RC Narbonnais

Overview of the news of the different youth teams which, in a few days, will start their respective championships.

Last rehearsal of Hopes/Reichels

Last Saturday, on the ground of Argeliers, the Espoirs / Reichel carried out a final review of the workforce as part of a friendly meeting against Montauban. The Racingmen had difficulties against very solid “green and black”, even if they did not obtain their place in the Elite, and logically bowed. The RCN will start the championship on Saturday September 10 at 3 p.m. on the lawn of Colomiers, with the hope of being ready for this first meeting. almost a year ago, the “orange and black” had brought back a defensive bonus point from Colomiers, after coming close to victory.

The Crabos are trying to ramp up

It is on Saturday September 24 at 4 p.m. that the Narbonnais Crabos will open their championship, against Nîmes, in Cassayet. To be competitive on “d” day, the young Racingmen have already played a friendly match against Castres, in Bize. They hope to return the elevator to Castres, by going next Saturday in the Tarn, to expand their preparation. A preparation also punctuated by sevens rugby tournaments, and last weekend, the “orange and black” participated in a competition in Béziers. If they beat Nîmes, they lost to Béziers and Perpignan, each time on the gong: “The boys are showing great things, and I think collectively and individually they are on the right path. There are quite a few first-year players who did well as youngsters last season.”appreciates the trainer, Nicolas Vicedo.

A renewed staff in the off-season

The Crabos du Racing will try to follow in the footsteps of their elders who won the Challenge last June. Of course they hope to reach the play-offs this time, which had narrowly escaped the foals of Vincent Lagasse and Christophe Moreno. The two coaches will no longer be from Narbonne this season and leave their place to Nicolas Vicedo, who however continues his collaboration with Espoirs / Reichel, Etienne Cadic and Gregory Garcia.

A rain of derbies

The Crabos hen, for this new campaign, is close to the one that offered great derbies to the supporters last season. Stade Cassayet will still host exciting matches as Racing will face Béziers, Carcassonne, Perpignan, Montpellier and Nîmes. The Gardois will be the first guests in Narbonne, on Saturday September 24th.

The Alamercery cadets as fellow travelers

The RCN Alamercery cadet calendar has been modeled as closely as possible to that of the Crabos. The two phalanxes will follow the same path practically throughout the first qualifying phase. Paired matches that promise great afternoons. The only departure from the principle, the cadets will do battle with Provence Rugby, instead of Carcassonne. They will still be in the hands of Thibault Santamaria and Erwan Roda, while the National U16 cadets will be led by Sébastien Rouch and Laurent Tietto.

RC Narbonnais – Slices of orange: the youth teams are on deck