‘RADIO PENSIERI’, LENGUA: “Dybala has shots that were not seen by Totti”

The opinions of journalists, former footballers on Roma

That of Roman radios it is a phenomenon that has no equal in the rest of Italy. A plurality from stations which act as a platform, an array of journalists, former soccer players And opinion makers to animate the show. Here are the opinions of the protagonists of radio broadcasters:

Luigi Ferrajolo (Radio Radio morning 104.5): “Roma cannot afford a large turnover this evening. Then if things go well they can make changes and let someone rest in view of the match against Atalanta. There are few calculations to be made. Pellegrini after the good performance of Salerno is disappeared, missing even goals and simple things. The coach has to find a balance to make the four attacking players play together. Strong players love to play with strong players, I hope Dybala hasn’t taken away some attention and command in certain areas of the pitch. Dybala is a player you identify with as a fan, who makes you go to the stadium and buy a ticket. ”

Fabrizio Aspri (Radio Radio morning 104.5): “The exit from the stock exchange is fundamental for the Friedkin project. What worries me most now is the Pellegrini puzzle. He is a mezzala or an attacking midfielder who, however, has uncomfortable competitors in that role. He could become a great half-wing. ”

Gianluca Lengua (Radio Radio afternoon 104.5): “Dybala has done well in the Rome project. He arrived without being a super footballer, choosing not to take the 10. he has superior technical qualities to the rest of the team. The coach put him at the center of the project, he made him feel important for this team. The merit of the performance, however, is all of him, he has shots of pure class that have not been seen since the days of Totti ”.

Ugo Trani (Centro Suono Sport – 101.5 / I’ll give it to you Tokyo): “Pellegrini did well last season but this year he made a bad start. He played at good levels only in the match in Salerno where he was deployed in midfield paired with Cristante. I think the perfect form for Roma is a 4-3 -2-1 or a 4-3-1-2 so he would have more coverage in midfield and more changes in defense ”.

Antonio Felici (Centro Suono Sport – 101.5 / I’ll give it to you Tokyo): “Pellegrini must understand that he has to adapt to the circumstances. In absolute terms Pellegrini is not a top player but he is undoubtedly an excellent player, he can very well play in a great team fighting to win the Scudetto. Tactically speaking, however, today he is forced to play in midfield because in front of you you have an important potential that you cannot give up “.

Francesco Balzani (Centro Suono Sport – 101.5 / I’ll give it to you Tokyo): “Pellegrini has to move back because there is no room in attack with the return of Zaniolo. Mourinho knows very well that Pellegrini is not a top player but he wants to empower him. He has to grow from a tactical point of view. I’m not sure Abraham will play tonight, I think there may be an opportunity for Belotti. ”

Alessandro Austini (Teleradiostereo 92.7): “Those around Zaniolo have been looking for a new team, he was not unsellable, they are clear facts and not rumors of ‘bad journalists’. I was expecting a conference of this type, Zaniolo always tries not to risk, he wants to avoid problems. well, it’s a defense mechanism. I like to hear that Zaniolo wants to stay to win some trophies. There was for the fans that concise passage, those answers. “

Gianni Visnadi (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): “The best thing is the return of Zaniolo, who was the boost for this team, even if tonight it won’t be 100%. There is also an expectation on Dybala because he will be in the eighth consecutive game as a starter and it is very significant. for the health of this player, of whom someone doubted, maybe even legitimately. But it was a psychological question, it has a great weight that technical but also for the enthusiasm, Roma need a player like that. “

Roberto Pruzzo (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): “I am anti-turnover, the best must always play. Tonight Roma must be ready. We need to arrive at the stop with a victory in the Cup and a good league table. We must close a circle that started badly, also because the match with Atalanta it will be very hard. Tonight you have to win without making too much effort, to try to keep energy. Smalling must rest and he will lower Pellegrini, it will be important to understand who will work next to him between Matic and Cristante “.

Nando Orsi (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): “Roma are forced to win today, I expect three points. We must not do too much turnover, in this period there is the danger of a trap and we must be very concentrated”.

Sandro Sabatini (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): “Tonight I’m curious to see how Zaniolo is doing. He, perhaps more than Dybala, can exalt the team.

‘RADIO PENSIERI’, LENGUA: “Dybala has shots that were not seen by Totti”