PS5: an exclusive quest is planned on Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy!

Everyone is waiting for the Hogwarts Legacy game. But it won’t be released until February 2023. And PS5 players will have an advantage.

All Harry Potter fans are looking forward to this game. This is Hogwarts Legacy, the open world game in Hogwarts that will appeal to everyone. But from what we just learned, PS5 players will have one more quest.

New information about Hogwarts Legacy

Since the game’s trailer, fans have been waiting for him. It must be said that Hogwarts Legacy ticks many boxes of a game that really makes you want. And we learn every day. Like for example that players on PS5 will have bonuses.

Already, you should know that since yesterday, it is possible to pre-order the video game. Whether you play on PS5 or not. On the other hand, the game will not be released this year. We will have to wait a little longer. In early 2023.

February 10 to be more precise. But you can still order the game to be sure to have it. During an event and a FAQ session we learned a little more about the game. will have no morals in Hogwarts Legacy.

This means that there won’t be multiple lines of dialogue leading to different situations. However, your choices will determine the end of the story but not only. One in between that may not be enough for fans.

We also learned that it will be possible to make friends in the game. And that could be useful. Because your friends will be able to help you in certain quests. The game is therefore scalable. Plus, Hogwarts will be your playground.

PS5: an exclusive quest

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will choose your house in your first year. Then you will decide if you do whether or not to enter the Dark Arts in the castle. A real dilemma! But those playing on PS5 will have an advantage.

An exclusive quest that you can only experience on this console. Of course, at the moment, we don’t know what it is. But, some see it as an advantage. Some people on Twitter thought this quest came with the pre-order.

But Chandler Wood reacts immediately. ” The PlayStation exclusive quest is available with any version of the game. It is not tied to pre-ordering. Pre-order on PlayStation will give players the recipe for the Felix Felicis potion. More details coming soon. »

But what shocks fans; this is the price of the collector’s box. Indeed, the latter costs 300 euros! A real sum for a video game! Inside, there is the game of course but also a magic wand but also a 72h early access!

Nevertheless, fans find it very expensive considering what there is inside this box. A real disappointment. To see when the game is released in February 2023!

PS5: an exclusive quest is planned on Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy!