PSG / Montpellier (2

At Camp des Loges, PSG received Montpellier for the e day of D1 Arkéma. The Parisiennes were jostled in the first period but were able to come back to the mark by Baltimore. Returning with better intentions, the players of Prêcheur were able to regain the advantage through Groenen before Montpellier came back at the end of the match, with a distant free kick and a header from Boureille which deceived a badly placed Bouhaddi. Paris let slip two more points and saw OL soar in the standings.

Composition of PSG: Bouhaddi – Lawrence, Ilestedt, De Almeida, Karchaoui – Geyoro (c), Jean-Francois, Hamraoui – Baltimore, Diani, Bachmann

The game :

The start of the match was hotly contested but the first opportunity came from Paris with an overflow from Karchaoui on the left and an intervention by the defense. The corner allows Schmitz to warm up his gloves (6th). Jean-Francois full axis tries a shot from 30m but the ball is blocked (9th). Mondésir tries to resist in front of the surface but the ball arrives at the feet of Bouhaddi (10th). Lawrence combines with Bachmann on the right who shifts Diani and crosses, Baltimore controls and tries to take the ball but Schmitz recovers it (12th). Hamraoui remains on the ground a few moments after a heavy contact with Mondésir (13th). Paris at 10 minutes while waiting for the replacement of Hamraoui. Bellomou on the left center for Mondésir who tries a return, missed, the ball returns to Bouhaddi without difficulty (15th). Diani launched in depth by Bachmann but it’s too long (16th). Bouhaddi comes out in front of Mondésir and sends a ball over the stands (17th). Groenen enters the place of Hamraoui (17th). Paris goes up a good ball to Baltimore in the area on the right side, which tries a curled shot from the left, easily captured by Schmitz (19th). Baltimore finds Diani in the box but Diani is offside as she hits Schmitz (20′). Mondésir in the area after a lost 6m raise but the defense clears, the ball comes back with Robert on the right and his cross crosses the area without being cut (22nd). Montpellier opens the scoring, a ball lost in the middle, Mondésir shifted to the left can resist Ilestedt and shoots, Bouhaddi touches the ball but the ball ends up in the back (0-1, 24th).

Diani is launched in depth but Schmitz clears easily (26th). Karchaoui tries to overflow on the left but the ball goes out in 6m (27th). Baltimore wants to launch Bachmann but the too strong pass ends in 6m (29th). Diani recovers a ball on the left wing in the feet of Lakrar and rushes towards the surface, she crosses and it is countered, Schmitz and Boureille get in the way and the ball returns to Baltimore who asks himself no questions and propels the ball in skylight (1-1, 32nd). A long ball from Ilestedt allows Diani to recover it in the area on the right side, she tries a shot from a tight angle and the goalkeeper raises (35th). Khélifi tries to find Mondésir in the area, Karchaoui intervenes well (36th). The ball comes back in a second time, Mondésir in the area goes towards the goal, Ilestedt tackles the ball with authority for a corner, it is cleared by Jean-Francois with a header before Karchaoui obtains a fault (38th). Karchaoui and Mondésir collide, the two remain on the ground before getting up (39th). Khelifi found in the area, Jean-Francois clings to her stupidly but the referee says to play (42nd). Mondésir sees Bouhaddi advanced and tries a shot from 45m but it is wide (44th). Diani launched on the right can center at the far post, Robert concedes a corner a little easy, but it is cleared in touch (45th). the touch allows PSG to center towards Diani but the ball goes out in 6m (45th + 1). Baltimore on the left accelerates and crosses, Lakrar concedes a corner which Baltimore shoots, Diani is found with a header but it is not on target (45th+2). Geyoro on the right can cross for Groenen who tries to tackle the ball, the defense beats him and the referee sends the two teams to the locker room after three minutes of additional time.

Montpellier start the second half, without changes. The defense loses a ball which Diani exploits in the area, she serves Groenen in retreat who strikes but the goalkeeper by tackling deflects the ball which rushes to the goal (46th). Baltimore recovers the ball and crosses but it is not taken back (46th). Karchaoui comes forward and shoots, the shot is off target (47′). Geyoro is found in the area and waits before putting the ball back on Groenen who shoots and scores (2-1, 49th). Jean-Francois recovers a ball and serves Baltimore, the winger launches Diani in depth and she advances by resisting Gevitz then Lakrar. Diani can shoot off-center from the right, the ball ends up on the post (51st). Bachmann gets a free kick in front of the surface, mowed down by Robert (52nd). Bachmann hits him directly but Schmitz punches the ball with his fists, PSG recovers but Groenen makes a mistake (53rd). Baltimore found on a center on the right side misses his shot (54th). Montpellier goes against and Mondésir gets a free kick 35m from the Parisian goal. The ball arrives on Boureille in the area but ends in 6m (55th). Robert on the right gets a corner in front of De Almeida (58th). The ball crosses the area twice and on the third raise, the ball is cleared by De Almeida (59th). Diani in front of the surface tries to strike but it is immediately countered (60th). Mondésir on the left accelerates and crosses, the ball too far back is cleared by Karchaoui (62nd). Diani found by De Almeida with a long ball can play with Baltimore but the ball is finally cleared by Schmitz (63rd). Martens replaces Jean-Francois (64th). Diani on the right overflows and crosses strong, the ball flies to the far post, Baltimore tries to resume but it’s complicated (66th). Lawrence on the right progresses and crosses for Diani who tries to resume but it is not on target (68th).

A long ball to Martens sees Schmitz well out of his area (68th). Baltimore on the left and enters the area, she hits in front of the lack of solution but the shot goes over (69th). Mondésir in the area on the left side, the ball is cleared twice but Mondésir returns to the area and is hooked by Groenen, the referee does not whistle for a foul (72′). Khélifi and Mondésir are replaced by Mpomé and Alexander (74th). Lakrar fouls Bachmann and collects a yellow card (75th). The free kick is taken by Karchaoui, Ilestedt and Schmitz collide and Montpellier can get away (75th). Geyoro in the area can find a shooting angle but Schmitz deflects the ball, it comes back through Karchaoui but it’s cleared again (77th). A ball put back on Bouhaddi is badly returned, the ball drags in front of the surface but Alexander misses (78th). Martens combines on the right with Diani and crosses but Baltimore is far too short to take the lead (79th). Diani on the right recovers a ball and goes up the field, his center back for Baltimore sees the winger hitting the goal but his shot is well above. Mbaken Niaro enters in place of Robert (83rd). Bachmann collects a yellow card for anti-game (83rd). Free kick on the center line, everyone goes into the area, the defense pushes back in two stages (84th). A long ball to Alexander is too long and Bouhaddi tries to save time (84th). A cross from Skorvankova is cleared, the ball comes back and Niaro Mbake crosses, Bouhaddi rises and blocks the ball (85′). Bachmann again commits a big fault on Bellomou, free kick for Montpellier (86th). Everyone goes up again. Deslandes crosses for Boureille who heads, which lob Bouhaddi useless once again (2-2, 87th). The game is stopped with White touched down. Four minutes of additional time are announced. Baltimore gets a free kick in front of the 6m line on the left side, Skorvankova collects a yellow card (90th + 1). Bachmann hits the free kick, the ball flies to the far post, Martens sends it back into the area, Bachmann recovers and hits hard from the right, Schmitz lies down on the ball (90th + 2). A ball lost by Martens benefits Montpellier, White in front of the area hits the goal but it’s too easy for Bouhaddi (90 + 4). White leaves replaced by Coquet. Martens found in the area tries to shoot but Schmitz can block the shot, the referee whistles the end of the game and PSG loses two precious points once again.

PSG / Montpellier (2-2 D1F), PSG lets slip two more points