Proliga | A start to the championship full of surprises | HandNews

Yerime Sylla (Grand Nancy Metropole HB Coach)

Like the Starligue, the Proligue clubs started the championship last week. And the least we can say is that this first day was full of surprises.

The first surprise of this start to the championship: the promoted Frontignan just sprayed Sarrebourg in the very first game of the season. The recruits Paul Oliveras and Nathy Camara (respectively 6 and 7 goals) led the locals’ attack, gradually widening the gap after the return from the locker room (33-23 SF). On the side of Valence, we can harbor some regrets in the face of Massy. The Drôme were evenly matched throughout the first period before letting Massy take the lead in the second period. Returning to a small goal during the moneytime, Valence cracks and is defeated in the end by 4 goals by Massy despite the 13 goals of his rookie, Baptist Butto (30-34 SF).

Despite last year’s finalist status, Cherbourg paid a hefty bill when moving to Pontault. With a greatly overhauled workforce, they were never able to pick up after leaving the keys to the match in the first quarter of an hour of the game. In the lead throughout the game, Pontault made short work of Cherbourg, with 8 goals from his left winger, Jean-Pierre Dupoux. New season, and first disappointment for Tremblay. Despite 20 stops at 47% of the ex-French international Cyril Dumoulin, the men of Cherif Hamani fought neck and neck against promoted Bordeaux. The left rear Xavier Moreau (8 goals) will finish Tremblay in the last moments of the game, and allows his team to glean its very first points in the second division, and to Tremblay moreover (23-24 SF).

The derby for Nancy, Caen surprises Saran

We go back to the south for a meeting BillereBesancon. Not really a defensive match but rather a festival of goals, the task was going to be complicated for Besançon with only 11 players on the score sheet. Everyone scores repeatedly, no one manages to outrun their opponent and in the end, it’s a goal of Simone Mengon followed by a stop Valentin Gouy which allow Billère to win his first meeting (35-34 SF) in the last moments. And if you were wondering, no, the list of surprises is not over: vikings of Caen beat the relegated Starligue, Saran. While Caen took the advantage at the end of the first period, the good performances by Ivan Panjan (12 stops, 40%) and Luka Radovic (11 goals) do not prevent the locals from continuing their journey, which are essential (28-26 SF).

We were also treated to a Grand Est derby to start the season. With a big Cesar Oliveira (17 saves, 42%), Nancy dominated most of the game against Strasbourg, widening the gap to 5 goals in the second period (24-19, 46′). In a more tense end to the match, Strasbourg picks up in the last moments, but a 7-meter throw from Maxim Ogando condemns the Alsatians (28-26 SF). And to finish, Dijon was moving to Villeurbanne to end this first day. The host of the last Proligue Final4 won not without difficulty, and almost left with his tail between his legs after a good comeback from Villeurbanne in the last moments. Indeed, the locals had dug a clear advantage (26-22, 52′) before cashing a 5-0, then letting Dijon win in the very last moments (27-28 SF).

Proliga | A start to the championship full of surprises | HandNews