PSG / Juventus (5

PSG challenged Juventus on the first day of the Youth League group stage and the Parisians won 5-3 thanks to an exceptional first and concluded with the score 5-1 thanks to a hat-trick from Housni and two superb goals from Zaire-Emery and Gharbi. Paris slacked off in the second half, with two goals conceded at the end of the game, but the young Parisians signed a very good start overall.

The essays :

The composition of PSG against Juventus: Mouquet – El Hannach ©, Fernandez, Bitshiabu – Lamy, Zaire-Emery, Bagbema (Mbappé, 72nd), Muntu – Lemina (Tchicamboud, 56th), Housni, Gharbi (Bensoula, 73rd)

The composition of Juventus against PSG: Scaglia – Valdesi (Hasa, 46th), Nzouango, Huijsen, Rouhi – Doratiotto, Nonge (Pisapia, 71st), Mulazzi (Dellavalle, 85th), Mbangula (Strijdonck, 46th) – Turco, Yildiz

The game sheet:

The goals : Housni (1-0, 3rd, assist by Muntu), Zaire-Emery (2-0, 7th, assist by Housni), Mbangula (2-1, 17th), Housni (36th, assist by Fernandez Veliz), Gharbi (4-1, 44th, assist from El Hannach), Lemina (5-1, 45th+2, assist from Gharbi), Hasa (5-2, 76th), Hijsen (5-3, 79th, on penalty)

The warnings: Mbangula (24th, tackle from behind on Lemina), Lamy (33rd, late tackle), Nonge (36th), Doratiotto (43rd), Nonge (57th), El Hannach (76th, hand), Doratiotto (84th, dirty tackle on Bensoula), Hasa (91st, late tackle on Bensoula)

The eviction: Doratiotto (84th, second caution

The game :

PSG kicks off and Juve press entry. A against Turin starts well but Lamy comes back well and intercepts (2nd). PSG opened the scoring superbly: Muntu overflowed on the left side and had a good relay with Gharbi, he followed up with a perfect cross at the near post that Housni deflected into the back of the net (1-0, 3rd)! In the aftermath, the same Housni tries a magnificent scissor in full surface on a center but it is pushed back by the defense (5th).

PSG marches on Juventus and quickly scores a second goal: Quick recovery from the Parisians towards Housni who has his back to goal in the central circle, Zaire-Emery takes the ball and makes a huge run in full defense before going to beat the ball with a superb dive (2-0, 7th )!

Juve tries to get back on a bad Parisian recovery but Lamy comes back well and cuts the attack (10th). On a scraped ball, Lemina comes forward and hits hard but it is not on target (11th). On a superb deep ball, Yildiz will challenge Mouquet but the PSG goalkeeper makes a big save (12th). On an off-center free kick, Bagbema pushes back badly and it comes back to Mbangula who reduces the score closely (2-1, 17th). After the score reduction, the game evens out and Juve are close in the game after sinking at the start of the game. PSG remains threatening by Lemina with a nice shot from the left (23rd).

The meeting is now played in the middle and Lamy remains on the ground after having nevertheless missed his tackle on a Turinese but he took the opposing crampons in the face (33rd). While he is being treated, the free kick is very well shot and dangerous, with a header close to the post (35th). PSG finally made the break with a very simple goal: Fernandez Veliz sends a good deep ball to Housni who signed a superb call, he comes forward and places the ball perfectly in front of the goalkeeper (3-1, 36th).

Paris hurts and Zaire-Emery gives a superb ball to Muntu Wa Mungu in depth, he delivers a dangerous center to Housni who is not there to resume and offer himself a hat-trick (38th)! In the process, the same Zaire-Emery recovers a ball in the area, gets on his right foot and tries to catch the skylight, without success (39th). PSG unfolds: El Hannach sends a ball forward, the defender misses, Gharbi recovers and lob the goalkeeper with an outside right foot (4-1, 44th).

PSG tramples Juve and Gharbi recovers a high ball before advancing. In front of the surface, he shifts Leminia who concludes with a powerful strike (5-1, 45th + 2). At the break, Juve changed two players but it was Paris who attacked with a cross from Lamy pushed back for a corner (48th). It heats up on this one but Juve emerges. The start of the second period was however more messy on both sides, with a strike from Bagbema well wide in illustration (60th). On a quick action, Housni is almost offside while a Turin strike is deflected for a corner by Mouquet (62nd). Housni is also found in the area but he tries to play it collectively with a center back which is pushed back. In the process, Bagbema gives a golden ball to Gharbi but the goalkeeper wins his duel (64th).

At the start of the last 20 minutes, the younger brother Mbappé enters for Bagbema and Gharbi must give way to Bensoula. It was Mouquiet who stood out with a powerful strike on the ground (74′). On a superb direct free kick after a hand from El Hannach, Hasa however reduced the score logically for Juve (5-2, 76th). Shortly after, corner for Turin and penalty after a foul by Bensoula (79th)! In slow motion, there is not much but Hijsen deceives Mouquet (5-3, 79th).

PSG, however, receive a boost with the expulsion of the opposing captain for a second well-deserved warning (85th). Paris brings the pace back down and prevents any return. A last good free kick is recovered, Ethan Mbappé rushes and it is in the small outside net (93rd). The meeting ends shortly after, with this score of 5-3 quite logical after the first flamboyant act of the Parisians then this second less well managed.

PSG / Juventus (5-3, Youth League), Paris signs a dream half-time to get started