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It is among the most anticipated titles of the exhibition, not only for the return to Venice of Lars Von Trier, but also because no one was hoping for this third and final season of The Kingdom. Instead, the Danish director surprised everyone with the final chapter of Riget Exodus, arrived almost thirty years after the first. Born in 1994, after that David Lynch he had the courage to cross the border between cinema and television with its historical Twin Peaks, the series is set in the neurological ward of a large Danish hospital, haunted by ghosts and mysterious presences. In this last chapter, Lars Von Trier starts from sleepwalker Karen (Bodil Jørgensen) in search of answers to unresolved questions, with the aim of saving the hospital from its fate. Asleep, Karen wanders in the dark until she finds herself inexplicably in front of the hospital, the old feud between Swedes and Danes is still on, while a curse persists on the Kingdom. «Exodus can actually mean entering or leaving, it depends on the angle of observation of the border – explained the director – But the word simply indicates a large number of individuals who cross a line drawn in pencil together. Because? There is an imbalance between good and evil. The limit has been reached, at least in the Kingdom, but I cannot assure you that it will be easy and bloodless to open the seven astral locks of the world simultaneously with the doctor’s blood ». All that remains is to understand if once again the Danish director will have reserved a place in the final theme, as happened in ’94 and ’97 when he closed each episode with his lines.

Tiziana Leone


Id., United Kingdom, 2022. Direction Oliver Hermanus. Interpreters Bill Nighy, Aimee Lou Wood, Alex Sharp, Tom Burke. Duration 1h and 42 ‘.

It is the only film in the official selection of Venezia 79 that does not have a world premiere, an exception that has very valid reasons: we are talking about Livingfrom Oliver Hermanusout of competition at the Lido after being seen at the Virtual Sundance 2022. His presence at the Venice Film Festival is above all a tribute to the illustrious screenwriter, the Nobel Prize for literature Kazuo Ishiguroauthor of the novels What remains of the day (1989) and Do not leave me (2005), and this year among the jurors who will award the gold and silver Lions. However, this is certainly not the only reason for the interest of Livingambitious makeover of To live! (1952), among the masterpieces of Akira Kurosawathe master of Japanese cinema who won the main prize in Venice in 1951 with Rashomon and then the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in 1982. The story of the elderly and widowed Tokyo bureaucrat Kanji Watanabe who, discovered that he has stomach cancer, realizes he has never lived to the full, is transposed by Ishiguro and Hermanus in 1950s Britain. The honor and the burden of playing the protagonist (a superb Takashi Shimura in the original) rests with Bill Nighystage actor and memorable character actor for film and tv (he was the Davy Jones of Pirates of the Caribbeanthe Rufus Scrimgeour of Harry Potter and won a BAFTA for Love Actually). Also in the cast Aimee Lou Wood (the Aimee Gibbs of Sex Education). Directs the acclaimed director of Shirley Adams (2009) Beauty (2011, winner of the Queer Palm in Cannes), The Endless River (2015) and Moffie (2019). The result, anticipates the Director of the Venice Film Festival Alberto Barbera, is «one of the not many cases of absolutely successful and exciting remake“.

Emanuele Bucci


Uganda / UK / USA 2022Direction Christopher Sharp / Moses Bwayo Documentary, Duration 121 ‘- Ventureland / Southern Film Production

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamuturned forty last February, is the Ugandan musician known by the stage name of Bobi Winehis compositions mix reggae, dancehall And afrobeatwas the leader of the group Fire Base Crew and founded the band Ghetto Republic of Uganja. In 2013-2014 Bobi Wine is the protagonist of the TV series From Ghetto Presidentin 2016 his song Kiwani is in the soundtrack of the film Queen of Katwe from Mira Nair and in July 2017 the artist won a seat in the Ugandan parliament, becoming one of the leaders of the opposition to the dictator Yoweri Museveni, in power since 1986. Arrested and jailed several times, Boni Wine ran for presidential elections in 2021, challenging the dictator who ran for the sixth consecutive term, but lost the confrontation. However, the European Union, the United States and the UN had refused to monitor the elections, as their officials were denied accreditation, and Bobi Wine claimed that Yoweri Museveni staged a coup, urging his supporters. to protest by non-violent means.

This documentary follows the extraordinary story of a musician who first became a political activist and then a deputy to defend the rights of those without a voice: the people of the ghetto. Directing the couple formed by the Australian talent agent Christopher Sharpformer producer of the thriller Hammer Bay (2007) and the short film Kill Your Dinner (2016) and the Ugandan journalist Moses Bwayodenounced and arrested for seditious gathering simply for having filmed some of the scenes in this documentary.

Oscar Cosulich

Riget Exodus, Living and Bobi Wine: Ghetto President