Questionable judges and prosecutors VS the justice work of the MP

The Dominicans knew that in the PLD administrations the people’s money was being mismanaged.

From the first day of assuming his mandate, on August 16, 2020, President Luis Abinader showed a marked interest in tidying up Dominican justice, appointing magistrates with proven seriousness, honesty to head the Attorney General’s Office and its various dependencies. and political independence.

In his tours throughout the country in his role as presidential candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Abinader found that one of the main concerns of the Dominican population was to curb the administrative corruption that had become a practice in the governments they headed. Leonel Fernández and Danilo Medina, from the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

  • The Dominicans knew that in the PLD administrations the people’s money was being mismanaged. But they had no idea of ​​the magnitude of the embezzlement that some civil and military officials were committing from the government, champions of the party with the purple banner and to the detriment of the nation.

Ignoring these criminal acts, both leaders of the PLD, Fernández and Medina, walled off their auditory senses and blocked their visual faculties so as not to see or hear the complaints that, in this sense, came from all social sectors.

As if it were a very well-orchestrated strategic plan in favor of impunity, they appointed a good number of judges and prosecutors committed to the PLD in the Judiciary to ensure that those who maliciously committed acts of corruption were not persecuted. denounced.

Once the judicial shield that guaranteed the total impunity of the corrupt PLD was revealed, President Abinader, upon his arrival at the National Palace, and in a demonstration of establishing a before and after, made three important appointments in the Public Ministry that would be in charge of persecuting and bring to justice those responsible for these crimes.

The appointments of the magistrate Miriam German Brito at the head of the Attorney General’s Office and the magistrates Yeni Berenice Reinoso Gómez, and Wilson Camacho as deputy prosecutors of the Public Ministry, were widely applauded by civil society and the people in general.

The immediate action of the Director of Prosecution of the Public Ministry, Yeni Berenice, and that of Wilson Camacho, director of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for the Prosecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca), resulted in the preventive arrest and submission to justice of a group of former officials, civilians and military, accused of crimes of corruption and association of criminals to misappropriate treasury funds.

It is from the moralistic actions that the representatives of the Public Ministry have implemented With their actions in relentless persecution against those responsible for acts of corruption in the PLD governments, we have created the idea that we have a total honest and independent justice system since August 2020.

We have promoted and applauded her for her outstanding mission of persecuting, respecting due process, current and past corrupt individuals who have squandered the coffers of the State.

Naturally, the Public Ministry initiated the pertinent investigations, prepared the indictment file for the offenders with irrefutable evidence that incriminates them, ordered the procedural arrests so that later a judge, dressed neatly and seriously, through a free and contradictory trial, determines innocence or guilt. of preventive prisoners.

However, something is not working properly in the courtrooms when the corrupt are prosecuted for the crimes committed, despite the documented evidence provided by the Pepca representatives.

We cannot forget that the current justice system was modified in the government of Leonel Fernández in 2010, in which its main figure at the head of the Judiciary was appointed Luis Henry Molina, a senior leader of the PLD.

Later, in the management of Danilo Medina, Jean Alain Rodríguez, a member of the PLD and today a preventive prisoner for corruption crimes, was appointed head of the Attorney General’s Office.

With good reason, Judge Yeni Berenice regretfully denounced that most courts nationwide are changing their criteria to favor the corrupt and cases of organized crime.

Although he did not refer to any case or judge in particular, it is clear that those who decide the fate of those imprisoned for corruption are the judges, many politically committed to the PLD and the People’s Force (Fupu), chaired by Leonel Fernández.

“It is incredible how most courts vary their criteria exclusively to favor corrupt and organized crime cases,” Judge Yeni Berenice recently complained, while describing the jurisprudence in the Dominican Republic as shameful, outrageous, biased and deficient.

Listening to the magistrate speak in this way is clearly establishing that in the Dominican Republic there are definitely judges and prosecutors committed and willing to make the efficient work of an independent Public Ministry look bad, which fights to set an example against corruption and other crimes.

Questionable judges and prosecutors VS the justice work of the MP