Real Madrid vs Sevilla FC: scores from Sampaoli’s team at the Bernabéu

Sevilla left empty from a stadium where they have not won since 2008. A bad first half, influenced by the system without a reference striker, weakened the entire team. In the second half, with an imperial Montiel accompanied by a great Lamela, he made the leader tremble, which lasted until Ancelotti moved the tree a little, demonstrating his great wardrobe. Sampaoli maintained the approach until 15 minutes before the end.

Erik Lamela, the best Sevilla player in today’s game. Source: Sevilla FC website

0-3: very bad; 4: wrong; 5: regular; 6: right; 7-8: fairly good; 9: very good; 10: Excellent.

Bonus (5): little could do in none of the 3 Real Madrid goals, two at an empty goal and an unstoppable shot from Faith Valverde. Fallon with the foots.

Jesus Navas (5): The best of Seville in attack in the first half. I arrive several times to the rival areabut his minutes on the field coincided with the minutes in which there was no fixed striker and his centers were in vain.

Montiel (6): First part to forget, sevillista emblem in the second. Capable of the best and the worst. He lost the ball and Vinicius in the first merengue goal and throughout the first period the Brazilian ate his toast. Entonadísimo came out in the second, giving a excellent assistance with the outside to Lamela, after anticipating well. Very correct in defense, he completed a very good second half.

Gudelj (5): What it shows when he plays centraland more at the Bernabéu. He had no problem putting his foot in when he should and was serious in the rival attacks.

Mark (5): It was noticed that I wasn’t 100% physically and had to resort to the trade to stop the rival inmates.

alex telles (4): Very little bit of the Brazilian in attackand when he attacked, very inaccurate with the ball at his feet. the three goals they come down your lanealthough it is true that in the first two he was caught off guard by silly and avoidable mistakes of the team.

Oliver (4): Their worst game of the season. Madrid midfield ate it completelyevery time he touched the ball he had a minimum two rivals on top of him. He couldn’t show his quality.

Rakitic (3): Same as Oliver suffocated by the pressure of the Madrid players. This one is also very lazy without ball. Was expected More of him for your experience.

Jordan (4): Very dangerous and absurd losses, aa conditioned the second goal. Scarce useful participation of Catalan, who is also the rival’s pressure suffocated him.

Isco (3): At the level of the other midfielders. Completely surpassed by all his former teammates in midfield. As with Rakitic, much more is expected of him and more in a match like today.

Lamella (7): the best of the team And not only because of the goal scored. swapped positions between far left and false nine intermittently. Very active and mobile all time.

Jose Angel Carmona (4): He failed in the position in the second goal, where enabled Vinicius. He replaced a tired Navas and for a Montiel who was playing well to play further forward.

papu gomez (3): It came out to bring a bit of clarity and versatility to the game, but was outdone again. Ugly gesture at the entrance to Valverde almost about to end the game.

Delaney (4): Lost since he entered, almost could not have prominence and the match picked up cruising speed as it came out.

Rafa Mir (3): Lack of understanding with Jordan, who led to the counter against Madrid’s second. He didn’t show up anymore.

jorge sampaoli (3): The initial approach left much to be desiredthe team suffered without a reference center forward and the touch that was intended in the center of the field it did not bear fruit without anyone above. With the tie and improving the sensations, he did not go for the match and continued with the same approach.

Jorge Sampaoli. Source: Sevilla FC website
Jorge Sampaoli. Source: Sevilla FC website

Real Madrid vs Sevilla FC: scores from Sampaoli’s team at the Bernabéu