Results IMPACT Wrestling October 27, 2022

AXS TV and IMPACT Ultimate Insider on YouTube will air a new episode of IMPACT! today, October 27, featuring Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt at the commentary table, live from Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, NV. This week’s show features such attractions as Black Taurus vs. Laredo Kid and Alan Angels vs. Trey Miguel will open the X-Division Championship Tournament, and VXT will face MIckie James, Jordynne Grace and Taylor Wilde.


After the brawl between all of them, Grace controls Green on the canvas and takes turns with Wilde to attack her. Mickie also applies her experience and manages to take Shaw to the canvas.


James tries to keep Shaw in his corner but she escapes and gives the place to Purrazzo, who looks very bad against Wilde. Grace enters and applies all of her power until she switches with Green. Wilde comes back and attacks Green at speed but receives and eye sting.


VXT (Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo) and Gisele Shaw vs. Mickie James, Taylor Wilde and Jordynne Grace

VXT (Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo) and Gisele Shaw vs. Mickie James, Taylor Wilde and Jordynne Grace


Gia Miller introduces Eddie Edwards backstage. He asks him about Honor No More and he replies that he no longer exists. There is no longer a group to assemble. He claims that he left Alisha out so as not to expose her but he was aware of everything he was doing and had a mission to follow. Eddie wanted to show IMPACT his worth for turning his back on him. But PCO ruined everything and he wants to show her that he is not a monster, but that he is a bitch.


We see Eric Young talking, along with Deaner, to someone mysterious backstage. And he asks him to appear in his fight next week and give him a hand.


Joe Hendry defeats Raj Singh

Joe Hendry defeats Raj Singh


Singh looks for damage quickly but receives the opponent’s blocks and two slams from Hendry. He is confident and Hendry comes out from behind for the Clothesline and the Chokeslam for the victory by count of three.


Raj Singh (with Shera) vs. joe hendry

Raj Singh (with Shera) vs. joe hendry


Josh Alexander is backstage, first chatting with Rich Swann for a bit, then Gail Kim comes over to congratulate him on his run to the title. Steve Maclin attacks him from behind and they are separated by security. Frankie Kazarian helps him but warns him about everyone in this locker room as he wants him to make it to his entire match.


Myers and Cardona attack the Motor City Machine Guns after the fight but the champions Heath and Rhino appear and save them from the beating.


Matt Cardona defeats Alex Shelley

Myers saves Cardona again, after an attack from Sabin, he hits Shelley in the head with the belt and with a Roll Up, Cardona wins the fight.


Tornado DDT and again Myers helps Cardona by putting his foot on the ropes. Sabin chases after him and they both attack him in the ring. But Shelley is distracted, picket to the eyes and Cardona’s Radio Silence. The account reaches two. Cardona wants to give her the title and when she gets distracted she takes it away. Face Crish against the title and the account does not prosper.


A trap by Myers allows Cardona to come forward with attacks and block Shelley’s attacks.


Matt Cardona (with Brian Myers) vs. Alex Shelley (with Chris Sabin)


Ray is furious with Moose because he makes him look bad with his actions, blaming him, and him wanting to be someone else. Dreamer tells him that he doesn’t need to prove anything, that he believes him and that should be enough. Ray accepts and calms down.


Aussie Open sends a message to the Motor City Machine Guns to have a match next week at IMPACT!


Chris Bey defeats Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer gets rid of Bey and looks for height to launch himself. Bey applies a Superkick when he fell and covers him but the account is left in two. Superplex and both remain on the canvas. Moose walks out to confront Bully Ray. Bey’s eye poke and Moose grabs her legs without her realizing it, to which Bey blames Ray. Tommy looks for coverage but Bey blocks him and connects the Art of Finnese.


Tommy wants to impose his experience but Bey is very agile and fast for the original ECW and is not able to keep up with him. Bey blocks a Slam and applies a Standing Moonsault to attack it into a corner.


Chris Bey (with Ace Austin) vs. Tommy Dreamer (with Bully Ray)

Dreamer wants to show Bey that he trusts his friend Ray, but Ray also has his doubts.


The Motor City Machine Guns approach Heath and Rhino backstage and amicably ask for a title match, to which the champions agree and walk away on good terms. Matt Cardona and Brian Myers arrive where they were and start arguing for the opportunity to the titles but Scott D’Amore agrees to a fight between Cardona and Alex Shelley.


Rachelle Scheel defeated Tasha Steelz by disqualification

Evans takes Scheel again and applies a devastating Powerbomb to leave her lying in the center of the ring.


Brutal kick to Scheel’s face by Steelz. As soon as he gets up he applies a Cutter and gets out of the ring to take a microphone. She is very disappointed to have to fight someone so inferior, so she demands to have a rival to match her. She calls Evans to finish the job. She gives Scheel a Lariat and the fight is over by disqualification.


Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans) vs. Rachelle Scheel

Steelz, after his rivalry with Killer Kelly, will seek to trace his career against a rookie.


Chelsea Green, Deonna Purrazzo and Gisele Shaw plan the goodbye of Mickie James, so they agree that tonight they will hurt the veteran more than the others.


Chris Bey and Ace Austin arrive where Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer were to ask for explanations. Ray tells them that he didn’t attack Austin last week and they both still don’t believe him. Bey blurts out to Dreamer that if he keeps covering for Ray they’ll have to face each other next week, to which Tommy agrees. And he leaves angry at Ray’s attitude.


Trey Miguel defeats Alan Angels and advances to the Semifinals

Trey Miguel defeats Alan Angels and advances to the Semifinals


Trey blocks Angels’ attacks and lands a Lightning Spiral on him to cover him and take the win for three.


Big Angels submission on Miguel after a frantic exchange but Trey trades him for a coverage that doesn’t go to three. Frog Splash de Angels and Miguel is saved with just enough.


They both start out quite technical, trying to take the opponent down, but Angels is sneaky and applies kicks and sweeps on Miguel, even crashing him into the cornerback and taking control with forearm strikes.


Alan Angels vs. trey miguel

Alan Angels vs. trey miguel


Scott D’Amore fires The Kingdom

IMPACT kicks off the broadcast with the usual recap from last week, with what happened between Josh Alexander and Frankie Kazarian, Heath and Rhino winning the titles, and the Honor No More finale with PCO attacking everyone. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett asked Scott D’Amore for explanations backstage and blamed him for everything that happened with his teammates and PCO. D’Amore gives them his word that the same thing won’t happen to them again because they are fired.


In a few minutes we will begin the coverage of IMPACT! courtesy of broadcast by Youtube for members of IMPACT Ultimate Insiders.


Black Taurus defeats Laredo Kid and advances to the Semifinals

Black Taurus defeats Laredo Kid and advances to the Semifinals


Taurus surprises with a whip against the canvas but since the count does not reach three, he connects an Inverted Piledriver and takes the pass to the semifinals after winning by three.


Laredo has Taurus subdued and looks for the Spanish Fly from the third rope but Taurus hits him with a Slam from above and applies the Crucifix Bomb. Poison Rana with a Codebreaker and 450 Splash from Laredo but Taurus gets out in two.


Kid easily dominates Taurus with quick movements and kicks, but little by little Taurus begins to apply brute force and manages to prevail. Laredo manages to get Taurus out of the ring with scissors and makes sense to the rival.


Steve makes a spectacular introduction to the microphone of his colleague, Black Taurus, to kick off the first match of the X-Division Championship Tournament.


Black Taurus (with Crazzy Steve) vs. Laredo Kid

Black Taurus (with Crazzy Steve) vs. Laredo Kid


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Results IMPACT Wrestling October 27, 2022