Rayados vs Atlas: This is how we saw it, player by player

Rayados won 2-0 over Atlas, in a duel where Monterrey woke up until the second half with goals from Sebastián Vegas and Jesús Gallardo.

Player by Player…

Esteban Andrada.- had a great afternoon. At minute 20 ‘he had a good start, blocking Ocejo’s way, who was defeated in the heads-up, shot and the goalkeeper covered his shot; at 36 ‘, he once again prevented that same striker from scoring, by winning again heads-up.

Edson Gutiérrez.- He did not have a great afternoon, he lost possession of the ball and for that reason, Vucetich took him out at 66′ of action for Sergio Villarreal.

César Montes.- like Edson, the Cub had a bad day, he lost possession and didn’t win ground duels, despite that he played the whole game.

Sebastian Vegas.- defensively he did his job well and was in charge of being the man who opened the scoring, when he headed in Ponchito’s corner kick for 1-0 at 79′.

Jesus Gallardo.- he had been successful in defense and at 82′ he made it 2-0 with a header after the assistance of Maxi Meza.

Matías Kranevitter.- He tried a long distance shot at 18′, seeing that the team had little or no danger. He was booked and left at 72 ‘by Héctor Moreno.

Celso Ortiz.- He had key passes, also very successful in long passes, deep.

Maxi Meza.- his performance had been somewhat discreet, but always trying to do something more for his team until at 82′ he managed to put a perfect cross on the right for Gallardo to finish it off for 2-0.

Rodolfo Pizarro.- He tried to reach the right wing with danger, centering to look for a teammate, but he did not prosper; in the pass that he had at 40 ‘from Aguirre, he shot loosely and within reach of the goalkeeper, being one of the clearest. In the 74th minute from the brink, he sent his shot over the goal. He was admonished.

Rodrigo Aguirre.- He put a ‘bonbon’ to Pizarro, an ideal pass for Rodolfo to arrive and finish off the goal, but his partner did not materialize; he entered the area with danger, but did not resist Chalá’s mark. After several touches in the area, at 75 ‘he shot at goal and the goalkeeper miraculously saved. He came out at 90 ‘for Michel Rodríguez.

German Berterame.- he had a shot near the near post, but the ball went wide in the second half. He came out at 72 ‘for Ponchito González.

– Changes…

Sergio Villarreal.- he entered at 66′ for Gutiérrez. A poor performance, he touched the ball very little and lost possession when he had it.

Ponchito González.- He entered at 72′ for Berterame and gave Rayados a bigger offensive punch, he was the one who put a perfect pass to Aguirre at 75′. He collected the corner kick that assisted Vegas’ goal.

Hector Moreno.- he entered at 72′ for Kranevitter. He was not very active and all three of his long passes were not successful.

Michel Rodríguez.- He entered for Aguirre at 90′. He barely played compensation and could do nothing.

Camilo Vargas.- he was attentive to everything, so Pizarro’s shot was easy for him. In the second half, he miraculously saved a shot from Aguirre, which was called for a goal at 79′; however, he could not do anything on the Vegas bullseye. Later, at 82 ‘he allowed another headed goal, this time from Gallardo.

Diego Barbosa.- very early in the game, at minute 10 he received a yellow card, thus conditioning his actions. He committed two other fouls, but still held on for 90 minutes.

Gaddi Aguirre.- He was not successful in long passes, it was not a good game for this central defender.

Martin Nervo.- He was attentive to cut off the Gang’s attack, but he resorted to fouls and lost possession of the ball.

Luis Reyes.- A good mark for Maxi Meza, it was one of the most redeeming features of the match for Atlas.

Edgar Zaldívar.- he joined the defensive work in the back line to avoid damage from Rayados, and he did well in the first half. In the second half he wanted to do more in attack, but he didn’t get anything. He came out at 81′ for Jeremy Marquez.

Edyairth Ortega.- he had a good performance, with deep passes, two key passes in the attack, although he was not successful in the duels through the air.

Jonathan Herrera.- He tried to score at 70′, but in the heads-up match he took the goalkeeper away. He lost possession and lost ground duels. He came out at 81′ for Edison Flores.

Anibal Chala.- possibly prevented Rodrigo Aguirre from scoring, because with his body he got in the way when he entered the area and both fell. He committed a couple of fouls, fell into an offside position and could contribute little.

Alberto Ocejo.- He had a bad game, he let go of the clearest ones for Atlas, two hand in hand with the goalkeeper and in both he was defeated, his shots were covered by Andrada. At 65 ‘he came out for Cristóbal Trejo.

Julian Quiñones.- He was reprimanded for complaining. In the attack in the second half he had a danger when entering the area, but when he felt the mark he dropped. Already in the last minute, he had one more shot to score and Andrada saved after a ball to the crossbar.

– Changes…

Christopher Trejo.- entered at 65′ for Ocejo. He was presented with a scoring opportunity and missed.

Edison Flores.- he entered at 81′ for Herrera. He had a long pass and a couple of times he lost possession.

Jeremy Marquez.- entered at 81′ for Zaldívar. He had very little time to stand out.

Rayados vs Atlas: This is how we saw it, player by player