Qatar 2022, global contradictions. Our opinion

The inaugural scene of the FIFA World Cup 2022 it was the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor where, after a lavish ceremony, the first scheduled match took place yesterday and Qatar – the host country – was defeated 2 – 0 by Ecuador. But the kick-off did not extinguish the controversy over the assignment to the UAE to organize the World Cup, the first edition in the autumn, in a country with excessive temperatures and without a football tradition.

Put one evening at dinner at the Elysium.

The first opinion we present is that of Francesco Sanieditor of FUL magazine, who reminds us that in addition to the central issue of respect for human rights, the decision of the “world balloon government” to assign the organization to Qatar got off to a bad start.

<<The revelations about a Parisian dinner that took place on October 23, 2010 at the Elysée aroused suspicions about a cross system of political-sporting interests. Became known as “Qatargate” Francis explains. that evening the then President of the French Republic was sitting at the table Nicolas Sarkozythe president of UEFA Michael Platini And Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Crown Prince of Qatar with more than a few interests in France. Including Paris Saint-Germain, the strongest team in the league to be made successful in Europe as well. At that dinner we talked about the “neighbor” World Cup 2022 that the Arab country managed to have it assigned to it by surprise a couple of months after that meeting. In fact, the candidacy given as the winner until the day before was that of the USA. If the “Qatargate”, with its developments, made “le roy” Platini, then UEFA president and former FIFA president Joseph Blatter, leave the scene, the shadows in Doha will not dissolve with the kick-off.

They weigh heavily on the event in Qatar disturbing aspects about the organization. The evils of the regime are well documented, with thousands of workers killed on the job for stadium construction and grossly violated human rights. It is not the first time that FIFA has had a “rogue state” host the World Cup. Everyone well remembers assisting Argentina’s military dictatorship with the 1978 World Cup. That cup that Jorge Videla’s bloodied hands then delivered to the capital of the Albiceleste Daniel Passarella (while the Dutch players, they immediately left the field deserting the prize-giving) was a legitimization of the dictator. But that’s another story, masterfully told in films and books.

We were talking about the organizers of the 2022 World Cup here, and it is curious that they are the ones who have been talking about “rights” these days and have professed pride in “bringing people closer” thanks to the tournament. But it is good for none of the spectators to think of waving a rainbow flag! In addition, the declarations of FIFA president Gianni Infantino on Saturday, where he had to defend the world cup in the’emirate, they are – as he wrote Goofy Russo on Tomorrow – a sort of Truman Show. An illusory representation that serves no one>>.

Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, or the world government of football

Like an episode of The Office on Netflix but without Italy.

Very lapidary too Gianmarco Lotticollaborator of La Repubblica, co-author of the international football podcast Tunnel and narrator of the events of the Empoli Football Club for Empoli Channel.

<<As a lover of football and above all of international football, since I like to follow new talents and lesser-known national teams, I will follow him closely. But I will follow him only on the football level. The organization of the World Cup was a failure and all we have witnessed is the ugliest page in the recent history of football together with Argentina 1978. We have seen tragic things and talked too little about them. Added to this is a ridiculous situation in Qatar with few fans and skyrocketing prices for a sport that has long ceased to be popular and which in this event risks making the figures of Woodstock ’99 or the Fyre Festival.

The premise is this and it’s not that you can go around too much, especially afterwards Infantino’s words that seem to come from an episode of The Office. Then, of course, boycotting them is difficult since we won’t talk about anything else for days and days.

All with an almost sense of relief that scares me a little and that comes from a question I can’t answer: if Italy had qualified, how would our media have talked about Qatar 2022?>>

Qatar 2022 World Cup
The logo of the World Cup 2022

Not just contradictions. Qatar between culinary traditions and architectural modernity.

James Iacobellis of TuttoMercato Web and contributor to international publications such as Diario SPORT or Estadio Deportivo – as well as the pen of FUL – was part of an expedition of international journalists who visited Qatar in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

<It must be considered that today Qatar is the second largest gas exporter in the world, following the boycott of Russian gas after the aggression against Ukraine. Qatar has entered the situation by taking advantage of it at the market level. He has been carrying out a promotion operation for several months – or “image washing” if you prefer – with the media and testimonials, just think of how many ex-champion players have been recruited despite having nothing to do with the emirate, from Pirlo to Beckham, to others. All put on the payroll to promote the country’s image.

It’s a shame because – obviously hosting us Qatar showed us what it wanted us to see – I assure you that this is not only the contradictory country we are talking about for human rights or the treatment of immigrants. I also perceived a reality that has a young culture but to tell. It has a respectable gastronomic tradition and an incredible architectural avant-garde which nevertheless preserves elements of Arab culturefrom Doha’s new mosque to Qatar National Library.

The idea is that of a small country which, despite the high prices, will have the challenge of welcoming perhaps up to 2 million fans and which, beyond the contradictions, has a lot to tell. For this reason, the videos of fake fans circulated on the net were useless and ridiculous.>>

The 974 Stadiumcompletely dismantled, will be dismantled at the end of the tournament.

Watching the matches on TV or boycotting the World Cup?

It is now too late to boycott the 2022 FIFA World Cup, keeping the TV off, as many argue, does not affect the great Qatari project. The World Cup is only a part of the process of bringing Qatar closer to the West, for all the geopolitical issues that are at stake. But there are also matches and many of them, in any case, are of great interest to football fans.

<<As for the World Cup itself – he specifies James Iacobellisin addition to the positive aspect that many national teams have chosen solidarity to raise public awareness, there is the unknown factor of the mid-season tournament. I expect Brazil and above all Argentina – this is Lionel Messi’s last chance to win – who will fight for the cup. France, which was my third favourite, arrived at the tournament with too many absences – most recently Karim Benzema’s injury – and lost chances>>.

Still a South American favorite as well for Gianmarco Lotti. <<As I said I will see them, I will cheer for some surprises like Senegal and Canada. Canada because it has a coach, John Herdman, who is an interesting character and is pursuing an innovative idea of ​​football interpretation. Obviously I will be watching Argentina closely.>>.

The disappointment for Italy’s absence has not been disposed of, he concludes and remarks Francesco Sani. <, but some with geopolitical implications yes, like Iran vs. USA. I will be rooting for Canada and I would like a talented national team to win the World Cup who have never lifted a cup, like Serbia! >>.

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