questions to the various characters, but without knowing if there will be real choices of dialogues, which could lead to various and varied consequences. This will obviously be something to check when it comes out.

For the graphic and artistic aspect, Outcast 2 A New Beginning has a certain cachet. The title runs on Unreal Engine 4, and still offers some rather pretty green panoramas overall. It is obvious that the software will not impress us when it is released, but we remain on a rather honest graphic layout ultimately. The same goes for the art direction, which should benefit from a certain charm, even if we haven’t seen the various environments seen in its announcement trailer. In any case, the game will obviously be varied on the different environments to explore.

Preview Outcast 2 A New Beginning – A second installment that can make you forget the remake?