Rimini beats Recanatese at home and returns to victory (0 to 1)

RECANATESE: 22 Fallani, 2 Longobardi, (83’Meloni), 4 Alfieri, (78 Ventola), 8 Carpani, 10 Sbaffo, 14 Ferrante, 16 Morrone, 21 Giampaolo, (35’Zammarchi), 26 Marafini, 31 Somma, ( 46′ Senigagliesi), 36 Ferretti. Available: 1 Bagheria, 77 Amadio, 6 Tafa, 7 Minicucci, (46’Morrone), 9 Ventola, 11 Senigagliesi, 17 Guidobaldi, 19 Moliterni, 20 Zammarchi, 37 Meloni. Herds Pagliari.

RIMINI: 12 Zaccagno, 5 Pasa, (83’Tanasa), ‘6 Panelli, (51’Regini), 7 Tonelli, 8 Delcarro, 10 Gabbianelli, (73’Sereni), 11 Piscitella, (73’Rossetti), 25 pupils , 27 Laverone, 29 Santini, 32 Tofanari, (51’Pietrangeli), Available: 1 Galeotti, 22 Lazzarini, 4 Tanasa, 13 Regini, 15 Gigli, 17 Comprapace, 18 Lo Duca, 20 Accursi, 24 Sereni, 31 Pietrangeli , 38 Rossetti, 44 Eyango, 66 Serpe, 83 De Rinaldis. All. Gaburro.

REFEREE: Marotta of Sapri.
ASSISTANTS: Del Santo Spataru from Siena and Grasso from Acireale.
FOURTH MAN: From Loreto of Terni.

GOALS: 19′ Del Carro

Booked: Panelli, Somma, Tofanari, Zammarchi, Santini, Pietrangeli, Longobardi, Amadio (from the bench), Minicucci,

SENT OFF: 88′ Santini gets two yellow cards.

CORNERS: 5 to 4

His name is Recanatese (14 points in the standings) and he’s another terrible freshman in the championship. This is the training schedule that Rimini faces today in Macerata, Helvia Recina stadium (starts at 17.30). Only one defeat at home against Fiorenzuola, three victories, the first against Siena. Then full loot away with Alessandria and Gubbio. In the first nine days, Pagliari’s Giallorossi have put five draws and four defeats in the safe. Not bad. Instead, the Italians from the Riviera will have to find energy again after the elimination in the Cup on Wednesday on penalties against Vicenza, and a certainly not brilliant period to leave behind definitively. Mister Gaburro waives the suspended Vano and the injured Mencagli, Rosso and Haveri. In the ranks of the Marches Quacquarelli and Raparo are out due to disqualification.

Play: after 2′ Sbaffo shot, the goal is far away.

10′ Giampaolo jumps like a skittle Panelli at speed, the defender knocks him down under the eyes of the referee: booked.

11′ Punishment by Giampaolo, right corner of the area, which is rejected by the barrier for a corner. It’s the first corner of the match.

12′ Tonelli takes refuge again in the corner after an enemy incursion.

Good vertical move from Rimini with Santini escaping Marafini in the 16th minute. Fallani will take care of neutralizing the conclusion of the red and white ram with a save on the ground.

Goal for Rimini in the 19th minute by Del Carro with a precise header. Piscitella on the left drinks Somma in speed and frames a splendid cross in the area, Delcarro fits in perfectly and unstoppably beats Fallani with the back of the head.

Number of Piscitella in the 21st minute who controls a throw well, Somma lands him in great distress. First yellow card at the expense of a player from Recanatese.

Piscitella again after a throw from Laverone and a beating and hitting in the box finds the leather on his feet for 2 – 0. He fidgets too much, looks for a dribble and when it is recovered he kicks badly. Wasted opportunity.

28′ Nice cross from Panelli, Santini anticipated. Rimini plays well in speed. Recanatese in great distress and slow to understand anything. Luckily. 32′ Tofanari from right-footed bomb distance, ball out.

Recanatase changes the injured Giampaolo for the former Cesena Zammarchi.

At 36 ‘ Landlords who take the fourth corner. The trajectory ends on the crossbar after a scrum. Then comes the rescue of the host rearguard on the goal line. 60 seconds go by and the giallorissi launch within sixteen metres, Sbaffo frees Zammarchi, Zaccagno comes out in an avalanche and stops the offensive winger. The referee rules the offside. Everything stopped.

Three minutes of recovery. We go to the break after a save by Zaccagno on a shot by Ferretti and a half bicycle kick by Del Carro inside the area that makes mister Pagliari shiver, with the Gaburo Band leading in Macerata against Recanatese 1-0.

Let’s start once again. A minute after the resumption of hostilities, Senigagliesi gives in to Sbaffo: his right foot from over 25 meters is off target. Two changes made by the Recanatese. Ferretti was relegated to the left-back role, with Longobardi on the right. Senigagliesi operates in the right winger position.

50′ Gabbianelli wants Tonelli in depth, instead he finds Fallani’s low exit. On the reversal in front Sbaffo opens to the left for Senigagliesi, a cross at the near post. Zammarchi perfect insertion, but the conclusion ends up on the outside of the net.

After 51′ Gaburro changes the defense to three. Pietrangeli and Regini enter, Tofanari and Panelli leave. In the 57th minute Laverone flies to the right, cues Tonelli in the area, a shot stopped by a home defender.

Sbaffo’s goal was disallowed (63′) due to offside. Then a great miracle by Zaccagno, when Zammarchi introduces himself face to face, well served by Sbaffo. The goalkeeper instinctively rejects for a corner.

70′ Senigagliesi free kick, central and easy save by Zaccagno. Then double change Rimini. Outside Piscitella and Gabbianelli. In game Rossetti and Sereni.

Santini takes Ferretti’s time, dribbles him carrying the ball into the area, but the attacker fails to finish and looks for a teammate who doesn’t arrive with an inexplicable pass.

Once again the excellent Santini freeing Tonelli from behind on the race. In the 77th minute Fallani had to overcome himself to deflect the away midfielder’s shot over the crossbar. Zammarchi goes from the edge in the 80th minute. Choked shot: Zaccagni takes the ball in his arms and cradles it well.

88′ Yet another expulsion in Rimini. Double yellow card for Santini who doesn’t allow a restart and Gaburro’s best player is out tonight and for the next away match in Reggio Emilia. White Russians in 10.

There are four minutes of recovery. Rimini returns to victory after a month and moves into the championship and luckily nothing negative or unfortunate happened this afternoon. Gaburro’s team was really good on the pitch for more than three quarters of the match, playing better than the Giallorossi. But with all the opportunities President Rota’s boys had, they weren’t able to double. And this is another negative element to fix. As soon as possible. But that’s okay for tonight!


Rimini beats Recanatese at home and returns to victory (0 to 1)