Pumas vs Querétaro Apertura 2022, Summary, result and goals of the match

Dinenno returned to the goal

Matchday 13 of Liga MX is about to come to an end, since the last duels were played on the night of this Wednesday, September 7, 2022. One of the matches that was scheduled to close the actions was the clash between Pumas and Queretaro.

It was an even duel, but at the bottom of the table, because they are the penultimate and the last place in the classification. That is why this duel was of the utmost importance for both institutions, since they could get out of the bad moment and, why not, aspire to a place in the playoffs.

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Summary of the First Half

The first danger came at minute 2, when DAni Alves assisted Gustavo del Prete, who shot, but the Querétaro goalkeeper covered very well. On the next play, César Huerta tried to place the ball in the corner, but the ball went over the net.

Querétaro’s response came at minute 12, when Julio González avoided Sepúlveda’s goal with a great save. The rebound fell to Nahuelpan, but his shot was blocked by the defense. At 16′, Aguerre saved a defensive error, thus avoiding an own goal and Pumas opening the scoring.

At 24′, Alves assisted Del Prete, who did the same for Huerta, but the feline player sent the ball over the top. However, the insistence paid off, because the next move Eduardo Salvio took a strong shot that left Aguerre without a chance and opened the scoring.

Julio González avoided the equalizer by Querétaro by stopping a free kick with some problems. At minute 43, Ángel Sepúlveda scored the equalizer with a great header that left González without a chance.

Second time

For the complementary part, both teams came out to risk a little more. Pumas went ahead at minute 61 with a pass from Salvio to Dinenno, who beat Aguerre. The goal was initially annulled by the VAR, but after the review it was considered good, so Pumas got his second goal of the night.

Pumas made the third entry at minute 67, when Dani Alves crossed down the left wing and Juan Ignacio Dinenno headed in a goal that no one expected. The “Comandante” himself went for his hat-trick on the next play, but his shot ended up in the hands of the visiting goalkeeper.

Querétaro tried to react at minute 75, when Sepúlveda tried with a volley, but his shot went to the side of the goal. Already when it seemed that nothing happened to the encounter, Jorge Ruvalcaba made the fourth goal for the locals with an individual play that had some collaboration from Aguerre.

This play was the last of the match, so those led by Andrés Lillini got their second win of this Apertura 2022. With this, they move away from the bottom of the table and continue to aspire to get into the playoff zone.

Pumas vs Querétaro Apertura 2022, Summary, result and goals of the match