Pro D2

the essential
In this duel between neighbors, the club with the dove proved to be more realistic than its host to offer itself a first success at home (24-6).

The essentials for some, regrets for others and a lot of work ahead for everyone. To have convinced for this recovery, Colomiers is launched when Carcassonne leaves empty-handed for lack of having been able to concretize its highlights in this meeting between unfortunate roadblockers of last season. A meeting that struggled to take off, no team really managing to impose its paw on the debates. Difficult in these conditions to see the situation settle.

Without discipline, no rhythm

Chopped by numerous faults, in particular on the columérin side during the first act (8), the meeting was initially summarized in a duel of scorers. Girard initially allowed the Haut-Garonnais to validate their good start (3, 8) before seeing Mouchous, taking advantage of the local indiscipline, bring his people up from afar (21, 25).
A lack of control characterized by the excessive clearing of Coletta on Marquès (26) forcing the men of the Sarraute-Berneau tandem to evolve in numerical inferiority for 10 minutes.
A period that the Carcassonnais did not know how to exploit. After a first try denied to Marty for a slump (32), the Audois opted for a penalty rather than for the points at the foot on yet another fault. A losing choice since very close to scoring the first try of the game, they saw Manchia being returned in the in-goal by Séguy and Djehi (34).
A lack of realization that they were going to regret, the club with the dove showing itself in contrast to a cold realism on a closed side played by Séguret after a scrum at 5 m, Saurs winning his one against one against Marty ( 36) before Girard sanctioned a tackle without the ball from Annetta (14-6, 40+1).
The post found by Mouchous on the restart could have put his team back in the game (45) but this one, however carried by a conquering scrum, paid dearly for its double numerical inferiority after the yellow cards of Manchia (56) and Herjean (57), the second being accompanied by a penalty try for a collapsed maul (24-6). Enough to allow Colomiers to calmly consider the end of the match with a potential offensive bonus to win. But that would have required displaying a little more conviction in the face of a dominating but clumsy host. We’ll put that down to the start of the season…

Colomiers 24 – Carcassonne 6

MT: 14-6; 5,826 spectators; referee: Mr. Hernandez (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)
Winners: 2nd Saurs (36), penalty (57); 4P Girard (3, 8, 40+1, 50)
Defeated: 2P Mouchous (21, 25)
Score evolution: 3-0, 6-0, 6-3, 6-6, 11-6, 14-6/17-6, 24-6
COLOMBIER: Girard (Auriac, 60); Rokoduguni, Perrin (Pimienta, 56), Deysel (Perrin, 73), Saurs (o) Séguy (Girard, 60), (m) Séguela (Gori, 64); Lescure, Peysson, Coletta (cap., Pacheco, 61); Granouillet (Ricard, 56), Thomas (Granouillet, 73); Pirlet (Sheklashvili, 50), Larrieu (Elliot, 56), Djehi (Dubois, 50). Repl. tempo. : Peysson by Pirlet (67-76). Excluded. tempo. : Coletta (26, dangerous game), Sheklashvili (66, scrum link)
CARCASSONNE: Gianet (Clavieres, 55); Marty, Plessis-Couillaud, Aguillon, Dulon (Gianet, 66) (o) Mouchous (Jones, 52), (m) Marquès (cap.); Meka (Onambele, 46), Herjean, Annetta (Carroll, 60); Landman (Harley, 46), Manchia; Bekoshvili (Akhobadze, 60), Carbou (Sa, 62), Mavinga (Martinez, 41).
Excluded. tempo. : Manchia (56, anti-game), Herjean (57, anti-game)
Match score: 7/20 – Man of the Match: Thomas GIRARD (Colomiers)

Pro D2 – 1st day. Colomiers masters Carcassonne