Regional 1: a match to forget for the Marnavalais

In numerical superiority for more than seventy minutes, the Marnavalais, traveling to Saint-Méziéry, Sunday, September 4, were unable to find the frame and lost (3-0). A loss that hurts the head.

Saint-Meziery – Marnaval (3-0)

In Saint-Mesmin (Hubert Clercy sports park). Referee: Mr. Guilpain, assisted by MM. Camus and Arezki. About 80 spectators.
Goals for Saint-Méziéry: Martin (9′, penalty), A. Daval (72′, 75′).
Warnings at Saint-Méziéry: Saugy (45’+4′), Barsegian (45’+4′), Dez (54′), Blanchet (72′ and 86′).
Warnings at Marnaval: M. Gérard (45′), Leroy (86′).
White card in Saint-Méziéry: Au. Daval (44′).
Exclusions at Saint-Méziéry: Ramonnet (27′), Blanchet (86′).
SAINT-MEZIERY: Ramonnet – Barsegian, Martin, Dez, Vasseur – Sourie, Catherine, Au. Daval, Scoupe – An. Daval (cap.), Riquer. Came into play: Naudot, Blanchet, Fandart. Entr. : S. Saugy.
MARNAVAL: Fouilloux – M. Gérard, Petit, Charoy, Szczerbicki (cap.) – Simon, Arnaud, Leroy – Delègue, Legros – A. Gérard. Came into play: Beurton, Beaumet, Ragot. Entr. : A. Briard.

After his success (4-2), at home, at the start of the championship, against Bar-le-Duc, the Marnavalais, who faced Saint-Méziéry on Sunday, September 4, were hoping to surf on this first victory. Unfortunately for the “Gueules Noires”, the outcome was quite different. Andréa Gérard’s partners, who nevertheless played on the numerical superiority for more than 70 minutes, were unable to find the net and were punished at the end of the game.

The start of the match was to the advantage of the Aubois, who circulated the ball well. We didn’t have to wait long to see Saint-Méziéry open the scoring. On a loss of ball from Jean-Baptiste Charoy in the axis, the center of an Aube player touched the arm of Corentin Petit in the marnavalaise penalty area. Even if the hand was unintentional, the match referee indicated the penalty spot. Bastien Martin left no chance for Hugo Fouilloux back in the visitor’s goal (1-0, 9′). With this advantage, the locals pressed on the accelerator and pushed hard to make the break. Marnaval used long balls and had a hard time getting close to Antoine Ramonnet’s goal. Well launched in depth by Julian Legros, Andréa Gérard finally got the first chance for the visitors, but the Aube goalkeeper intervened on the strike of the Marnavalais striker (22 ‘). The turning point of the first period came at 27’, when the Saint-Méziéry goalkeeper hit Andréa Gérard outside the penalty area. As the last defender, the Aube goalkeeper was logically expelled by the referee of the match (27 ‘). Striker Antoine Riquer took his place in goal. In numerical superiority, we thought that the Marnavalaises affairs were going to work out. The will-o’-the-wisp Kévin Delègue got several clear chances, but each time, his strikes did not find the frame.

The only shot on target of the match for the Marnavalais was the work of Andréa Gérard whose shot lodged under the crossbar of Antoine Riquer. But the goal was disallowed by the referee for an offside position by the Gueules Noires striker (37′).

It was a race against the clock that awaited the Nord-Haut-Marnais in the second half to, initially, come back to score.

Aurélien Daval punishes the Marnavalais

But, as in the first forty-five minutes, the visitors were clumsy in the last gesture, like this free kick from Julien Beaumet which passed well above the goal kept by Antoine Riquer. Antoine Ramonnet’s replacement doorman was hardly called upon. Incomprehensible.

And by dint of coming up against the Aube defense, the Marnavalais were not immune to a counter-assassin. And what had to happen happened. On a quickly played counterattack, Aurélien Daval outplayed the visiting defense and, with a clever lob, he beat poor Hugo Fouilloux (2-0, 72′). From then on, the match was over. Saint-Méziéry even took the opportunity to make things worse a few minutes later by Lucas Naudot, well served by the inevitable Aurélien Daval (3-0, 75′).

While the Aubois once again saw red four minutes from the final whistle, Marnaval failed to reduce the score. Hugo Fouilloux even avoided a more severe defeat for his team.

With this setback (3-0), the Marnavalais will try to get their heads back, next Sunday, in the Coupe de France.

Romain Randoing

Coach’s words

Antoine Briard (Marnaval trainer): “I take this defeat 100% for me. I made a mistake in the way of approaching the match. The boys followed the instructions. They did their best. The responsibility for the loss lies with me. »

Regional 1: a match to forget for the Marnavalais – JHM